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The Salafist epidemic in Algeria

Was published in Arabic in August 6, 2015

Translated by Ahmed Fathy



We wrote before about the Algerian current state of affairs, politically and socially, trying in vain to give pieces of advice lest the people of Algeria should suffer and be haunted by regrets due to the spread of Salafism among its citizens. We have been surprised by fanatical responses filled with anger, and consequently we have decided not to discuss the Algerian affairs any more. Later on, bad pieces of news have reached us to show the harbingers of what we have warned against, but we have not commented on them. We have just received two letters that we are obliged to publish here along with our response to show evidence of the deep-seated roots of the Salafist epidemic in Algeria. This epidemic of Salafism is wreaking havoc and destroying the Muhamadans now everywhere, even Algeria cannot this fatal epidemic! Wait and see what the upcoming days will bring!

Firstly: the first message of the first "patient" who suffers Salafism:

"…in one of your videos, you have made a grave error that it caused an Algerian young man to quit prayers altogether. Your discourse has led to this sin. This young man is about to forsake Islam as well. You know quite well that Algeria is geographically approximate to France. This young man used to be a pious believer, but he suffers a nervous and a psychological ailment, and hence his not praying at mosques with people, but performing prayers at home, even on Fridays. He suffers autism as well. When he heard you say that prayers outside mosques cannot be deemed acceptable by God, he was extremely in sorrow that he began to question his ailments and his inevitable fate in Hell in the Afterlife. He concluded that he should not pray at all as the matter is deemed quite useless, as he is predestined for Hell. He asked some Christian missionaries about prayers performed at home. They told him he can perform them at home without going to church, if he converts to their religion. He is about to convert actually; you are the main reason for this. God will punish you for it. We are trying desperately to convince him to remain a Muslim, but he adamantly refuses, claiming that Islam is a difficult religion in terms of rituals, stipulations, orders…etc. He insists that he finds great comfort when praying alone at home, but he is not sure if his prayers are acceptable to God or not. He has jumped to a hasty, false conclusion that Islam is a false religion, not inspired by God, and he is about to convert to Christianity. Can you suggestion a solution to this problem?"

 Our comment:

1- The writer of this message is actually the mentally ill person, not the young man he writes about. We cannot advise the writer of this message to visit a psychiatrist; his finding a remedy is impossible, as we will explain in another detailed article.

2- This message writer who suffers from the grave ailment of Salafism/Wahabism follows the fatwa of Ibn Taymiya who used to claim that anyone who does not perform prayers in groups, especially the dawn prayers, is an apostate that ought to be killed (!) The same goes to the one who comes late to the mosque (!)

3- This "Wahabi patient" who deifies Ibn Taymiya accuses whoever does not pray with him at the mosque of being a non-Muslim and of converting to Christianity just because he prays at home alone to find peace of mind and achieve piety and devoutness.

4- According to the Quran, the prayers deemed acceptable to God is the prayers done devoutly and piously while one feels reverence to the Almighty. "Certainly will the believers have succeeded:They who are during their prayer humbly submissive" (Al-Mu'minun 1-2). The prayers deemed unacceptable to God are the ones filled with hypocrisy, shallowness, and carelessness, with the aim to preserve the appearance of devoutness and sham morality before the eyes of others. This religiosity is still perpetuated by hypocrites then and now in all times and climes. "Indeed, the hypocrites [think to] deceive Allah, but He is deceiving them. And when they stand for prayer, they stand lazily, showing [themselves to] the people and not remembering Allah except a little" (An-Nissa 142).

5- We have written and said countless times – and we bear the responsibility of this opinion before the Almighty – that the mosques of the Muhamadans are harmful centers of terrorist thought under the guise of Islam; the Muhamadans call for prayers in minarets, through the azan, by invoking and deifying humans (i.e., the Prophet among others), rather than invoking God alone. The Muhamadans worship and revere humans in their mosques, not God alone. Worse than that, Wahabi/Salafi mosques combines both heretical creeds of worshiping mortals and heretic demeanor, i.e., inciting violence and terrorism in many instances such as plotting to kill those who oppose Wahabi views. Accordingly, a believer who cares for his true creed and for attaining righteousness in prayers should altogether avoid Muhamadan mosques that spread a sort of paganism and heretical falsehoods.

6- Those whose hearts are filled with heretical notions under the guise of Islam are used to deem the wrong as right and the right as wrong and erroneous; the writer of the message views his young friend as an apostate just because he achieves sanctity and piety while praying alone.


