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Since the rising of the Abbasya caliphate the Moslems recognized the Theocratic, tyranny Rule, which dissimulate by religiousness, and since then, the Islamic states were bind with tyranny Rule.The Islamic heritage was written in the same tyranny Rule, the principles of the religious doctrine was set in the same atmosphere that considered no opposition betweenIslam and that kind of Rule.

The strange thing is that Islam in fact - with the consultation, has achieved the greatest democratic reality. Consultation was not just a scraper of lines in the holy Koran but it was a practical reality accomplished and practiced by the Prophet Mohammed and his Colleges before even he initiated his state. Then he applied that on his own state at Madina. And the Moslems kept practicing it one way or another during the “Right Guidance Caliphs”-Al Kholaphaa Al Rashedin- eratill they fall into the great sedition, and the right guidance caliphs era was ended. Then came the other caliphs era that was based on despotism and subdual, then the consultation entered the museum of the history. Not just that, we also add that as for the heritage, which the Moslems wrote it in eras of the despotism, theybegrudged it to enter the history museum, they ignored to narrate what was happening in the Democratic life in the prophet’s and the right guidance caliphs Era. So we didn’t receive any of these heritage except some week narration happened During some of the prophet’s Campaigns when he consults his colleges and listens to their suggestion and he pierces their suggestion. But the holy Koran stays the decisive in this subject by what was mentioned in its verses about the system of the consultation in the Prophet’s Era.

And still we got to say that Islamic Consolation was responsible for the civilization that promotes the Arabs to a frontal level of civilization that headed for the world to draw a new map in the Global history.

The religious faction which strives for forming an Islamic statedoesn't look at the Islamic consultation except as a despotism for the apotheosized governor with his assistant from “Ahl Al-H’ALL WALAKD” according to the principle of the governorship “Alhakemia” that makes the Imam a shepherd and people his sheep, and he has judicial power over them by God’s salad and the authorization of god, andhe is not accounted to his people, but to God.. That isthe Abbasya caliphate inheritance,which produced this heritage and this categories which contradicts with the great Koran, and also contradicts to whatthe profit Mohammed did.

From all that we can estimate the necessity of this study. Not only because it focuses the light on the True consultation which was neglected in our heritage. But also because it refutes the indoctrinators of the religious political despotism which supports the situated despotism or dreaming of initiating an despotic religious rule under religious slogans to deceive the publics of the Moslems.


The First Chapter

The roots of consultation in Islam

The identity of consultation in the Koranic perspective:

1.   Our consultation equals the Democracy in the western heritage. Others might argue with us in this category. But we say that is not strange,because the application of Democracy itself in the west is variedfrom one country to another, there a Great differencebetweenthe Democracy in Englandand in France , and between the united states the head of democracy in the world, or thus they say.

The Western Democratic systems are Varied,but it collaborate in the general basics - in most cases – it leans on the accountabilityfor the executive authority in front ofthe people representatives.. and that guarantees the submission of the governor for the people and their representatives and take the authority from them .. Or thus they say.

We are not in field of drawing a comparison between the consultation in the Koranic perspective and the parliamentary western Democracy. Butwe stop with the common things between them, which is the real meaning that the consultation and Democracy has. It is the art of exercising the salad and the power. Because the side which the governor bows to, is that the worthy origin for the salad and the source whichhe can obtain his sultan from.

2.     The Rule isthe power and the salad .. Or the exercise of the power and the salad.. The relation between the governor and the people , defines who has the power and the salad and the amount of the presence of the consultation or Democracyin that relation.

There is the despotic governor who has all of the salad, and he doesn’t weight his people, but he considers himself guardian on the people who didn’t reach the Capacity yet, and this despotic governor considers himself the origin of all powers, he is the council of the consultation and the indicative, he is to be consulted, he is the ruler by his warrant in all matters, and from here the consultation is one of his powerswhich he grants her for himself , only he makes sure he has a group from the valets thinking of making him satisfied .. The obedience is on the people, because it’s scraped frompower, as the governorhad monopolizedpower for himself.

But the people might feel some of the consciousness and owns some of the effect and precious fewpower, forcing the depostic governor to make some abdications equivalent with that some ofpower which the people takes it for himself, therefor the councils of the consultation changes , from the valets consumed by the thinking for the contentment of the despotic governor to councils of consultation which has some offreedom in the movement, and this change depends on bigger capably the people is on the pulling out of his legal claims, and if the people satisfied with a fake counseling presence,to be offered by the despotic rulerto cover on his despotism. Orthis councils develops to account with the governor and shrink his powers. In all circumstances the consultation here is the exercise of the power.

That exercisesthe people and the governor pull according to what they all have from power and steadfastness.

