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These Cursed Wahabis!

Published in February 18, 2017

Translated by Ahmed Fathy



  We have received this question via email, and we copy it here followed by our reply: (... Dear Sir, ... Is It OK within Quranism to pray in the Sacred Kaaba Mosque and the Holy Yathreb Mosque behind a Wahabi imam appointed by the Saudi authorities? ... Are both mosques now have become harmful ones as per the Quran?! ... Both are filled with cameras to watch people in every corner and many cameras are transmitting prayers there on satellite TV channels ... Since you consider Wahabis as polytheists, is it OK to pray there with them? ... Of course, they persecute all Shiites and Sufis there and anyone who act differently within the Wahabi herds ... Are prayers deemed null in both mosques if someone (esp. women) passes in front of me as Wahabis claim? I know I do not have to declare my Quranism in public for fear of being persecuted, but I need to make sure my prayers are deemed acceptable by God ... Thank you for your time ...).


Firstly: there is only one sanctuary or sacred mosque:

1- There is only on sacred mosque in Islam made as a sanctuary by God to humanity: the Kaaba Mosque in Mecca, where people perform pilgrimage and to where we direct ourselves in the five daily prayers while we are anywhere on the globe.

2- Hence, it is very wrong of you to deem the mosque in Yathreb as 'holy', or any site or mosque on earth. In fact, visiting such a mosque in Yathreb with its mausoleum dedicated to the worship of Muhammad is deemed by Quranists as polytheistic act and one's prayers there are never acceptable. This mausoleum is a work of the devil, and to worship at it is polytheistic act of worship that sanctify mortals and items. Hence, you must never enter such a mosque, or any that contain tombs, because they are indeed harmful mosques. You must perform prayers elsewhere if you are in Yathreb.


Secondly: among the Quranic rules and legislations:

1- God never punishes those who are forced to commit mistakes or sins or utter blasphemies to avoid severe persecution, torture, or any life-threatening danger: "Whoever renounces faith in God after having believed-except for someone who is compelled, while his heart rests securely in faith-but whoever willingly opens up his heart to disbelief-upon them falls wrath from God, and for them is a tremendous torment." (16:106): "...But if anyone is compelled by necessity, without being deliberate or malicious, then God is Forgiving and Merciful." (16:115).

2- God does not punish those who unintentionally commit sins/mistakes, but He punishes only those who deliberately commit sins: "...There is no blame on you if you err therein, barring what your hearts premeditates. God is Forgiving and Merciful." (33:5).

3- God aims at alleviating and facilitating matters to us in religion: "...God does not intend to burden you..." (5:6); "...He has chosen you, and has not burdened you in religion-the faith of your father Abraham..." (22:78); "God intends to lighten your burden, for the human being was created weak." (4:28); "...God desires ease for you, and does not desire hardship for you..." (2:185).

4- God does not command us of anything beyond our capacity: ''...No soul shall be burdened beyond its capacity...'' (2:233); ''God does not burden any soul beyond its capacity...'' (2:286); ''...We do not burden any soul beyond its capacity...'' (6:152); ''As for those who believe and do righteous works-We never burden any soul beyond its capacity-these are the inhabitants of Paradise; abiding therein eternally.'' (7:42); ''We never burden any soul beyond its capacity. And with Us is a record that tells the Truth, and they will not be wronged.'' (23:62).

  According to the above, we assert the following points.

1- Wahabi can never force you to perform polytheistic rituals in prayers or pilgrimage, especially by forcing anyone to enter the so-called Yathreb mosque with the mausoleum; you are a sinner if you ever enter it. No one can force you to enter it. no one can force you to be a polytheist. 

2- Wahabis want you to pray as per their earthly, man-made, fabricated religion, but they cannot watch over your heart and mind or your soul. You own your heart, mind, and soul; ideas and secrets within them are known only to our Omniscient Lord.  

3- Hence, you can easily dedicate your prayers and acts of worship at the Sacred Kaaba Mosque only to God, with fear of the Lord and piety devoted to Him alone. This is certainly within your capacity and anyone else's; this is one's responsibility and it will be judged on the Day of Resurrection. It is OK to pray in the presence of any webcams, candid cameras, spying cameras, or any TV cameras, without caring at all about those who watch over you. No camera can watch over your heart and soul; and you can devote your prayers to God alone in piety without heeding the devilish Wahabi sharia laws and rules. If you like, close your eyes while you perform prayers and do not think of Wahabis at all; make ''God the Greatest'' indeed in your heart while you utter (Allahu Akbar) before prayers. One's prayers is one's connection and daily contact with God, not with mortals, and you should never allow Wahabis or any other mortals to prevent such contact with the Lord; these criminals cannot possibly prevent your devotion and piety by dedicating your acts of worship only to God.     

4- The above relates to you, but what about the cursed Wahabis?


