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Between the Disciples and the Companions of Mohamed

Was published in Arabic in May 11, 2015

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


1- Jesus was born in an environment full of belief in a peaceful society under the control of the Romans. Mary, his mother was taken care of by her relative Zachariah; she was spoken to by the angels. Shortly before the mission of prophethood began by Jesus, John the son of Zachariah emerged as a prophet as well. Jesus was the last prophet exclusively sent to the Israelites. Despite this environment of faith and belief, the clergy of earthly, human-made creeds of the Israelites (who were peaceful) stood against Jesus and incited the roman ruler against him. The Quran says that Jesus was never killed nor crucified; this happened to someone similar to him in his features. The followers of Jesus, the disciples, according to the Quranic verses, asked Jesus for a miracle in a way that showed their lack of faith in God: "And when the disciples said, 'O Jesus son of Mary, is Your Lord able to bring down for us a feast from heaven?' He said, 'Fear God, if you are believers.' "(5:112). Thus, they said 'Your Lord' not 'Our Lord'. That is why Jesus told them: ''Fear God, if you are believers.''. If they were true believers, they would not have said what they have said in that offensive manner of talking that lacked politeness. Hence, according to the Quran, the disciples deceived Jesus. When Jesus faced rejection from the Israelites and felt them to be unbelievers, he asked who would be the true faithful who believe truly in God. The disciples declared their faith to him in the Hebrew or Aramaic tongue. But they were deceitful: "When Jesus sensed disbelief on their part, he said, "Who are my allies towards God?" The disciples said, "We are God's allies; we have believed in God, and bear witness that we submit. Our Lord, we have believed in what You have revealed, and we have followed the Messenger, so count us among the witnesses. They planned, and God planned; but God is the Best of planners." (3:52-54). In the Christian traditions that deify Jesus, those disciples have been turned into holy gods under the name of 'apostles', while acknowledging that one of the apostles betrayed Jesus and another apostle denied him thrice. In a nutshell, we observe here that denying the message of Jesus as a prophet of God began early during his lifetime. Some of his hypocritical followers betrayed and deceived him. Yet, those hypocrites have been deified after their death along with the deification of Jesus himself after this death!

2- The same happened with Prophet Muhammad despite the difference of culture and conditions. Arabs in the Arabian peninsula in the 7th century A.D. had neither prophets nor divine books before the advent of Muhammad since the times of Ishmael. Arabian tribes at the time combined polytheism and unbelief along with aggression and raiding caravans and other tribes to get money. Thus, unbelief took two dimensions: denying God and terrorizing peaceful people. Some of the so-called companions of Prophet Muhammad, or rather his contemporaries, were as hypocritical as the disciples of Jesus. Prophet Muhammad lived and died in Yathreb and never knew who exactly the hypocrites were. Those hypocrites were those who led the invasions of neighboring countries. These invasions were the worst type of aggression against innocent peaceful people. These invasions were an act against Islamic teachings in the Quran. The hypocrites turned against Islam, i.e. the Quran, by occupying other countries. These invasions reflected naturally the military culture of Arabs at the time, not Islam. Yet, results were similar; the disciples have been deified and so have been the companions of these invasions. In additions, Muhammad has been deified literally after his death as happened with Jesus. The Muhammadans followed exactly the steps of Christians. Those former Christians who converted to 'Islam' after these invasions, did not change their notions very much; instead of deifying Jesus and his disciples, Muhammad and the companions and caliphs of these invasions became the new gods. Hence came the term 'Muhammadans'.


 No rational human being can deny the written accounts of human history. Of course, there are lies in the details of historical accounts in any given area on earth, but the historical researcher can examine that using a certain methodology. But certain grand events cannot be denied except by the ignorant people. The era of the so-called ''guided caliphs'' was divided into two parts: invasions & civil wars. No one can deny these events in history. Both the invasions and the civil wars were against the real Islam; i.e. the Quran. This is an absolute truth. Despite the fact that Muhammadans take pride in these invasions, they disregard and belittle the civil war atrocities. They never discuss them in detail. In our mind, we wish that these invasions would have never taken place; caliphs should have sent messengers to call people all over the world to Islam peacefully without invading armies and occupying lands. If we were living in such times, we would have raised our voice in protest against these invasions that were the exact opposite of Quranic teachings. We have nothing but the power of the imagination: if we were living in the times of the so-called companions, we would have said to them the following:

1- To Abou Bakr: You were apparently told to be the nearest friend to Prophet Muhammad who of course applied the Quranic verse: "And fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not commit aggression; God does not love the aggressors."(2:190). Then why did you sent raiding aggressive armies to nations never sought to fight you? Prophet Muhammad never fought unless to defend not to raid and terrorize and commit aggression; he applied this verse of course. O Abou Bakr, God says in the Quran: "As for those who have not fought against you for your religion, nor expelled you from your homes, God does not prohibit you from dealing with them kindly and equitably. God loves the equitable."(60:8). Then why did you not deal kindly with the peaceful? Why did you turn your aggression toward those who never sought to coerce and persecute you in religion or aimed to drive you out of your home in Mecca and Yathreb? O Abou Bakr, God prohibits fighting in the four holy months: "The number of months, according to God, is twelve months-in the decree of God-since the Day He created the heavens and the earth, of which four are sacred. This is the correct religion. So do not wrong yourselves during them." (9:36). O Abou Bakr, you began your military aggression in one of these holy months, Muharram, and your invasions occurred all year round. You made it a bad tradition to be followed by all those sultans and caliphs that came after your death. They fight and kill all year round. Why did you turn against Islam and the Quran, O Abou Bakr? You sin is so enormous because you lived in the time of Prophet Muhammad and never went against his wishes and commands, why did you did exactly the reverse after his death? Were you among the hypocrites mentioned in the Quran? "Among the Desert-Arabs around you there are some hypocrites, and among the inhabitants of Medina too. They have become adamant in hypocrisy. You do not know them, but We know them. We will punish them twice; then they will be returned to a severe torment." (9:101). O Abou Bakr, you were the first to change for the worse and ignore the Quranic teachings. You set the bad example for those coming after you and walked in the same path of the Devil. Shame on you, Abou Bakr!

2- To Omar Ibn Al-Khattab: Would you be content, O Omar, that a foreign army, of the Romans or the Persians, would come to Yathreb to invade, destroy, and occupy it? This army would have killed all its men and enslave its women and children to be distributed as spoils. Would you be content, O Omar, when such an army would enter your house by force to kill you along with your grown up children, steal your money and possessions, and enslave your women and small children? Your children and women would be sold as slaves or used for the 'entertainment' of soldiers. They might have been sent to cities of Persia and Asia Minor to be servants/slaves there. Is this the justice ordained by Islam in the Quran? This was done by you: you have waged a military aggression on Persia and other countries and did so many atrocities there. Did you not read the Quran: "We sent Our messengers with the clear proofs, and We sent down with them the Book and the Balance, that humanity may uphold justice" (57:25) Did aggression committed by you apply the Quranic notion of justice? You lived during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad and witnessed the justice of Muhammad. The prophet surely applied the Quranic verse: "… I was commanded to judge between you equitably. God is our Lord and your Lord. We have our deeds, and you have your deeds. Let there be no quarrel between us and you. God will bring us together, and to Him is the ultimate return"(42:15). O Omar, you witnessed the prophet that was sent as a mercy to the humankind, "We did not send you except as mercy to mankind."(21:107) Were you, Omar, among the hypocrites mentioned in the Quran: "Among the Desert-Arabs around you there are some hypocrites, and among the inhabitants of Medina too. They have become adamant in hypocrisy. You do not know them, but We know them. We will punish them twice; then they will be returned to a severe torment." (9:101)? Shame on you, Omar!

3- To Othman Ibn Affan: O Othman, you continued the military aggression that constituted an enormous injustice. You went on stealing, robbing, enslaving, committing unjust deeds, and killing thousands of people who has nothing to do with you and even never heard of you. When invasions stopped, you have become a bad, corrupt ruler/caliph whose followers rebelled against him. They killed you in your house. Rebels stole from your house all you ill-gotten money: more than 30 billion of Dirhams and 100 thousands of Dinars, let alone the assets you left: huge amounts of wealth stolen from all occupied countries: Egypt, Iraq, the Levant, and Persia. This is sheer unbelief and denial of God. There are no other words to describe your atrocities, O Othman. Shame on you, Othman!

4- To Ali Ibn Abou Talib: O Ali, you were the nearest person to Prophet Muhammad; you were his nephew. Your stance changed after the death of Muhammad. You should have declared your refusal to the aggressive wars that constituted utter rejection of the Quran. You should have stood against Abou Bakr, Omar, and Othman. Instead of that, you ate from the ill-gotten money that came from the occupied nations. You enslaved many women from such countries that begot you so many offspring. Once Othman killed, you engaged in a civil war against the Umayyads for the sake of transient worldly wealth and power. The Umayyads exceeded you in deceit and ruse. They defeated and killed you. You have lost your life on earth and in the next life; thousands were killed because of you. You are the reason behind the emergence of the very first human-made earthly creed of Shiites. The Shiites deified you after your death as a god beside God. What a shame! Shame on you, Ali!