Finally the people might own the Power-all of it. Then the perple determine its sultan on the government and it assigns the ruler and questions, deposes, watches over him, and as for the governor, here he is just considered an employee in the service of the people. And here the people practice -by his consultation, the art of power.

So we have three kinds of consultation:-

1.   The true consultation for the strong people, which it possesses its own will, and it does the assignment of the governor and it considers him as an employee for the people, that the people can account, watch, depose, Punish himif be mistaken.

2.   The fake consultation for a ruler who reclaims Democracy, just for the opposition of the criticisms andmutiny eventualities from some of his people, and then a (power conflict) takes placebetween the governor and the people. And when the people has a sufficient steadfastness, they can take their legal claims in the participation and the consultation.

3.     Finally we have the absolutebrusque dictator who roles with power and consult himself, or his border and people are just a flock in his capture, and under his hegemony and his domination. As this despotic monopolizedpower and practiced by which the consultation. For himself.. And by himself …

Therefore then the consultation is a power game. Power in all shapes,the power of weapon , the power of money, the power of affecting in the publics, and the power of the publics itself or its weakness and the power of the ruler.

Then consultation exists where the power is. As the consultation is the art of exercising power. This is the identity of the consultation in the Koranic perspective.

From here the upbringing of the believers was on bases of power,and the consultation was basing on from the belief of the Islam that says" there is no God, but Allah.”

1.   And before we enter the style of the Koran in education and the upbrinof the consultation in the forming of the Moslems mind, we stop with some of the Koranic verses that confirm the relation of the consultation and the despotism with power, which means that the consultation is the art of exercise power .

The Pharaoh of Moses reaches a far scale into despotism by claiming Godhood “he gathered the people then he said I am your higher god " (the Nazeaat 23 , 24 " “and Pharaoh said O you all people , I didn't find out any other god for you " Al-Kasas 38 .

By that despotism -which leads him to claim Godhead, he was dealings with his border , or the servants who was thinking in what satisfies the Pharaoh, and the views of the public or the border were written according to what the Pharaoh wants. That the holy Koranonce ascribed some categories to the Pharaoh and the other time it was ascribed for the border to confirm on the condition that the border are a partfrom the Pharaoh , (review Al-Aa’raf 109 , 112 and Al-Shoa’raa34 , 37 ) and the Al-Aa’raf 127 , Ghafer 25 ) .

In the end Pharaoh says to them " I only show you what I can see. And I guide you nothing except the right path”, Meaning that he acts be his terms based on his own well, and his opinions are nothing but the right guidance, and that is the best that consultation can offer in his own perspective. And the Basis that Pharaoh uses to exercise the consultation is the possession of all the power elements.

The Paranoiac history Confirms on the age of leadership - and from them then Moses’s Pharaoh – witnesses the Possession of the Pharaoh with role, Judgment, and the Army forces and it shifts Egypt into a one unity into the hands of the Pharaoh at expense of the boycotts rulers who serve the Pharaoh. The Koran confirms these meanings before the Egyptologists discover it by ten centenaries.

Then the Koran confirms that they held a crowded conference for his people and declares to them that only him owns Egypt and its goodness and he shouted to his people “O my people don’t I own all of Egypt and these rivers flow under me, Can’t you see that " Al-Zokhrof 51 .

The Koran confirms that the military trend for the Pharaoh and his leadership for the forces which was the most powerful armed forces on earth, Allah says about him “ He and his soldiers grow arrogant over the others with no right " Al-Kasas 28 . And the Koran described the military at that time as follows: - " was the talk of the soldiers propitious for you ? pharos and ‘Thamod’ “.(Al Broug 17 , 18) . - " Then he –pharos, and his soldiers followed them " (Jonah 90). " Then we took him and his soldiers and discarded them into the sea"( Al-kasas 40 –Al-Zareyat 40). In other words he was bind to the soldiers … in other words he dominates them and he leads them , and by that the pharaoh gathered the country’s lead and his Military power.

Therefor he has a tyrant salad, and his awe was so deep to the extent that Moses was afraid of his opposition and he demand from the Most High God to that Harun-his brither, can go with him, , but they were frightened to face the pharaoh, so the wholly god ordered them to go to him " then say soft for him , so he might remember or recuperate. They said that ‘we are afraid he goes too far on us or to oppress, and God said don't be frightened I am with you watching over you " Taha 43 , 46 .

2.     Now we reach to a less grade of despotism, the wholly Koran mentioned in Saba’a story, the despotism of this queen comes from her possession for everything , the wholly Koran says ”I have found a Woman who owns them and she was given everything” so the border – or the servants around her- submitting to her with loyalty , and when she consult them they confirmed to her that she is the decision maker “ she said O you my border advice me in this matter , I wouldn’t take that decision till you approve , they said we have a great power and might , and it is up to you, so make your decision” Al-Naml 23,32,33.