Thirdly: these cursed Wahabis the worst people in ascribing falsehoods to God and deny His Quranic verses:


1- These cursed Wahabis are very unjust toward God more than anyone else, because they believe in the devilish discourses (hadiths, fiqh, etc.) that are ascribed falsely to Islam, to Muhammad, and to God, as they deem such narratives as divine revelation; thus, they are  discarding, rejecting, and denying the Only True Revelation in Islam: the Quran. For instance, Wahabis believe in the assumed notions of intercession of Muhammad on the Last Day, to make them enter Paradise however enormous their sins are, and this way, they deny several Quranic verses that deny such intercession of Muhammad and indeed other mortal. The following Quranic verses apply to the Wahabis and those misguide ones who follow their footsteps: "Who does greater wrong than someone who fabricates lies about God, or denies His revelations? The guilty will never prosper. And they worship, besides God, what neither harms them nor benefits them. And they say, "These are our intercessors with God." Say, "Are you informing God about what He does not know in the heavens or on earth?" Glorified be He, High above the associations they make." (10:17-18); "...Who does greater wrong than he who invents lies and attributes them to God, in order to mislead people without knowledge? God does not guide the wicked people." (6:144).   

2- These cursed Wahabis, upon dying, will admit to the fact that they were disbelievers, and after entering Hell on the Last Day, they will curse one another and previous nations of disbelievers: "Who does greater wrong than he who invents lies about God, or denies His revelations? These-their share of the decree will reach them. Until, when Our envoys come to them, to take their souls away, they will say, "Where are they whom you used to pray to besides God?" They will say, "They have abandoned us," and they will testify against themselves that they were faithless. He will say, "Join the crowds of jinn and humans who have gone into the Fire before you." Every time a crowd enters, it will curse its sister-crowd..." (7:37-38). 

3- These cursed Wahabis who insult God by ascribing falsehoods and lies to Him will be severely punished in the Hereafter if they die without repentance: "Who is more wrong than he, who, when reminded of his Lord's revelations, turns away from them? We will certainly wreak vengeance upon the criminals." (32:22); "Who is more evil than he who lies about God, and denies the Truth when it has come to him? Is there not in Hell room for the ungrateful?" (39:32);  "And who does greater wrong than he who fabricates lies and attributes them to God, or calls the Truth a lie when it has come to him? Is there not in Hell a dwelling for the blasphemers?" (29:68). 

4- These cursed Wahabis add to their crime of denying the Quran the crime of repelling people away from the Quran: the Righteous Path of God. they urge people to reject and abandon the Quran in favor of man-made texts/tomes. God has preserved the Quranic text till the end of times so that it will remain as the only criterion to judge believers and disbelievers in any eras and locations and as the only source available for guidance and faith within Islam: the true religion of God. regardless of banners and mottoes raised ostentatiously, Wahabis distract people to prevent them from focusing only on the Quran and they persecute Quranists everywhere and detract Quranism, because they desire to make all people unable to see the Light of God in the Quranic guidance. If you try to urge them to adhere to peaceful demeanor (which is the meaning of real Islam in terms of behavior) and to stick to the Quran alone as the only source of Islam, they will get furious and quote to you countless hadiths and narratives of polytheism ascribed falsely to Muhammad and God to support their erroneous views; God will not guide such blaspheming unjust ones and He says the following about them and about their likes: "And who is a greater wrongdoer than he who attributes falsehoods to God, when he is being invited to Islam? God does not guide the wrongdoing people. They want to extinguish God's Light with their mouths; but God will complete His Light, even though the disbelievers dislike it. It is He who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the true religion, to make it prevail over all religions, even though the polytheists dislike it." (61:7-9).     

5- On the Day of Resurrection, true believers will bear witness against such polytheists who ascribe falsehoods and lies to God and deny His Quranic verses and thus commit many injustices like repelling people away from God's Path: "Who does greater wrong than he who fabricates lies about God? These will be presented before their Lord, and the witnesses will say, "These are they who lied about their Lord." Indeed, the curse of God is upon the wrongdoers. Those who hinder others from the path of God, and seek to make it crooked; and regarding the Hereafter, they are in denial.These will not escape on earth, and they have no protectors besides God. The punishment will be doubled for them. They have failed to hear, and they have failed to see." (11:18-20).  Wahabis assume that with their power, authority, and wealth would prevail on earth, but on the Day of Judgment, they will know for sure how wrong they have been; God says the following about polytheists everywhere in all eras: "And when it is said to them, "Follow what God has revealed," they say, "We will follow what we found our ancestors following." Even if their ancestors understood nothing, and were not guided? The parable of those who disbelieve is that of someone who calls upon someone who hears nothing except screaming and yelling. Deaf, dumb, and blind-they do not understand." (2:170-171).


