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As just examples, I present here three of our proposals in war of ideas, were sent to whom it may concern, in the American policy makers.

Part Three: Suggestions for American policy makers in the field of dealing with Muslim World and religious freedom

Making America the super power in war of ideas in minimum cost


The mission::

1- Promoting the American image in the Muslim World.

2-Win the war of ideas against the radical Muslims

3-Reforming Muslim World to accept democracy peacefully

4-Reform the American Muslims to defend America in the name of Islam

5- Recruiting the open minded Muslims to work with us in this mission.


How? By:

(A) - Network of Arabic web sites on line to handle Online War of Ideas to defeat the terrorism and promote the American Image in the Muslim world.

It will explore, analyze and combat the radical Muslim web sites on line.

 (B)  Conferences to reform Muslim World in these fields:

1- Reforming the Muslim communities in the U.S by:

*-Reforming mosque in the U.S to defend America in the name of Islam not to insult America by misusing Islam

*-Reforming the Islamic schools in the U.S

*-Reforming the research centers of Islam in the American academia to discuss Wahabism and face its terrorism and extremism.


2- Constitutional and Legislative Reforms in the Arab and Muslim World, such as:

*-Reforming of the Elections Law in the Arab World

*-Reforming the laws of Liberties:

*-Reforming the Criminal Law in the Arab legislation

*- Leading an effort to convince the Islamic world to accept Universal Declaration of Human Rights as Islamic law according to the real core of Islam

.3- In the field of education:

*-Reforming Al-Azhar:

*- Reforming Higher Education in the Arab World starting with Egypt

 * -Discussion of the International Human Rights Charters in the Light of Islam

(c) Independent T.V channel and company to produce programs and drama to reach and undeceive the silent Muslim majority ( more than one billion people)

( D ) High Islamic institute in which open minded Imams will be graduated to undeceive the American Muslims.

Finally:The Quranists can do it with minimum costs

The Quranists are the pro American Muslim scholars who are represented by theInternational Quranic Center (IQC).

War of ideas has its unique aspects. Its battle field is the mentality of Muslims in the entire World. It needs ammunitions, weapons and professional soldiers.

The Quranists are the professional soldiers. They have the 30 years expertise and the sincere commitment.

The Quranists have also the ammunitions which is the Islamic and the Muslim knowledge.

The Quranists are professional experts in producing articles, researches, books from this knowledge. They are also experts in dramatizing their knowledge and in making T.V programs. Drama and T.V programs are the most effective ammunitions in the war of ideas.

The only aspect that the Quranists need is the weapons of war of ideas. These weapons are company of producing drama and free independent T.V channels that can reach the entire Muslim World.

The Quranists are working in dramatizing their knowledge since 1977. They have more than 20 scripts ready for producing now. The Quranists can provide this proposed company of movies for decades. The same is in T.V programs.

It is not impossible to establish a company and T.V channels that produce the scripts and TV programs.

What can the Quranists do in war of ideas against terrorism?

Initiative (1): Online War of Ideas to defeat the terrorism and promote the American Image in the Muslim world

Generally: This aims to:

*Analyze, Detect, and fight the extremist culture of terrorism inside the US and abroad.

*Understanding the culture behind terrorism and fighting it from inside Islam.

*Waging the War of Fatwa against them

*Translating and countering the Arabic fanatic websites to the Americans policy makers.

Briefly: It’s to explore & Action together.

To explore the battle field to analyze and detect the Arabic fanatic websites, sort them, know how they brainwash the young Muslims and prepare them to be suicide bombers, how they recruit them, and how they raise fund. To find the best way to defeat them and how to deal with “Al Fatwa”- the verdict or the rule given by the Sheikh – as the most dangerous weapon against them. Also, it is very important to expose the so – called moderate Muslims and sheikhs - who have two discourses, who are deceiving the West and the U.S, while they are working for the terrorism.

In details: This needs four professional groups:

  1. Survey Group:

The mission of this group is to survey all the Arabic sites on line and sort them out in different categories.  The group will begin by establishing the criteria that define each site and divide them accordingly. The Arab religious sites have different kinds of moderate and fanatic sites and others in between. They are also having different sects and cults and many lines inside each. It is very important to define the differences between the frank sites belong to Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, and the so – called moderate sites, which are more dangerous than Al Qaeda because it have two discourses.

There are also the fanatic secular sites. They are owned by communists and leftists and the Arab fanatic nationalists who are against America and Israel. There are some Arabic sites that are owned by ex- communists who become Muslim brothers. Their discourse is not pure religious but it is strong and very active in fabricating lies and rumors to tarnish the American image.

Finally, there are neutral Arabic sites and other sites which have not decided its goals.