She was asking the suggestion of the border from the leaders of the army who have strong courage, to confirm their approval, and the confirmation comes along with the absolute allegiance to her.. In other words the consultation was limited in the queen and the border, but the people didn’t have anything to do with it, because the people were owned by the queen … and the queen received the letter of the Solomon on behalf of them, as Moses was transmitted to Pharaoh, but not for the Egyptian people, because the peoples in that era was just a groups of sheep and cattle owned by the despotic ruler.

The Koran was sent to shift those people into free responsible humans. That brings us to talk about the koranic way in the education of Moslems individual and the Moslem nation on the basis of the consultation. To take them into a new era. Secondly : the consultation in the education of Moslems :

1.     The beginning of the Islamic belief: there is no God but Allah , that means that all humans are servants of God , and it is not allowed for any human to pass that level to be a God with the God .

The adapter of the consultation here is based on the fact that it is the art of exercising the power. That the Most High God alone owns everything and he is the Subduer above his people, therefor he is the only one who is unquestionable, but all others are questionable. Then god as the overpower upon his chattels, it is impossible for them to share him the rule and the sultan or that he asks them for advice, in other words he became a Commander and all others have to obey and submit. While those who rule and expect others to obey and submit to them are playing god’s rule.

2.     The Most High God created the human free to obey or disobey his commands, in the other hand these humans will come before God at the judgment day to be questioned for his obedience or his disobedience.

Thus god who owns everything wanted his peoples to be free in the obedience and the disobedience and he didn't force them with his subdual upon them, and his omnipotence in the world on the obedience, contenting with their responsibility at the day of resurrection on their choice in their life.

And if the wholly God didn’t interfere into the human freedom in obedience or disobedience, then it is stupidity if someone tries to claim this for himself, and takes over the others’ fortune and salad and monopolized it only for himself, and he force them to obey him aside from God, even he takes for himself what the God disliked to have, which is controlling people’s freedom and confiscating it .

3.     When The Most High God Created earth and he predetermined its aliments, he made the aliments and the material capabilities a public property for all who want to earn their living. He said “and he predetermined its aliments in four days, for those who ask?"Fosselat 10.

That means that all the abilities in the earth are available for everybody and not ground for any particular persons or generation but it is for all human who look for it, but searching for these abilities and going after it differs from someone to another according to there physical, mental conditions, the nature of the place and how rich it is with fortunes. And the Koran confirms that inequality between the people in the livelihood "And as the God gives preference to some of you upon others in the livelihood " Al-Nahl71 .

But in the meantime the wholly Koran puts economical legislation that prevents the condensation of the wealth into the hands of someone or some group, the holly Koran says ”so it can’t be an circle between your rich people” Al-Hashr. So when the power and the fortune are gathered in the hand of a person or group at the expense of others , here comes the luxury and despotism , and the despotic governor and his border . so when there is a luxurious ruling group, it secrete despotism, and that is exodus on God’s Commands.

4.     And the believer when he speaks to God in his prayer saying “Only you we Worship and ask for help”, that means we do not worship any other one with the God , and the worship means also the submission and subservience and praying and asking the help from god ….

It is a true that humans wrestle on livelihood and thefight to collect more properties and enjoyments , but they forgets the fact that he is going to leave all that behind him with death or by loss , and these money which he leaves for his relatives will make them spoil or quarrel, also his physical capabilities can’t help him to indulge himself with pleasures, even if sent all his life in these pleasures, he loses the feeling with it , and his body exhausted soon, and there will be anything left for him but regret and sorrow.

The real believer should know that every human has his own divined livelihood Card that record every single object he consumes in his life, and since his birth, he ladles from this Card till he dies, and when this Card expires he dies, and that is the meaning of “ Al-Wafah”.

Thus the believer realizes that either if he was a member of the border “Al-Mala” of the sultan or if he was one of the enemies of the sultan, that will not change anything in his recorded livelihood is his card, and the sultan is unable to extend his livelihood, even if he gave him millions that wasn’t recorded in his card , so these millions will not reach him, maybe he will be hit by death or bankruptcy, or a disaster , or he became sick or the confiscation of these money, and he will not have anything left for him but sin, or guilt which he paid in the support of this despotism and obscurities.

5.     So the real believer should say ” if the livelihood is only comes from God, and it was previously determinate by him before he creates me , and as long as I will not have any benefit in my livelihood from him, but Curse of-course.

And some may cheer for that despotic ruler for fear of persecution and affliction. But the true believer knows that the affliction comes only from God “ we afflict you with evil and good as a seduction” Al-Anbeyaa 35 . and only God who can dispel this affliction “and if the God gives you some harm, only him can dispel it” Al-Anaam 6 .

