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Superior Bodies and the Society of Masters and Slaves

Published in Arabic in November 1, 2016

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


1- A horizontal view of the countries of the Muhammadans will prove that an extremely small minority (less than 1%) is the ''masters'', who are described in Quranic terminology as 'retinue', in the sense denoting 'superior powerful elite' or affluent cronies controlling affairs in a given society within the countries of the Muhammadans.  The vast majority of such societies of the Muhammadans are about 99%, which consists of ''slaves'', in the literal sense of the term. Between such minority and such majority, there is a tiny margin of the middle class which strives to maintain itself so as not to fall into the abyss of abject poverty like the rest of ''slaves''.

2- This minority consisting of ''masters'' has on top of it a tyrant/despot, who might be a president, a king, a ruler, or a prince, and beneath him we find the retinue are situated: military leaders and ranks, security men, judges of the judicial bodies and courts, clergymen of all types, businessmen and businesswomen, media figures, ministers, and high-rank officials in governmental bodies. All such retinue is called in press terms in the Arab world as ''superior bodies''. The word ''superior'' denotes that there are groups who are ''masters'' situated higher than other ordinary citizens, who are ''slaves''. Since there are masters, typically there are slaves.

3- The majority whom we call ''slaves'' strives in order to survive. A tiny class of such majority are the lower-rank soldiers of military armies and of police forces, who are controlled via forced labor, as extravagant, affluent ''masters'' in their fauteuils manipulate and use them and giving them orders, while being protected to the utmost. The ''slaves'' receive their orders and execute them to the letter, especially when ordered to kill their brethren among citizens who are revolting against such contemporary ''slavery'' that enslaves entire nations. Such lower-ranks might got killed sometimes, and their affluent ''masters'' never care for their fate; they were mere numbers for them; they worth nothing to them. Such dead victims deserve nothing from the affluent ''masters'' except to be mentioned by tyrants and despotic rulers who appear in media and take the opportunity to mention them, in order to talk about homelands, as if such tyrants embody homelands, as if they were owning such homelands as private property. The vast majority of the ''slaves'' are among the unemployed, workers, peasants, low-rank employees, and retired persons.

4- Hence, we conclude that tyrants and despots (along with their retinue of affluent ones within superior bodies) divide ''slaves'' into two sections: slaves who are their soldiers used to oppress the nation or citizens, and the nation: citizens who live like slaves. If such ordinary citizens or slaves revolted against tyrants, soldiers who have originated from ranks of such oppressed nation suffering suppression and impecuniousness would shoot, incarcerate, and torture rebels for the sake of gratifying the affluent masters. If an oppressed nation succeeds in revolting against a tyrannical despot and deposes him, cronies and beneficiaries of the former tyrant would hijack the revolt and control its path in order to be enthroned instead of the ousted/deposed former tyrant; hence, the procession of tyranny and corruption would go on, along with the society of masters vs. slaves, under the protection of the ''superior bodies'' in the deep state with its deep-seated roots of tyranny.            

5- The military army and police forces of the tyrannical rulers never achieve victory within battles against an outside enemy, or even against organized armed criminals or terrorists; rather, they achieve victory over the peaceful, unarmed civilians by means of shooting, incarcerating, and torturing them with the most violent and oppressive methods. When such forces owned by the affluent ones face armed enemies, they are defeated and lose victims who are shot or captured by these enemies. Hence, such forces of the affluent ones are not qualified to gain victories unless over the poor and the oppressed citizens/slaves. The military principle of such forces of the affluent ones is to protect and defend the tyrant and the tyrannical regime or rule; namely, to defend and protect the masters and their superior bodies. As long as tyrants do not face an outside enemy or threat, their armed forces in the military, and in the police and security apparatuses, are directed toward supporting control and authority over the internal front: the poor citizens. The ''slaves'' would turn into items to try all despotic ways, new arms and weapons, new tactics, etc. where landslide victory is assured easily. Once an outside enemy would pose a threat, tyrants would seek as much as possible to avoid confrontations and begin negotiations that compromise rights of homeland an dignity of citizens of the nation, so as to avoid wars which tyrants know they are not up to them and so are their armed forces.