This first group makes this survey and continues its work dealing with any new Arabic site appears on line, and updates the new sites and the new changes inside the famous sites. This group has to educate other group the criterion that defines the fanatic terrorist Arabic website, the different categories of the fanatic Arabic websites according to this definition, the possibility of getting information about the terrorists from these websites and the professional high tech used in these websites.

2_: Investigation Group:

The mission of this group is to investigate the entire fanatic and the so – called moderate Muslim sites.  There are websites seems to be moderates, have nothing to do with the political discourse, concentrating on the religious issues only. For the ordinary Muslim, they seem just religious websites, so they have a millions of partisans. Actually, they are the most dangerous sites. They use the religious tradition to prepare the ordinary Muslim to be fanatic, and then he may become suicide bomber after that.

The most famous moderate web site is Islam online, owned and controlled by Sheikh Al Qaradawy, the spiritual leader of Muslim Brothers. This so – called Moderate Sheikh has a famous bloody fatwa calling to kill all American civilians in Iraq. It is a must to face it and to analyze it.

The Saudis have the biggest number of the fanatic web sites in different discourses. There are the official sheikhs who attack Ben Laden and defending the Saudi Kingdom while they are upholding the same faith and same belief of Ben Laden. There are the sites of some Sheikhs like Salman Al Ouda and Safar Al Hawaly who were against the Saudi regime and put in prison, then were released in one condition: not to attack the Saudi State. Accordingly, they ignore the Saudi policy but focus on attacking the West and the U.S and encouraging the terrorists every where.

Other Saudi oppositions in London have their own websites attacking the Saudi family and the U.S together and encouraging the war against the West. Al Mas’ary and Al Fakeeh are good example for this category. London has many other fanatic Muslims who have famous web sites attacking the Arabic regimes and the U.S and the West. Many of these fanatic websites talk in behalf of Ben Laden, while some of them attack Ben Laden but preaching the same bloody religious culture of Ben Laden but in different tunes and different accents.

All of this jungle of sites has to be investigated thoroughly in order to analyze all the details, especially how they brainwash the young Muslims and prepare them to be suicide bombers, how they recruit them, and how they raise fund, and how to face them.

3- Fatwas Groups

This group is going to be specialized in the new kind of the war of ideas (war of Fatwa).  Fatwa is the religious verdict said by the high leveled Muslim scholars in the past, or in our time. The fatwa controls the daily life of the religious Sunni or Shiites Muslims. The fanatic Wahhabists and Shiites are using the fatwa calling for violence in the name of the Islamic Jihad, so, by their fatwa many of Muslims become suicide bombers. The fatwa issued by Al Qaradawy to kill the civilian Americans in Iraq has encouraged many of the so- called moderate Sunni Muslims to fight all the Americans and it has also endangered the American lives in any Muslim country.

This group (Squad of Fatwa attack) has to face this war of fatwa in many ways, includes, but not limited on:

  • Discuss the fanatic fatwas proving the contradiction between them and the Islamic laws.
  • Prove the contradiction between Islam and the sacred Sunni and Shiites scriptures of the Middle Ages, which are the resources of the fatwas for the fanatic sheikhs in our time.
  • Writing articles to ridicule these old and recent fatwas.
  • Prove and highlight the contradictions among the fanatic fatwas, using the continuous debate among the old Imams, and also the same dispute among the sheikhs of our time. This will undermine their credit.
  • Issuing a real Islamic fatwas that excommunicate Ben Laden, his people and the so – called moderate as well.
  • Prove the other side of the fanatic Shiekhs who seem saints while they are corrupted and very mean. This will undermine their fatwas.
  • Restore the old Fatwas of the respectable open minded Muslim scholars in the middle ages which contradict the fanatic Imams and their fatwas.

Some official sheikhs give fatwas to justify the political interests of the regime. This is usually done specially in all Muslim World, especially in the Saudi Kingdom and Egypt. This reflects the enmity between these regimes and Muslim Brothers. So, so – called moderate sheikhs have to issue fatwas to condemn some terrorist crime done by Ben Laden and others. These temporary fatwas contradict other fatwas they issued and contradict the old fatwas of their old sacred imams of the middle ages. The group can use this in fighting them back.

4 -Daily Guards Groups:

This group will search all the Arabic sites to defend America. Some of this team will comment on every thing said about America to clear the American image. Other will write article to support the American policy. They will prove that the real enemy to the Arabs and Muslims are not the U.S and Israel. It is the local dictators and the fanatic Wahhabists and Muslim Brothers. They will also make a comparison between the American values and the Arabic Muslim dictators, and how the American Muslim Community enjoys the freedom of belief and speech in America while there is no freedom in the Muslim World. They also will prove to the Muslim World that the American values are the same original Islamic values of justice, freedom and tolerance and loving humanity. This does not mean the American foreign policy has not big mistakes. It has but they are brave enough to admit it and correct it while every Muslim dictator punishes anyone who dares to oppose him.