 Secondly: The second message by another Wahabi fanatic from Algeria:

"Animam in the city of Tlemcen has recently warned erroneous, false religious edicts (fatwas) that spread among those who frequent his mosque as well as among citizens of the city. These edicts have been focused on the notion of the Quran being the sole and sufficient source of Islamic legislation, with complete disregard to Fiqh and Sunnite traditions attributed to Prophet Muhammad. In his Friday sermon, this imam has asserted that there are those in Tlemcen who are bent on spreading this notion deemed ''heretical'', and that all citizens should avoid such line of thought in TV satellite channels and websites. This imam has claimed that deniers of Sunnite traditions are not Muslims but apostates, and worse that Jewish Israelis. He has said that such group of heretics are called the Quranists, who are deemed renegades and demons sent by forces of darkness to persuade devout, pious Muslims to forsake their creeds. This imam has asserted that the Quranist thought has been initiated by Ahmed Khan in India, Abdullah Chakralawi in Pakistan, and Ahmed-Eddine Al-Amritsary in India, and the latter is among the main founders of this doctrine so much life Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansoor, the spiritual leader of Egyptian Quranists. Algeria has witnessed recently activities of Quranists in all governorates and cities. In 2008, some police officers held investigations about those Quranists, leading to their disappearance for a while before they have resurfaced to spread seeds of doubt in the Sunnite creed followers. Quranists are deemed heretics as they deny the inviolable infallibility of the Prophet and stoning of committers of fornication, and they claim that God does not punish sinners when their sins do not harm other human beings. This is a flagrant call for committing sins in private. This imam has called his congregation to stick to Sunnite creeds and doctrines, especially the Maliki doctrine endorsed in Tlemcen and Algeria at large. This imam has claimed that Quranists are as dangerous as the Shiite creed followers who try desperately to attract Sunnite followers, and this threatens the moderate religious views and atmosphere among people of Tlemcen. These negative opinions of that imam about Quranists have been published in Al-Shorouq newspaper in Algeria."

Our Comment:

1- The writer of this message is another patient-victim of Wahabism and Malikism who denies the Quranic verses that assert the fact that we should believe only in the divine discourse of the Quran, and nothing else, in matters of religion."So in what statement hereafter will they believe?" (Al-'Araaf - 185). "These are the verses of Allah which We recite to you in truth. Then in what statement after Allah and His verses will they believe?" (Al-Jathiya - 6). "And is it not sufficient for them that We revealed to you the Book which is recited to them? Indeed in that is a mercy and reminder for a people who believe.Say, "Sufficient is Allah between me and you as Witness. He knows what is in the heavens and earth. And they who have believed in falsehood and disbelieved in Allah - it is those who are the losers." (Al-Ankabut – 51:51).

2- This Wahabi/Salafi/Maliki Muhamadan who is mentally ill refuses the mention of God alone in the Quran and loves his gods, like Malik, Al-Shafei, and Al-Bokhari, to be mentioned with God. "And when you recite the Qur'an, We put between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter a concealed partition.And We have placed over their hearts coverings, lest they understand it, and in their ears deafness. And when you mention your Lord alone in the Qur'an, they turn back in aversion." (Al-Israa – 45:46) "And when Allah is mentioned alone, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter shrink with aversion, but when those [worshipped] other than Him are mentioned, immediately they rejoice." (Al-Zomar - 45).

3- The writer of this message is obviously following the route of the ignorant ones, especially Al-Bokhari, who used to accuse Prophet Muhammad of being affected by magic and sorcery. "We are most knowing of how they listen to it when they listen to you and [of] when they are in private conversation, when the wrongdoers say, "You follow not but a man affected by magic.Look how they strike for you comparisons; but they have strayed, so they cannot [find] a way." (Al-Israa – 47:48).       

4- The writer of this message refuses to worship God only and prefers to follow the teachings of his forefathers and ancestors. He is like the people of Prophet Hud. "They said, "Have you come to us that we should worship Allah alone and leave what our fathers have worshipped? Then bring us what you promise us, if you should be of the truthful." (Al-Araaf - 70).