So the true believer should have a neutral attitude towards any fortunes or misfortunes that might face him because it is written fait that we can’t escape from, and therefor he shouldn’t panic or rejoice if he got any of those, Allah says “ whatever misfortune befalls on you on Earth or in yourselves is destined before we even created it, that is so easy for God, so you don’t panic or rejoice for whatever you got.” Al-Hadid 22 , 23.

And if a Believer believes in this he wouldn’t fear the threat of the despotic rulers and their boarders because these despotic rulers, like any human are exposed to fortunes and misfortunes, he could be even more panic from it, even the victims of his intrepidity shift to be his own nightmares, and turn his life onto hill on earth, and makes him a prisoner of his guards and fear, so how could people be afraid from someone who is more cowardice than them.

6.     The desire of life and an instinct of surviving could make people be patience on the tyranny , they fear the death on the hand of the tyrant and his devils, although they know they are going to die anyway , if they afria of execution, then all human beings are sentenced to death.

Peoples who surrender to the tyranny they die and end up with the same destiny they were avoiding. The Koran says to who wishes to escape death, that it is going to face him one day “ say to them that death which they escape from will face them " Al-Gomaa 8. And " wherever you are, the death catches you, even if you were in ivory towers ".

Some would say that the man who is patient on tyranny is being afraid of Murder not death, but there is no difference, because the fait determinates the time and the place and no one can escape from these two things .

At Ohod campaign some said, if we stayed home we wouldn’t be defeated, and we wouldn’t lose all these victims, the Koran Replies” even if you were at home, those who were supposed to die, will come out for their graves” Al-Omran 154 . This means that those who were destined to die will go to the place and time they should die in , and everybody will show up.

Despotic ruler can’t kill anyone before the appointment of his death , and no force can postpone or hasten a minute in this appointment, because if the death occurs it can’t be delayed or canceled, this the God’s Command “and God will never delay the death for someone, if his time occurs ”Al-Monafekin 11. “ “when the time comes, it wouldn’t delayed, if you apprehend” Noah 4 .

The believer should say: if the God was the only helpful, the only prejudicial who afflict with the goodness and evil, who owns death, life and livelihood, the only one who gives and takes and deprives. Then how can I fear others?

And if the tyrant needs god like me , and God over him Gives and take from him, then how can I fear this tyrant ? How can I disobey the Most High God by obeying this tyrant who deprive me from my right to fulfil God’s commands?

Therefor the True believer, can’t be submissive to despotism or participant to the despotic ruler is his obscurities and his despotism, and as long as there will be a ruling true Islam belief there will not be any space for despotism or tyranny, where you can educate the believer on that belief , you will find him standing against the tyranny .

Thirdly: the consultation, and the positive behavior to Moslems:

1- The political tyranny always leans to a religious tyranny, or a religious institution supports it and gives it a fake religious legislation, and the religious people takes the benefits by sanctifying their names in life and in death. As for the subdued people, they bury their grief at the doorsteps of the graves of those who considered to be “holy men”, begging for help and support, and they waste their lives searching for an illusion, while the tyranny and the influence of the religious institution grows , and the misery of the people grows with it.

And this subservience can’t be find in a true monotheist Muslim Society, where all people only fear, ask for help and worship God alone, in this society there will not be any place for Human’s sanctification even if they were ruler in life “Sultans”, or considered to be rulers of the hereafter, but the only sanctification is for God.

The people that submits only for God doesn't allow the presence of a person claims what he doesn’t worth, either from people, or even the God’s rights for himself,.. the people would feel safe because it owns its destiny, and doesn’t leave it to the hands of one despotic man who will be able to destroy the present and the future of the nation in moments, and our history is full of tragic examples of domestic’s rulers who wasted their people’s fortune, and if the people can take its legal claims from this tyrant, it would avoid destruction and shame.

2- And what happened in our near history happened before with Moses’s Pharaoh the classic example of the despotic governor, who was mentioned in the wholly Koran as a leader for all oppressive despotic governors. And it is known that the result of pharaoh’s despotism was paid, not by him alone, but by his people, families and his soldiers, and all Egypt after the drown of pharaoh and his soldiers in the sea.

And the story of Pharaoh and his border were repeated with evey tyrant who destroys his people, because he didn’t find someone to stand against him and prevent him from wasting his people’s fortunes .

The true believer knows that the Most High God entrusts the human to initiate the change, and he –God- made his willing to make this change subsequently to the human’s will to change- or a result for it- that is a great respect for the human freedom, although the human responsibility increases in regard of that.

Allah warns from the repetition of pharaoh and his people’s story " like the conduct of a pharaoh’ people, and those who lived before them they disbelieve the god’s miracles, so we punished them for their guilt, the God is so powerful and punishes hard. God won’t hold his blessing for some people, till they change themselves, the God is all-hearing Omniscient” Al-Anfal 52,53 .