Initiative (2): Conferences to understand reform and recruit

Conferences to call for peaceful reform and to explore real reforming Muslims and:

1- Reforming the Muslim communities in the U.S by:

*-Reforming mosque in the U.S to defend America in the name of Islam not to insult America by misusing Islam

*-Reforming the Islamic schools in the U.S

*-Reforming the research centers of Islam in the American academia to discuss Wahabism and face its terrorism and extremism.

2- Constitutional and Legislative Reforms in the Arab and Muslim World:

*- Leading conference for measuring the level of Infiltration of Wahabism in Egyptian Education and Society

*-Reforming of the Elections Law in the Arab World

*-Reforming the laws of Liberties:

*-Reforming the Criminal Law in the Arab legislation

*- Leading an effort to convince the Islamic world to accept Universal Declaration of Human Rights as Islamic law according to the real core of Islam: By doing so, these resolutions could be the main source of legislation in Muslim countries instead of Islamic Jurisprudence, which actually means the fanatic Wahabi legislations.

3- In the field of education:

*-Reforming Al-Azhar:

To reform the Arabs and the Egyptians, it is imperative to reform Al-Azhar. To do so, it is essential to reform Al-Azhar basic law and its educational programs.

 Al-Azhar is the oldest educational institution in the world. It is over thousand years old. It includes seven universities in Egypt and it has its own educational system from the elementary level to the Secondary level. Al-Azhar wields huge authority on the religious life in Egypt from the mosques to the religious and educational programs in press and drama. It is as the Vatican status for one and quarter billion people.

*- Reforming Higher Education in the Arab World starting with Egypt

Reforming the Religious Education Material:

Deploy alternative religious syllabuses that emphasize the human rights and democracy:   

Reforming the History Material

Reforming the National Education Material

Discussion of the International Human Rights Charters in the Light of Islam.


During these conferences:

*Recruiting and organizing the secular and other open minded Muslim scholars and their web sites to be in our side against the terrorism. *Incorporate Muslim moderates who struggle against the Wahabists monopoly over the Internet in the US administration’s effort to promote the American Image in the Muslim world.

* Undeceiving scholars and activists who still have bad feeling against the U.S.

* Convert and undeceiving the soft lines among the radical Muslims.

Initiative (3): Writing T.V programs (in brief):

To use the T.V satellites as weapons against the radical Muslims and to promote the American image

In case if we have a free independent T.V channel and company to produce and broadcast program that achieves: 

  1. Reform and Introducing Reform by education
  2. Improving the Image of America in the Arab World
  3. Genuine competition to Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel.

The scope of these programs is in the following areas:

First: Reform:

  1. Constitutional Reform:
  2. Reforming Al-Azhar:
  3. Reforming Higher Education in the Arab World starting with Egypt
    1. Concepts Correction:
    2. Reforming the Religious Education Material:
    3. Deploy alternative religious syllabuses that emphasize the human rights and democracy:   
    4. Reforming the History Material:
    5. Reforming the National Education Material:
    6. Discussion of the International Human Rights Charters in the Light of Islam:
  4. Legislative Reforms in the Arab World:
    1. Reforming of the Elections Law in the Arab World:
    2. Reforming the laws of Liberties:
    3. Reforming the Criminal Law in the Arab legislation:
    4. Reforming the Islamic Societies in America:

1.      Reforming the mosque to defend America in the name of Islam

2.      Reforming the Islamic schools.

3.      Reforming the research centers of Islam in the American academia. This is essential to discuss Wahhabism and face its terrorism and extremism.


Second Reform: Here in the USA: This reform has two parts:

First: American Part: This part depends on descriptive non-critique programs. It includes an informative description of America for the Arab viewer from old and contemporary history. Also, recognizing the American geography and philanthropy. This shall provide documentary movies after translating them to Arabic and give explanations suitable to the Arab viewer perception to satisfy his eagerness about the America: the dreamland.

Here are some details:

  1. The indigenous inhabitants of the new world and their origin.
  2. The old civilizations in the Americas before the Geographic expeditions.
  3. The original geographic explorations, their motives, Christopher Columbus, the Spanish expansion, European competition in settlements between Spain and Portugal, the French and English conflict and their competitions and wars with the indigenous populations, the importing of   Negros from Africa, the revolutionary War, Civil War, Monroe Doctrine, American social conflicts that gave women the right to vote and the civil rights movement, League of Nations, United Nations, Vietnam’s War, Iraq’s War,..etc.
  4. Major American landmarks such as the American Constitution, the Presidents, Type of Government, Congress, Supreme Court, Hollywood, economy, American society… and so on.