5- When one refuses to worship the Almighty except alongside with other gods, one will be addressed in the Day of Resurrection in the following manner. "That is because, when Allah was called upon alone, you disbelieved; but if others were associated with Him, you believed. So the judgment is with Allah, the Most High, the Grand." (Ghafir -  12). The Algerian writer of the message deems God as not sufficient Supreme Deity and Sustainer of His worshippers and wants to worship mortals and their books and tomes, deemed holy by him, beside God. He is among those people who carry such books and never read and contemplate them to discover their contradictions, fables, myths, etc., like an ass that carries a load of books. God says in the Quran: "Is not Allah sufficient for His Servant" (Al-Zomar 36), "Say, "Is it other than Allah I should desire as a lord while He is the Lord of all things?" (Al-An'am - 164), "Say, "Is it other than Allah I should take as a Protector, Creator of the heavens and the earth"(Al-An'am - 14),"And is it not sufficient for them that We revealed to you the Book which is recited to them? Indeed in that is a mercy and reminder for a people who believe." (Al-Ankabut - 51), and "The example of those who were entrusted with the Torah and then did not take it on is like that of a donkey who carries volumes [of books]. Wretched is the example of the people who deny the signs of Allah. And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people." (Al-Jum'aa - 5).

6- This mentally disturbed writer of the message accuses the Quranists of spreading suspicious claims with ulterior motives, as if we were doing wrong by citing Quranic verses. This writer adds to the Quran his Sunnite volumes and this is "shirk" (polytheism), as if God and His Book the Quran were not sufficient for him; he insists on adding volumes and tomes of his saints and gods.

7- The Sunnite creed is based on countless falsehoods, myths, lies, and contradictions that fill the so-called hadiths and narratives that resemble oral mythology of pagan times, Middle Ages sagas and romances, and 1001 Nights. These myths are not infallible; any criticism for them can wipe them out totally. That is why mortal gods of the Sunnite creed fear and abhor discussions that undermine their punch of lies that harks back to the first century after the death of Prophet Muhammad. Hence, the Algerian man who writes his message to us accuses the Quranists of throwing the seeds of doubt among people regarding religion. The hadiths and narratives of their weak Sunnite creed are in dire need of the so-called apologia theology, but in vain. Their Sunnite/Shiite/Sufi fabricated narratives are so illogical that they fear casting doubts upon them.

8- This writer of the message does not flinch of telling lies as his Sunnite creed is based on lies. The Quranists do not call for committing sins provided that one does not harm others, as the writer falsely says about them. The followers of the Quranist line of thought assert that the Quran is faultless and remains preserved by God as it has been revealed to Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago, but they refuse to accept hadiths and other narratives as part of Islam. They refute the notion of stoning to death. This is not a divine order as other people presume. We avoid all sins, small or grave, and call for piety, repentance, and moral attitude to life. Haters of Quranism accuse Quranists without evidence to support their claims about us, thought we publish our thought online for others to contemplate and reflect.  

9- This Algerian man does not fear Quranists alone, but also other followers of competitive non-divine creeds made by mortals, especially the Shiite creed. He is fanatically adamant in his refusal to tolerate and accept the existence of other creeds in Tlemcen, and he opposes the religious liberty decreed in the Quran.

10- This Algerian man asserts his ardent desire to wipe out Quranists and betrays in his message the fact that Muhamadans are subdivided into other minor creeds; i.e., the so-called major four doctrines. The writer calls for a 'confrontation' to refute Quranism. We say: "God says…" and he responds by saying: "Malik said…" (!). Who will judge us in the Doomsday? Allah or Malik?!


  Apparently, the current generation of Arab youth is not yet ready for accepting religious reform. This generation has been corrupted through corrupt education and mass media, as well as the culture of tyranny, oppression, and slavery. Tyrant rulers spread Sunnite or Shiite ideas everywhere to be able to oppress people, and Wahabism/Salafism wreaks havoc in the Arab / Muslim mind now. The worst catastrophe is that these punish of falsehoods are spread under the name of Islam! Why cannot they see that the only Islam is found only in the Quran? Salafism is the catalyst that ignites civil unrest among Arab nations nowadays; yet, people are too ignorant to realize this fact. We write not for this incorrigible generation, but for the next one who may be sorry for the grave errors of the ancestors due to the Wahabi epidemic and may lead the route of reform on all levels. We pray to the Almighty to make us witnesses over this bad generation in the Judgment Day. God says in the Quran: "Do they not see that they are tried every year once or twice but then they do not repent nor do they remember?" (Al-Tawbah - 126).

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