The First verse talks about the destiny of pharaoh and his people, and the next verse talks about the importance of the humelement in making changes and the holly God doesn’t change the people’s situation until they change themselves. And in another verse the holly God says “The God doesn’t change people situation until they change themselves.

And if the people changes themselves, and got rid of the submissiveness, fear, passive behavior, selfishness and looking for self benefits without considering the Group’s commonweal, if it got rid of all that, then the people would possess the power means which can turn the tyrant ruler into a pit.

The Egyptian legacy has an long history of submissiveness and fearing the governor, so there is a saying “they asked Pharaoh what makes you so tyrant ? he replies: I didn’t find any one to resist me”

There is no man who become despotic by nature, but it is for sure that an primitive people can create hundreds of pharaohs, and that wouldn’t change unless these people changed, then the God’s willing will come to approve and support this change.

3- As for that desired change, it only comes by a culture rising that enhances the people’s awareness for its rights and legal claims and erasing the bad influence of the despotic governor and his border, and rejecting the priestly religious interpretation that comes from the corrupt religious institution that support this political despotism.

This movement will surly face a great opposition from the tyrant and his supporters, and the entrepreneur of this movement are going to be accused with political charges “treachery” and religious charges “apostasy” and all of this leads for one penalty which is “Death”.

And because this Movement will not possess any of the power means, except cogency and power to convince, so it is excepted that the tyrant will try to confiscate it with his power and subdual, which is not going to work , because the history tells us that the persecution was always the greatest elements in the spreading of any ideas and its continuation , and the more the tyrant keeps on chasing and confiscating this ideas and those who publish it, the more it spread and develop. Specially that people always sympathize with the oppressive movements against the despotic governor, and this sympathy grows the more this tyrant persecute these innocent people just for something they say or believe.

With The continuos of this persecution of the peaceful mission, its defenders increased ..and it turns from weakness to power and from the patience on persecution to resistance.

Then the change becomes definite.. not only for the governor alone ..but for the whole corrupt system, and will be replaced with a new system that expresses the people demands, and serves the consultation system as the ancient Moslems knew in profit Mohammed’s Era .

When the prophet Mohammed first appeared in Mecca there wasn’t a regular state in it. But there was an tribal government who manages the Wholly place and gaining money from it and its idols, and this governmentbasically consists of Qurraish’s noble men, and the poor people were just a servants alongside the slave, and when Islam came,Quraish considered it as a great threat for its economical and sociological standing in Mecca and the Arabian peninsula.. so they confronted the new mission with persecution, that leads to the huge spread of the mission and its transition into a state , and even though this new state was blockaded from her neighbors, it was the shelter of all the free people and finally it won its cause.

The holy Koran was a main companion to the prophet in all this. And it has a major affection on the Muslim’s Education, where they learn about Consultation beside many more great values like positive behavior in front of injustice and despotism.. they also learn self independence and to fight by the cause of achieving the freedom of belief , and this is another story sometimes interfere in our main subject which is Consultation.

4.     The practical and fancy philosophers say that the duty of the state is, to initiate justice, and Koran confirms this truth, not only that, but he makes the goal of sending prophets and messengers and revelation of the heavenly books is to make people live in justice , Allah says " we send messengers with wonder and we revealed book with them to make people live in Justice" .

And the meaning of making people live in Justice is that there will not be any domestic governor, nor a group of people who monopolizes salad and fortune for themselves.

And the meaning of making people perform and share Justice is to confirm the principle of justice in worshipping god , where no place for sanctification other persons or gods by the political and religious priesthood .

And confirming the principle of justice in the economical, political, sociological dealings, which requires a whole system of consultation and Democracy, where people can rule themselves with principles of equality, frankness and purity.

If all that happened then the Koranic society is an accomplished fact and the dreams of the reformers and evanescent are met with the main purpose of god’s Commands. Then what if this aim doesn’t come true .?

What if there was a group of the society who monopolized all the power, fortune and domination and ruled over all, denying the people’s legal claims in fortune and political participation? What if that group dominated the reins of salad and it became so hard to take it of the ruler without using force? is that legal to use force? … The holy Koran says so?? žž!!

We go back to the last verse " we send messengers with wonder and we revealed book with them to make people live and share Justice, and he creates Iron with a solid nature to help people. The wholly God will stand up for those who stand up for him and for his messengers, the God is the most honored and powerful " Al-Hadid 25.

Then as the holly god sent his messengers to make justice, he creates iron with a solid nature to help people to reclaim their legal rights by force to stand for God and rise his commands.

Here the well to change to comes to a climax, by turning what is in themselves, to change the situation around them and initiate justice by establishing the rule of the people instead of monocracy, where the people own their destiny and submits to no one but for God, and that what should happen.