6- We tend to think that  the above is the Egyptian experience since the military rule that began in 1952. This military rule was crushed and defeated by Israel in the 1956 and 1967 wars (the Suez Crisis and the Six-Day War, respectively), as soldiers ran barefooted from Sinai, leaving it to be occupied by Israel. We tend to believe that the military rule was defeated in the 1973 war (a.k.a. the Yom Kippur War), as Israel negotiated in Camp David accords a free-zone in Sinai; until now, no military units are to enter large parts of Sinai. If victory was achieved in the 1973 war, Egyptians would have regained full sovereignty in Sinai now.

7- After the 1973 war, the idiotic term ''higher bodies'' or ''superior bodies'' spread in the press, linked to the notion of making the 1973 war the last war ever in the region. The Egyptian military rule ever since achieved landslide victories over the Egyptian nation in peaceful times through means of shooting, incarcerating, and torturing as well as sentencing some people to death. Judges who utter such death sentences are part of the affluent retinue who control citizens who are actually ''slaves''. We do believe that the Egyptian military had killed, tortured, and incarcerated many of the peaceful demonstrators during the January 2011 Revolution, and some of such youths were imprisoned by court rulings of judges who are among ''masters''. We tend to believe that the Egyptian military violated some Egyptian women in Tahrir Square by measures of virginity tests, and such humiliations was never committed by Nazis or Hulago!

8- The Egyptian military achieved victory easily over the peaceful, unarmed Egyptian nation, but was defeated easily by terrorists gangs and organizations. The military rule that is going on since 1952 caused the military forces to be defeated several times within less than one century; this is unprecedented elsewhere. We do think that Moshe Dayan had defeated the Egyptian army twice (1956 and 1967) using one method: to crush military airplanes and then to occupy Sinai, asserting his well-known quotation: ''the Egyptians never learn''. The same error is repeated now by terrorist groups in Sinai, who repeatedly kill Egyptian soldiers. We have watched a video of one poor Egyptian soldier talking about predicting attacks; if his superior leaders know of such predictions and do nothing, this is a catastrophe indeed, and if they do not know, this is a graver calamity.

9- Analyzing such video is not difficult; the poor Egyptian soldier belongs to the vast majority of slaves and has no nationalistic feelings or notions to drive him to face armed enemies. The tyrant and his affluent ones in the superior bodies never care about the death of such ''slaves'' sacrificed for the sake of Egypt, as tyrannical rulers think of themselves as if they were embodying Egypt! Masters belonging to the superior bodies, among them are military leaders, high-rank police officers, ministers, and judges, move within the protection provided by armed bodyguards, and their residential area of palaces are similar to military barracks, as such areas are protected by low-rank soldiers from the enslaved majority. Such masters think they embody Egypt and the homeland, whereas masters have no Egypt and have no homeland! Enslaved soldiers in security forces, the military, and anti-riot forces are tortured in case they refuse to obey orders; they are suffering forced labor daily by orders of high-rank leaders among the masters.

10- We have witnessed many years ago, in a trip to Sinai after its liberation, how such masters despise poor enslaved Egyptian soldiers and treat them in the worst possible manner. We have seen a small Egyptian military barrack with some soldiers in it within a desert area, where they sit feeling hungry and beg some food from tourists' buses, because weekly amounts of food and drink they receive from their military leader was bad in terms of quantity and quality. We used to know a recruited military youth who was guarding a faraway desert spot on the borders, living there alone, waiting weekly for a car that would throw corrupt wasted food away 12 KM from his spot so as not to make the car get into bumpy desert routes! This was inhuman treatment! In contrast, in our trip to Sinai, we saw remnants of the Israeli barracks in Sinai: they were like luxurious five-star hotels. This contrast shows the difference between the democratic Israel that respects very much its soldiers, even if they were non-Jewish (gentiles, as a big part of such soldiers belong to the Arab Shiite Druze) and the tyrannical states whose despots see citizens as slaves, and slaves would glorify and chant slogans to support the tyrants, but once the tyrant fall within internal explosion (like Mubarak, Ben Ali, Sadat, Shah of Iran, etc.) or within external conquest by the enemies (like Saddam Hussein when the USA occupied Iraq), slaves would forget all about the deposed tyrant.     