Fourthly: these cursed Wahabis are preventing remembrance of God's name only in mosques and seek to ruin them:

1- To fill mosques of God does NOT meant to lavishly spend on decorating them with building materials, luxurious items, and pretty architectural ornaments, but to devote one's acts of worship in them only to God: to glorify, supplicate, implore, sanctify, and remember Him alone. this means never to deify, sanctify, or glorify any mortals (prophets, 'saints', etc.) with Him. This is the meaning of the following verses: "The places of worship are for God. So do not call, besides God, upon anyone else. And when the servant of God got up calling on Him, they almost fell on him in a mass. Say, "I pray only to my Lord, and I never associate anyone with Him."" (72:18-20).  The Qorayish tribesmen in the 7th century A.D. during the lifetime of Muhammad used to build mosques over 'holy' tombs and sanctify, honor, and revere their saints and gods along with God the Creator, while assuming that this way, they drew nearer to God. God has told them (and their likes in all eras) the following: "Is not to God that sincere faith is due? As for those who take guardians besides Him, "We only worship them that they may bring us nearer to God." God will judge between them regarding their differences. God does not guide the lying blasphemer." (39:3). When the Qorayish tribesmen thought that serving pilgrims was enough to please and appease God and to commit their grave sins and aggressions assumed to be pardoned by Him, God has refuted such falsehood in the following verse: "It is not for the polytheists to attend God's places of worship while professing their disbelief. These-their works are in vain, and in the Hell-Fire they will abide. The only people to attend God's places of worship are those who believe in God and the Last Day, and pray regularly, and practice regular charity, and fear none but God. These are most likely to be guided. Do you consider giving water to pilgrims and maintaining the Sacred Mosque the same as believing in God and the Last Day and striving in God's path? They are not equal in God's sight. God does not guide the unjust people." (9:17-19). The same verses apply to Saudi royal family members and their king who assumed the strange title of "servant of the two holy mosques". Hence, the Saudi royal family members imitate the Qorayish tribesmen in allowing (or not allowing) people's admittance into Mecca and the Sacred Kaaba Mosque as per their whims and under their watching spies within an atmosphere of terror. This verse applies to these Wahabis now: "Who is more unjust than him who forbids the remembrance of God's name in places of worship, and contributes to their ruin? These ought not to enter them except in fear. For them is disgrace in this world, and for them is a terrible punishment in the Hereafter." (2:114).       

2- These cursed Wahabis reject Islam in terms of behavior (i.e., peace demeanor) as they commit aggressions and acts of violence and in terms of faith (rejecting the testimony: There is no God but Allah) by ascribing polytheistic notions to religion. Hence, idealistically, such Wahabis are to be prevented (by true believers who could actually protect Mecca) from ever entering the Sacred Kaaba Mosque (let alone controlling it) because they are aggressive terrorist polytheists. this verse applies to them perfectly: "O you who believe! The polytheists are polluted, so let them not approach the Sacred Mosque after this year of theirs. And if you fear poverty, God will enrich you from His grace, if He wills. God is Aware and Wise." (9:28).   

3- These cursed Wahabis repel people away from the sacred Kaaba Mosque and assume they are its allies, but its real allies are the pious peaceful people. Wahabis of the KSA spend billions to deviate people away from God's Path (i.e., the Quran) and to spread terrorism, bloodshed, and ruin worldwide that harm and threaten peaceful and innocent people. We wait for God's punishment for them, as these verses apply to them: "Yet why should God not punish them, when they are turning others away from the Sacred Mosque, although they are not its allies? Its rightful allies are the pious; but most of them do not know. Their prayer at the House was nothing but a means to repel others away; they will taste the punishment for their  blasphemy. Those who disbelieve spend their wealth to repel from God's path. They will spend it, then it will become a source of sorrow for them, and then they will be defeated. Those who disbelieve will be herded into Hell." (8:34-36).   



 We say the following to the male sender of the message that we have quoted above in this article: When you recite the Quranic Chapter One during the five daily prayers, you should remember that the verse "Guide us to the Straight Path." (1:6) refers to the Quran as God's Path, with its divine guidance granted only to those who seek it faithfully and in piety, as the guided ones are those who seek religious guidance only from the Quran and not from any other sources. Those real guided ones will enter Paradise with the Grace and Bounty of the Lord, if they believe in the divine message of the Quran and apply it by performing good, righteous deeds as per the Quran, because the Quran is a Straight Path to Heaven: ""The path of those You have blessed..." (1:7). Those who ascribe falsehoods to God are described in the second part of the verse "...not of those against whom there is anger, nor of those who are misguided." (1:7). Please ponder deeply upon the Quranic Chapter One, while asking God to guide you through the Quran to be among the blessed ones, away from the cursed Wahabis who are misguided and incur God's wrath upon themselves because they reject the Quran.  

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