5.     But mostly those revolutionists know how to play with the people’s suffering. And when they reach the salad, they repeat despotism and obscurities again, and the people waits for another rebels, who can earn their trust to save them from the new despotic. And the journey of injustice continues, as long as the people are satisfied with watching this strife between those who rule, and those who eager to rule. And as along as the people awareness doesn’t reach the sufficient degree to take responsibility by establishing a consultation system based on justice and the submission of the executive authority to the people in the bigger frame of serving people.

We witnessed in our near history the rising of a sociology military revolution that had the backing of nearly all the people. Then it turned to a domestic state that destroyed a lot of dreams of the political reforms which she called for .. and then a new revolutionists came rising religious slogans, and the danger of this new revolutionists is that they don’t hide their wish to reusing the middle ages principles like the governorship “Hakemya” and the divined right to rule , so they initiate a shadow state inside the Egyptian state controlling the media and Education , so they could form the people’s mind with these concepts and ideas that contradicts with the holly Koran and what happens during the rule of prophet Mohammed.

And this is how they manage to change the truth of Islam, so it became an epitome for terrorism and bloodshed, and the forgiveness of the Islam becomes fanaticism, and the Islamic consolation becomes despotism. and that leads us to study the Consultation in the Islamic belief, so we can differ the true from the fake.





Fourthly: the consultation in the Islamic belief

And its rank in the Islamic worships :

The consultation in the Islamic belief:

1.     We glanced before to the connectbetween the Consultation with the Islamic belief. the holly God is exclusively the only one who is unquestionable , and this quality privileges him on all creatures, so Almighty God says when he was talking about his monotheism “ if there were any other god beside Allah in the earth and the heaven , they would corrupt , Glory to God” then the next verse talks about almighty god “he is unquestioned but others are” Al-Anbeya’a.

And there is a linkup between god’s monotheism and his privilege of being unquestionable. And all others will be questioned to God at the Day of Resurrection.

2.     The People’s responsibility increases according to their assignments, so Prophets are more responsible than any regular person. The holly god says about this responsibility “ We will question the messengers and those who received the mission” Al-Aa’raf 6.

And this means that there is equality between the both responsibilities, that’s for the Day of Resurrection, and we can surly measure the present life with the hereafter, and the people’s rights can be measured with God’s rights. Even God makes the worldly penalties for crimes, like steel, murder, defamation clear and present. But he postponed the penalties for the crimes that concerns the God’s rights to the Day of Judgment.




The despotism is a kind of claiming godhead, because the despotic person puts himself over the prophet – who was commanded to practice the consultation- . And this despotic Godhead begins with claiming that he is an inspirer leader and finally it ends up with the king divine right to rule as it was known in the middle ages.

And if there was a political divined authorization, then the Prophet Mohammed would be the worthier to use it while he was a ruling Al-Madina.

It is a fact that the Democratic ruler should rely on the power given to him from the people who can nominate, question, discharge him .

3.     And now we discuss the source of the authority issue .. is it divined or comes from a commission from god, as the theocratic despotic propagandist reclaim? Or it come from the people as the modern Democracy theorized?

In other words was the Prophet Mohammed (while he believes that there is no god but Allah) ruling Al-madina by divined authorization? or he takes the support from the people ?

It occurs to anyone that he takes his political authority from God , because he was a ruling prophet , and the revelation always accompanied him .

And this would please the theocratic despotic propagandist and they would consider it a great confirmation for the governorship “Al-Hakemeya” but the modern Democracy’s heralds could reply with the specialty of this quality for the prophet, because he was a messenger in the first place before he became a ruler. Plus he is the Seal of the Prophets so the divined authorization ends with his death.

But we have another proof , if we go back for the holly verse that contained the legislation of Consultation , in that verse it affirms on the right atmosphere that helps the consultation tree to grow and to fructify, and that directly connected to the root of this tree which is the source of Consultation. Is it divined ? or it comes from people?

The holly verse says “because of the mercy that god supplies you, you became soft with them, and if you was harsh and rough they would leave you alone. So forgive them and ask God’s forgiveness for them and consult them” and the quotation here is “and if you was harsh and rough they would leave you alone”.

The holly God says that he supplies his prophet with mercy and he didn’t make him harsh or rough, because if he was so , they would leave him alone. And if that happened he will lose his sultan and his state. So what gives him the sultan and the state is their gathering and union around him, and before when he was in Mecca he was persecuted, and if they leave him he would be persecuted again.

Then their gathering and union around him is the source of his sultan, and not from a divined authorization. And the wholly God made him soft with them to make them gather and union around him. And he worn him of being rough or they would leave him. So he ordered him to forgive them and ask God’s forgiveness for them and consult them, because they are his partners in ruling , and they are the source of his sultan and state.

