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From Niqab to Decapitated Heads

From Niqab to Decapitated Heads


Published in January 9, 2017

Translated by Ahmed Fathy




1- Intellectual rottenness within the societies of the Muhammadans is truly manifested in the obsession inside their minds with women's dress code. We maintain that there is no such a thing in true religion of Islam: Quranism. ISIS terrorists embody the Sunnite Wahabi religion whose sharia laws contradict the Quran and combine niqab, hijab, djellaba, growing beards, and cutting off heads. West and East (e.g., the USA, Russia, China, and Japan) vie and compete for discoveries in outer space and on Planet Earth, working on creating colonies on the moon and on Mars. Imams, theologians, clergymen, and scholars of the Sunnite Muhammadans are busy marrying 6-year-old female children, and later on, they will be busy discussing how to perform ablution and purification within bathrooms on Mars!  The Muhammadans will remain backward, regressive pack of people as long as Salafist/Wahabi people are leading them in all aspects of life. Their clergymen are still obsessed with the female lower body while they are massacring one another using arms and weapons made by and imported from the West and the East. Beheadings of victims is linked with sex jihad and niqab, for ISIS that applies Sunnite Wahabism books! This is the bottom-line of the lowest depths of ignorance abyss!          

2- Years ago, we have discussed in two separate long articles how Islam/Quranism does NOT include hijab and niqab or any dress codes for women and men (one of them is in English on this link:, and we have discussed this topic at length in our YouTube episodes of the show produced by us within our modest means titled "Exposing Salafism". Recently, we felt urged to write about the same topic, hopefully for the last time, as some readers are surprised by the amount of our writings (fatwas, articles, books) required to be read by novices who visit our website for the first time (in English on this link: Yet, so many people still send us via email questions about dress codes for women and about the so-called niqab and veil. We wish to goodness that this present article would be a last reply, containing some additional views.   

3- We have received this message via email from a young lady, and it has made us write a reply in the form of this article. Here is the message and it is followed by our reply: (… I do think and believe that you are mistaken, Sir, by denying veil (hijab) and full-veil (niqab) … Virgin Mary icons showing her wearing a headwear like ancient Jews, and some other contemporary Jewish groups like Haredi Burqa sect in Israel whose women wear niqab … The same applies to the Amish sect in Pennsylvania, USA … This means that Christian and Jewish women used to be veiled partially for wholly, and some now are, and therefore, Muslim women may be required to do the same … Maybe veil and full veil predate Islam … Even the late Muslim thinker Gamal Al-Banna asserted that headwear and dress codes are mere customs, habits, and traditions related to one's culture and environment, and he opposed the veil and full-veil … I am now confused and do not know if I am required to discard or to keep the veil … What do you think?)




1- The Amish traditionalist Christian group in the USA is an isolated people who refuse modern inventions and who are akin to a society of Sunnite/Wahabi fanatic extremists, as their men are bearded and their women are veiled by covering their hair. They are somehow in this respect of refusing modern life reminding us of the Najd Brothers who were extremist Wahabis and refused modern inventions (as diabolical inventions of the 'infidel' West) introduced by King Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud in the KSA, and they fought their king and he defeated and killed them off, as we have detailed in our book titled "The Wahabi Opposition Movements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Twentieth Century" (available in English, on this link: Wahabis now inside the KSA uses modern inventions of the 'infidel' West (like internet and satellite channels) to propagate Wahabism worldwide. Oil that has been discovered in Arabia in such a bad timing has made them grow filthily rich and its revenues helped the KSA destroy millions of the Sunnite and non-Sunnite Muhammadans. The Wahabi wicked culture and creed negates women's minds with veil/hijab and negates their bodies with the full-veil (niqab), as if they were sub-human sex objects, whereas women in the West are on equal footing with men in all fields and all aspects of life. Sadly, humanity of half of the Muhammadan population (i.e., women) is being negated by such dress codes foreign to real Islam, and the other half (i.e., men) is obsessed with women, aiming to banish them from public life at any cost to please their sick minds located in their penises. The only difference between Amish and Wahabis is that the former are a peaceful group isolated and absorbed in their religion while leaving others to have theirs, whereas the latter group, Wahabis, have a wicked, devilish religion that allows committing aggressions and transgressions especially regarding all women (treated like slaves) and massacring the innocent.             

2- We have written repeatedly the following points:

2/1: Quranic commands for women to cover their chests and legs are NOT linked to certain way of dressing, and they are surely linked to the legislative rule of chastity by preventing the crime of fornication within human societies. Because these Quranic commands are linked to chastity, they are followed by commands for both genders equally to restrain looks showing lust (or leering and ogling): "Tell the believing men to restrain their looks, and to guard their privates. That is purer for them. God is cognizant of what they do. And tell the believing women to restrain their looks, and to guard their privates, and not display their beauty except what is apparent thereof, and to draw their coverings over their breasts, and not expose their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands' fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers, their brothers' sons, their sisters' sons, their women, what their right hands possess, their male attendants who have no sexual desires, or children who are not yet aware of the nakedness of women. And they should not strike their feet to draw attention to their hidden beauty. And repent to God, all of you believers, so that you may succeed." (24:30-31). This does not imply AT ALL covering women's heads or hair.     