Second Part: Arab Americans: This part concentrates on the Arab Americans and includes the following topics:

  1. The beginning of the Arab migration to USA and its relation with the Christian massacres in Levant in the middle of the 19th century.
  2.  The most dominate nationalities of Arab immigrants.
  3. Distinctive Arab intellectuals in America.
  4. Diaspora Arab poets in North & South America.
  5. The current distribution of Arab population in America.
  6. The Arab & Islamic Museums in America.
  7. The departments of Arabic & Islamic Studies in American Universities.
  8. American Embassies in the Arab countries and the Arab embassies in America.
  9. Type of visas for American entry.
  10. Lottery system.

The third subject: The Victims in the Arab World:

The sympathy of “al-Horrah” Freedom channel with the victims in the Arab World would increase its respect with the number of those victims and the sympathizers with them. The programs here are varieties depend upon the situation of the victims, for example:

  • The victims of torture in the police stations.
  • The victims of the psychological torture because of terrorism.
  • The victims of torture because of opinion and belief.
  • Victims of torture for no reason.
  • Most famous cases of torture.
  • Torture cases in courts.
  • Most famous accused torturers
  • Treatment of torture victims
  • Most famous Centers for treatment of torture victims.
  • Most famous websites that expose the torture practice.

The Fourth Subject: Free Tour in the Arab Art:

Arab Cinema and Television

  • Discussion of Censorship in light of freedom of opinion.
  • Most distinctive victims of censorship of Arabic films.
  • Most famous Arab directors and analysis of their works.
  • Most famous stunts/extras.
  • Genius Arab actors disappeared early in their careers.
  • Famous Arab documents and their directors. 
  • Movies with history in the Arab Egyptian cinema.
  • Political opportunism in the Arab cinema.
  • Wahhabi effect on critique writing for Arab and Egyptian Cinema.
  • Egyptian cinema industry between the foreign production and Arab brilliance.
  • Brief history of Arab & Egyptian cinema.


 The Fifth Subject: The Enlightened Arabic Heritage:

Regrettably, Wahhabism reverted the modern Arab and Moslem life back to the worst and bloodiest extreme dogmas and beliefs in the age of human rights and democracy. More regrettably, Wahhabis is a mere school of thoughts belongs to the Sunni sect. However, it monopolized not only the Sunni sect, but also the whole Islam and Moslems.

In fact, the medieval had witnessed many Islamic sects that were more civilized than the contemporary Wahhabism. There was a reform movement that called for human rights. It’s imperative to shed the light on such movements after the Wahhabis tried to overshadow them.

This subject shall handle these dogmas and their patrons who called for liberty and human rights like Abu Haneefah and Mohammad Abdo who was the most famous reformer. He died a hundred years ago and tried to reform Al-Azhar. He also founded a first civil party that separated religion from politics. This subject shall also demonstrate the most important books that were written by this enlightened group and discuss them based on our time requirements and convention. Some of these scripts were ahead of their time such as the books of Al-Jahedh in Abbasid, Ibn Khaldoun Epilogue in Mamluk and the books of Taha Hussein, Ahmad Amin, Sheikh Shaltout and Mohammad Abdo in the last century. It’s also possible to produce documentaries about these personalities and discuss the subject after viewing the films.

This subject can include Arabic anecdotes either old from the heritage books or new from whatever published on the Internet. It’s possible to produce them as short documentaries and comment on them later.

Initiative (4): Writing drama for T.V and theaters

To use the drama and movies as weapons against the radical Muslims and to promote the American image.

In case if we have a company to produce and broadcast drama.

The silent Muslim majority get their knowledge from mosques and T.V drama. The fanatic Sunni and Shiites Muslim leaders usually use drama to brainwash this silent Muslim majority. Our mission is to use drama to undeceive this silent Muslim majority. By this drama, we can reach all the Muslims in the entire world, if we produce it subtitled with all Muslim languages.

The Quranists are experts in writing drama. They have written more than 22 scenarios which are ready to be produced now, beside new ideas for drama that can provide the proposed company for many years. Of course the Arabic censorship refuses the Quranist’s drama writings.

The drama written by the Quranists covers three fields:

1- Muslim history and Muslim tradition that discuss and expose – directly and indirectly – the sacred secret side of the fanatic tradition.

2- Current Muslim life – especially in the Arab World - to discuss the prohibited fields in Arabic drama, religion and politics.

3 – The real life of the Muslim communities in the U.S in many aspects, like their religious life, their different sects and cults and their relationship with Americans and with the fanatic extreme leaders inside U.S.

It is easy to establish that company to produce and distribute this drama as a business and as a mission.

But if there is not such company

Sooner or later, Islam and Muslims will be the main topic for the American drama. The Quranist’s drama writings are available for any company from now. The American support is needed here. It is not difficult to marketing these scenarios in Hollywood and New York. 

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