And the wholly God reminds his prophet this favor in other verse saying he is the reason of making him soft with them, and that is why they gathered and union around him, and that is something he couldn’t buy with all the Earth’s fortune. Al-Anfal 62-63.

And if that was the situation of the prophet in his reign in Medina .. so how would it be for other people? And if the prophet didn’t reclaim the divined authorization and confirms his political authority from his people, so what could the theocratic despotic propagandists invoke with?

The Consultation rank in the Islamic worships:

1.     It is clear now that consultation is an element of the Islamic belief, according to the rules that say that Most High God is the only one who is unquestionable, and the prophet Mohammed himself was commanded to consult his people. And any other despotic would follow up pharaoh’s road that leads to godhood claim. And The true believer wouldn’t pollute his belief with submitting to any despotic governor playing the role of God.

And as the Consultation is so available for the Islamic belief, so it has a big share in its legislation and worships as a religious duty like worship and almsgiving, which brings us to a stunning questions .. Is the Consultation a religious duty for every Muslim the same as praying? and why did jurists hush up about it?.

The Answer is of the second question is that the jurists hushed up about consultation because jurisprudence beside the rest of the other religious sciences like – narrate and explanation the Islamic legacy was formed in the political despotism eras. Which exceeded the governors to the opposite revolutionist- like Shea’a – where they all believed in despotism and the divined authority for kings and sultans, and the only exception was in the first Islamic state, which was described in the holly Koran.

The answer of the first question is that the holly Koran –specially in his Meccian verses- describes the exact Muslim society before even the Muslim initiated their state in Medina . the holly God says “what you were given is the pleasure of the present life , and what God’s posses is more and greater for the true believers who confidence their god. And for those who avoid the great sins and if they were angry, they forgive. And fore those who answer their god with obedience, perform their prayers , consult their ruling, pay the alms and those who stand up against oppress” Al-Shoraa 36-39.

And this words means that the Muslim society will have the present life’s pleasures and the hereafter’s pleasures- which is greater-. And to earn them both they should have some qualities which is the true belief, reliance of god, avoiding the great sins, forgiveness in anger, answering their god with obedience, performing prayers and consultation, along with the alms and standing up against oppress.

We can classify these qualities into belief qualities and moral and worshiping qualities. The belief qualities such as “the true believers and those who confidence their god” and “those who answer their god with obedience” and moral qualities such as “those who avoid the great sins and if they were angry” and “those who stand up against oppress”.

And worships such as praying and almsgiving and consultation like the holly God says “perform their prayers, share their rule, pay the alms”.

And the quotation here is that consultation was sited between the most famous worships in Islam “praying and almsgiving” and it is the only time there is an insulating quality between praying and almsgiving. It was a custom in the holly Koran that the command of performing prayers and almsgiving comes correlatively without any isolation, and it is also the first time the consultation comes along with both of them. And that means a great confirmation on the importance of consultation as a worshiping duty like prayerand almsgiving.

So the consultation is an obligatory worship duty just like performing prayers. And it takes the same legislation of prayers, such as self-performance and freedom of excuses. So as in prayers the person can’t authorize somebody else to practice it for him, the idea of representation is not accepted in Consultation under any justification like parliaments and people of experience “Ahl Al-Hall wa Al A’kd” who think on behalf of the publics. But every Muslim individual has to be a partner and practice consultation.

The Second Chapter

Applying the consultation’s religious duty

at the prophet’s era

First - the mosque a place to practice prayer and consultation:

1 - the precedent koranic verses about the duty of consultation was revealed in Mecca, then it was applied in Medina as an religious duty. And the previous name for Medina was Yathrib , but when the phrophet and his companions moved to it and they establish the first Islamic state they name it “Al-Medina” “the Civil city ”to carry a new name for the new state and the new civilized society. The consultation was the most prominent features in this society especially in these despotic unenlightenment eras.

And this civil society in Medina witnessed the application of all the commands of God. And because the consultation was revealed in Mecca coupled with prayers, the Muslims practiced it with the prophet in the Mosque as a religious duty similar to the five main prayers.

And the sign the proofs that consultation and prayer together are performed in the same place which is Mosque, and when something comes up requires to perform consultation, the muezzin calls the people “gather to pray” then everybody harries to the mosque, just as prayer. The only difference is that the prayers has a regular times a day, but the performance of consultation was permitted to a cretin time according to the need.

In this process the consultation members were the whole Muslim individuals, just like prayers, they harry to the mosque when the muezzin calls “go to pray” for the prayers and “gather for prayers” for the consultation performance.

2- the hypocrites were lazy to go to mosque for praying and some Muslims were lazy to go to mosque in consultation time. And the holly Koran blamed hypocrites for their lazy to attend the prayer “The hypocrites thought they deceived God, but they didn’t , and if they go to pray, they laze, they dissemble people and rarely praise God” Al-Nesaa.