5- To Aisha, wife of Prophet Muhammad: Did you not read in the Quran the order for the wives of the Prophet: "And settle in your homes…" (33:33)? Why did you participate in the civil war and urged people to kill Othman? You brother, Muhammad Ibn Abou Bakr, has been among the first ones to attack Othman with his sword. Because of you, Aisha, the Battle of the Camel occurred, and ten thousand men have been killed in this battle because of you. How come that a wife of the Prophet do that? This interference and meddling suited an unbelieving woman. Shame on you, Aisha!

6- To Zubayr Ibn Al-Awwam: You have been living in abject poverty. Your wife, Asmaa the daughter of Abou Bakr, used to collect seeds of dates to give fodder to your horse. You have participated in the wars of aggression against innocent people. You have amassed a great wealth within few years during the caliphate of Othman. You had had 35 or 50 billion Dirhams and 200 thousands Dinars, not to mention houses and lands in Cairo, Alexandria, Basra, and Kofah. You had a vast garden that was sold for a million and 600 thousands Dinars. For the sake of these worldly gains, you have rebelled against your relative, Ali Ibn Abou Talib, the son of your maternal aunt, and led an army with Aisha against him. You ate ill-gotten money and caused the killing of thousands of Arabs in the civil war. Shame on you, Zubayr!

7- To Talha Ibn Obaydillah: You lived in abject poverty and in hunger, and later on participated in invasions and aggressive wars. You grew richer than ever; you wore a gold ring with a red ruby stone, your lands in Iraq used to make you earn 500 thousand Dirhams annually. You left after your death 200 thousand Dinars and 200 thousand Dirhams and other assets and houses valued at 30 billion Dinars. You have left about 100 huge jars of golden pieces. For the sake of increasing your wealth, you rebelled against Ali but failed to be a caliph. Your ill-gotten money led to thousands of people to get killed. You never cared for nothing but money to get by any means. Shame on you, Talha!

8- To Abdul-Rahman Ibn Awf: You have conspired along with Abou Bakr and Omar against Ali to make Abou Bakr a caliph. Then you have conspired with Omar against Abou Bakr to be killed and buried in secret at night to make Omar a caliph. Later on, you conspired against Ali with Othman to make Othman a caliph. You have received the payment during the caliphate of Othman; the gold and money you left after your death in 32 A.H. could not be counted. Shame on you, Abdul-Rahman!

9- To Amr Ibn Al-'As: O Amr, you converted to Islam in a late stage and hid your ruse and cunning ways; you realized that your benefits ordained this.  You have participated in invasions of Egypt and the Levant. Your soldiers invaded the Egyptian Delta villages to raid villagers' houses, enslave people, and rape women. You sent thousands of Egyptian women to Omar as slaves and maids. You refused the request of the roman ruler, Cyrus, or Al-Muqawqis, to restore the enslaved women sent to Yathreb. You refused to honor the treaty signed with Cyrus. O Amr, you stole all Egyptian Pharaonic treasures that your hands could reach. You participated in all invasions done by the Umayyads as a servant of Mu'aweiya the first Umayyad caliph. Your cunning and ruse enabled you to save the Umayyad army from certain defeat in the battle of Suffein. You made the soldiers raise the Quran upon spears to mock the word of God and deceive the gullible warring parties. You managed to deceive the gullible Abou Moussa Al-Ash'ary, and the civil war went on. You caused the killing of Ali and the end of his caliphate. You received your payment from the Umayyads. The payment was that you ruled Egypt under the Umayyads. You regularly stole money of the Egyptian people. Your ill-gotten wealth reached 210 huge jars filled with gold stolen from peaceful Egyptians. Shame on you, Amr!


N.B.: Any Muhammadans among the readers who deified and sanctify the so-called companions of the Prophet would probably get so angry and mad after reading this article because we have called the companions by their names without honorifics and have written about their bad deeds written in historical accounts. The Muhammadans forgot that the companions used to call the prophet by his first name without honorifics: "O Muhammad". The disciples used to call Jesus with his first name without honorifics: "And when the disciples said, 'O Jesus son of Mary…" (5:112). The Jews used to call Moses by his first name without any honorifics as well: "Andrecall when you said, "O Moses, we cannot endure one kind of food…"(2:61). Thus, the Muhammadans make the stature of the so-called companions above all prophets of God. All of us say: "O God", and there is no offence here. However, the Sunnite Muhamadans would call anyone as ''unbeliever'' who has forsaken Islam if you call the so-called companions without the usual honorifics. The Shiite Muhammadans would do the same concerning Ali Ibn Abou Talib, their mortal god. Both Sunnites and Shiites deify and sanctify these mortal men more than God.


  The Devil, Satan, will never tender his resignation! His mission to mislead and misguide people goes on until Doomsday.          

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