2/2: To disobey such commands in 24:30-31 is a minor sin that may be forgiven, but the major sin/crime is to commit adultery and fornication. "If you avoid the worst of what you are forbidden, We will remit your sins, and admit you by a Gate of Honor." (4:31).  Therefore, we can safely conclude the following point in 2/3. 

2/3: Minor sins are mistakes and mishaps include masturbation, wearing revealing immodest dresses/clothes, sexual touching and kissing between a man and a woman who are not married to each other, etc., but fornication is a major, enormous sin. Idealistically, both major and minor sins are to be avoided, but the minor sins can be forgiven of one avoids major sins and do many good deeds to atone for the minor ones. This difference is asserted elsewhere in the Quranic text: "Those who avoid gross sins and indecencies-except for minor lapses-your Lord is of Vast Forgiveness. He knows you well, ever since He created you from the earth, and ever since you were embryos in your mothers' wombs. So do not acclaim your own virtue; He is fully aware of the righteous." (53:32).

2/4: Accordingly, those women wearing bikinis or any revealing clothes/dress (like belly-dancers, for instance) are making a minor sin/mistake, as long as they never commit fornication, and they are better moralistically than women wearing hijab but they are committing adultery/fornication. The reason, the former women are making a minor sin/mistake, but the latter women are committing a major sin. Another example is that women in bikinis are making a small/minor sin, but the women wearing niqab/hijab while insisting that this is part of Islamic religious duties are committing a worse, grave, major sin: ascribing to God falsehoods and violating His right as the Only Legislator in Islam (via the Quranic sharia laws).         

3- We assert the following:

3/1: In real Islam (Quranism), dress codes and outer appearances do NOT count at all; what really counts is real piety. Real piety is the fear of God (without seeing Him) leading to good behavior/conduct, avoidance of major sins, and repentance from them when committed, to be among winners in Paradise on the Last Day: "Those who fear their Lord in private, and are apprehensive of the Hour." (21:49); "…You are to warn those who fear their Lord inwardly, and perform the prayer. He who purifies himself purifies himself for his own good. To God is the ultimate return." (35:18). "You warn only him who follows the Message, and fears the Most Gracious inwardly. So give him good news of forgiveness, and a generous reward." (36:11); "Who inwardly feared the Most Gracious, and came with a repentant heart. Enter it in peace. This is the Day of Eternity." Therein they will have whatever they desire-and We have even more."(50:33-35); "As for those who fear their Lord in secret-for them is forgiveness and a great reward." (67:12). These real believers who fear God in private never care about people's opinions of them; people will not judge us on the Last Day; rather, their God will. Our hearts and minds must be purified spiritually to please God, without caring to please people; thus, our eyes must not secretly leer or ogle at any person's physical charms while fancying them sexually, in order to gratify God, Our Lord the Omniscient: "He knows the deceptions of the eyes, and what the hearts conceal." (40:19).    

3/2: When earthly, man-made, fabricated religions dominate a given society, clergymen who make money out of religion increase and overt, ostentatious signs of religiosity increase, while real piety is replaced with hypocritical behavior and stances to cover up immorality by, for example, growing beards, carrying rosaries in public, and wearing niqabs, hijabs, djellaba, etc. Thus, such ostentatious items cover up major sins committed in secret, as hypocrites fear people and are not fearing God: "They hide from the people, but they cannot hide from God. He is with them…" (4:108). Real pious believers fear God in public and in secret/private, as God is Omniscient and Omnipresent: "Does he not know that God sees?" (96:14).    

4- We assert here that we typically see these following points.

4/1: Niqab hides sinning women to commit sins like fornication and other crimes without being known or seen.

4/2: Societies with dominance of niqab and hijab suffer very high sexual harassment rates in streets; even women in niqab  sexually harass men as they do not fear being exposed, while sex-starved men sexually harass all women whenever possible, including those wearing niqabs.  

4/3: Within such societies, the Muhammadans assume they will enter Paradise however enormous their sins are; clergymen of the earthly, man-made, fabricated religions of Sufism, Sunnite Wahabism, and Shiite Twelver and other doctrines deceive the Muhammadans by the so-called intercession of saints/prophets in the Afterlife, and by the assumed nation of remittance of grave, major sins by simple means of worship or paying money! Another corrupt notions are fabricated hadiths about that performing pilgrimage will remit  lifetime's sins or about that anyone uttering daily the testimony of (There is no God but Allah), he/she will enter Paradise no matter what and however major and enormous their sins are!       

4/4: Within such societies of the Muhammadans controlled by obscurantist clergymen, people assume that the most pious is the most covered women, as if faith and piety is measured by meters of cloth and fabrics! Even some women/victims wear layers upon layers of clothes, dress all the time in black as if in mourning, or wear niqabs with one small opening for one eye or a thick dentelle or lace fabric covering openings of the two eyes! What a shame! What regressive ignorance! What obscurantism!    