11- Democratic countries have no superior bodies nor masters vs. slaves, as no one there is above the law, and as laws are made by nations within legislative bodies. Parliaments there check responsible people in their posts and protect and preserve finances of the nation. A democratic president is elected to be an executive authority head and not to preside over citizens, and such executive authority is checked and watched over by media and parliaments, as executive authority is seen as public service. Policemen there address anyone in streets using the term (sir), even criminals, and rights are read to them in case of being arrested, because they are innocent until convicted by evidence, and they are tried fairly in courts, without being tarnished in media, as suspects in claimed crimes are innocent until proven otherwise. The opposite is true in countries that have superior bodies: innocent suspects are guilty even if proven innocent, as media would have tarnished their reputation beyond repair.      

12- In democratic countries, people do their best to defend their homelands, as they feel they are really their homelands. Within countries of the Muhammadans, the Pharaonic tyrants think they own lands and people in them, like Moses' Pharaoh who declared such ownership to his retinue: "Pharaoh proclaimed among his people, saying, "O my people, do I not own the Kingdom of Egypt, and these rivers flow beneath me? Do you not see?" (43:51).

13- What is going on in Egypt is closely linked to what is going on in the KSA owned by the Saudi royal family members. This Saudi family owns the most huge military weapons and machines unparalleled in the whole third world countries, in terms of quantity. Yet, when Saddam Hussein posed a threat to the KSA, the Saudi family cried for the help of the USA, feeling frightened very much by Saddam Hussein. Thus, arms and weapons are no guarantee of effective self-defense; they need hands to hold and use them without shivering and fear. Of course, the Saudi family never trust their Arabian Peninsula population they control and oppress; they employ mercenaries from Yemen, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. But when faced with the danger of Saddam Hussein, the Saudi family cried for American help. This Quranic verse applies to the affluent unjust hypocritical Saudi family: "... They think every shout is aimed at them …" (63:4).  Thus, the Saudi family make sure to crush any source of threat at its borders, as in the case of Houthis in Yemen fought by the KSA that led a coalition for that purpose, and the KSA has been certainly defeated. The fighting will surely move into the inside of the KSA, whose lands are occupied and taken forcibly by the founder of the third KSA, Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, from other monarchies that include Yemen, in the early decades of the 20th century, under the auspices of the UK (former GB). In former years, Yemeni borders used to extend to the north until the borders of the Hejaz region, before the third current KSA was founded in 1932. The fright of the KSA which was founded by stealing lands of other monarchies is the fright of a thief who would be punished as a consequence of thievery; it is the deep-seated fear of the unjust as the consequences of their injustice have begun to emerge. Let us be reminded here that the Saudi family enslaves – literally and not figuratively – the Arabian Peninsula dwellers by forcing them to be called ''Saudis'', a term denoting their being owned like slaves to this royal family, forced to be under it and be loyal to it. The Saudi royal masters control such slaves using the worst and the most merciless police state system to be known worldwide. Such police system restrict and control citizens within security, political, social, cultural, and religious levels. Cutting heads off is done in public to terrorize everyone. Hence, this Saudi family has achieved landslide victory using its huge weapons over unarmed, peaceful, oppressed Arabian Peninsula dwellers that suffer under the yoke of slavery and within Saudi family members' hegemony, control, injustice, oppression, and terrorism. Yet, this Saudi family with its arsenal of imported weapons can never defend the Saudi borders when attacked by armed enemies.              



1- Would anyone belonging to the so-called higher or superior bodies in Egypt (or in the KSA royal family members) accept that their sons be recruited in the military service and treated harshly in a dehumanized manner like the rest of ordinary young men? Would they accept that their sons be randomly arrested, incarcerated for no reason, and tortured in prison cells? Would they accept that their sons be living under the threshold of abject poverty in slums? 

2- May God the Almighty curse all the unjust ones!             

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