4/5: Within such societies, the Muhammadans focus only on trivialities and overt ostensible matters, while discarding scientific advancement and discoveries in nature, etc. which are focused on by the West countries. The Muhammadans focus on the culture of dress codes, menstruation, complex details on how to perform complete ablution, sex jihad, temporary marriages for sex, how to dominate and suppress women, etc.     

4/6: Within free societies, people are never controlled by clergymen, and dress codes are never an issue of priority at all; dress codes are chosen and decided upon individually as per the climate: some African tribesmen and amazon tribes are in the nude most times, while people in cold weathers wear heavy clothes. In these societies,  no one issues millions of fatwas (religious views) covering all minute details (with contradictions and resulting disputes) about having sex!    

5- God says in the Quran: "Is he who walks bent on his own design better guided, or he who walks upright on a straight path?" (67:22).

5/1: Real believers in God walk upright on a straight path of life while trusting God, never allowing anyone to enslave, humiliate, or oppress them, while following the True Righteous Path of God, never caring to be blamed by others; they have dignity and they worship and submit only to God, and never to any mortals. 

5/2: In contrast to those real believers, polytheists and disbelievers worship their physical bodies (and physical bodies of others) as they deify mortals dead or alive among entombed saints who turned to dust and clergymen who are still alive (living mud as all human beings), and their lifetimes are dominated by earthly desires of the naked flesh and sexual whims etc. Thus, their deities and gods are earthly and so are their whims and caprices, as they focus on their genitals and walk while bent on their own design, worshipping female bodies; revolving around it reverently, while covering them in thick layers of sharia laws and prohibitions of the earthly, man-made, fabricated religions.     


Lastly: from real life:

1- In Egypt, in the 1960s, this story spread among people; Sufism was still dominant at the time, Sufi sheikhs and their disciples were gathered at night in a tent in Sufi feast/festivals (i.e., called moulids) celebrating the assumed birth-date of their deity/saint Al-Hussein in Cairo. Inside the tent, tagines and fatta large dishes (meat and breadcrumbs on cooked rice) were being consumed in copious amounts by Sufi sheikhs, and the dishes are served by hairless, soft young men and pretty young maidens who were among disciples of the Sufi sheikhs. Some Sufi disciples ate in silence and slowly to fake an appearance of piety to please their sheikhs who will lead them to Paradise on the Last Day (!), and they never looked at servants (both handsome hairless young men and beautiful maidens) with sexual looks of desire so as to avoid incurring the wrath of Sufi sheikhs. A Blackout occurred as electricity broke down; seizing the chance of the sudden darkness, Sufi sheikhs and disciples who faked 'pious' slow eating habits began to eat greedily and hurriedly, and their clothes were filled with stains of food, while some of them were homosexuals who were fondling the privates of the handsome, hairless young men, and others were fondling the lithe bodies of the pretty young women. Lights returned suddenly, and they were exposed, and news of this scandal shook the Cairo society! They saw one another without hypocrisy and without the usual façade of sham piety!     

2- In Turkey, Sheikh Abed, was a man in his forties who had grown a large beard, and he got married to four women who have worn niqabs upon his orders. Sheikha Abeda was a married woman in her forties, wearing niqab, her husband got married to other three women (in niqab also) with her. Abed and Abeda used to meet in private to have sex as they passionately were infatuated with one another; they committed adultery as they loved forbidden fruit and both got bored of licit sex with their respective spouses. They dated at one time in a fateful night in a nightclub in Istanbul to celebrate New Year's Eve. Istanbul used to be named Islambul: literally in Turkish: "the city of Islam'' that was the capital of the Ottoman Empire and caliphate. Once inside the nightclub, Abed changed his djellaba and turban and wore a fancy suit imported from Italy, while Abeda peeled off the niqab and wore a mini-skirt or a mini-jupe. Group dancing began amidst belly-dancers as per the well-known  Arab/ Bedouin/ Wahabi/ Ottoman traditions. Suddenly, the nightclub was blown up by explosives planted by ISIS terrorists! In such massacre, bloodshed was combined with immorality, hypocrisy, niqab, and scandal: all of them were Wahabis: the suicide ISIS terrorists/jihadists, Abed, Abeda, and all those who went to the nightclub on that fateful night. Sunnite Wahabism is a devilish, Satanist one and an unparalleled one in its evil ways, as niqab is combined with decapitated heads and massacres.              

3- Western people in the EU and the USA never need such hypocrisy, because they are not obsessed by sex or women or by any dominating obscurantist, backward clergymen of any type, and they never discuss dress codes at all; they are busy making discoveries in outer space, in nature, and in scientific advancements. 

4- God says in the Quran: "Have they not seen how God originates the creation, and then reproduces it? This is easy for God. Say, "Roam the earth, and observe how He originated the creation." Then God will bring about the next existence. God has power over all things."" (29:19-20). As always, God says nothing but the Truth.

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