The holly Koran also blamed some Muslims when they didn’t attend the consultation’s meetings in the beginning of the Islamic state, because they didn’t used to this kind of persuaders. In Alnour sura –which is full of legitimate and social legislation for Muslims, like asking permissions, dress, the penalty of fornication and aspersion, the marriage of poor and widows, the judicial system and the promise of strengthening their salad on earth if they followed God’s commands-. And during all this legislation the holly God blamed some Muslims for there lazy to attend the consultation meetings “ the true believes with God and his messenger are those who only leaves him after having permission when they discuss a communal matter. So if they did you may allow to whatever you want and ask forgiveness to them. The God is the most forgiving most merciful. Don’t slight prophet’s invitation, the holly God know those who sneak out , so those who disobey him they should fear an excepted ordeal and great pain” Al-nour 62-64

And these verses blamed those who ask for permission to absent the consultation meetings and those who sneak out from it. That means the prophet was exercising consultation before even the revelation of its necessity, and these verses cam to cure and clarify some errors in the consultation process.

And as we all know Al-medina sura was one of the first Medinian suras in Koran. And that gives a clue of the early exercise of consultation in the Islamic state although it was secretly practiced in Mecca since Al-Shoraa’ sura revealed in Mecca.

We continue to look attentively at the consulting verses in Al-Nour sura :

1.     the verses begins by description the true believer in God and Prophet with none laziness on the consultation issue. And it ends with the affirmation of God’s possession to Earth and heaven and his ability to know all our deeds.

2.     And the obligation of consultation appears through several things: 1) the necessity of attendance to mosque once the muezzin calls for consultation meetings.

2) the narrow limit of excuses and the condition of the prophet’s permission for the absence, and the ask for forgiveness for this absence.

3) the warning of laziness in attending the consultation meetings “Don’t slight prophet’s invitation” and from the sneak out afterwards “the God know those who sneak out from you” then threading of the penalty of laziness in Consultation “so those who disobey him they should fear an excepted ordeal and great pain”

3.     Although those who absence the consultation’s meetings was just individuals, they could be ignored by Koran. but the Koran wanted to confirm the personal responsibility for every Muslim individual in consultation.

4.     According to the previous fact of personal responsibility to practice consultation, it is a big mistake to affirm any delegation under any names of parliamentary and people of experience “Ahl Al-Hall Wa Al-Akd”

Second: Practicing Consultation’s difficulties:

After the previous threat and menace the Muslim realized the Value of consultation, so the keep on attending its meetings, because there was no any blaming or threading for Muslims concerning this issue after these verses.

It is a common fact that holly Koran always repeat its commands when it is not properly executed, for instance the Koran warns Muslims from the company of hypocrites who deride the holly Koran, but some of Muslims didn’t commit to that order. so the holly God revealed “it was revealed to you before that if you heard God’s words being derided in any meeting, you should leave this meeting at once unless they discuss anything else, or else you will be like them” Al-nesaa. 140.

And in our case the holly Koran didn’t talk about any laziness in attending consultation’s meeting from Muslims, so it wasn’t mentioned again afterwards. Even the following verse confirms the opposite meaning.

The holly Koran talked about the fully practice of consultation by Muslims in Words and Deeds… and the prophet persevered many overbidding from some Muslims, which deserved the holly Koran to interfere to blame Muslims for it. Some Muslim ignored the conversation manners to the prophet by rising their voice on him as they do in Markets and streets, so the holly God warns them “ O you who believe don’t overbid on God and on his Prophet”. And the next verse said “ O you who believe don’t rise you voice when you talk to the prophet like you talk to each other, your virtuous deeds could corrupt from that” Al-Hogorat 1-2.

Others went too far in his speeches, but he eluded when he asked to fulfil his words. So the holly God blamed them “ O you who believe why do you say something you can’t fulfil ? it is a great sin to do so” Al-Saff 2-3.

And others were tempted by the freedom of speech and deeds in consultation and he used it against the prophet himself, so the holly God warns them from doing the mistake of the Jews when they hearted Muses “O you who believe fear God , and talk in logic” Al-Ahzab 69-70.

Others mixed between the place of consultation meeting, which is the mosque and the prophet’s houses. And he went home with the prophet where his women live beside the mosque. And some of them enter his women’s rooms without permission as if it was a part of the mosque. And they used to sit and eat with him all the day long without observing his need to rest and privacy. And the prophet was too shy to reject their shameful deeds. So the holly God revealed “O you who believe don’t enter the prophet’s houses unless you were permitted to eat – and only that- and if you were invited to enter and you have eaten then leave him without waiting to chat. That hearted the prophet but he was shy to talk to you about i. But God do not shy from the truth. so if you asked his wife for something you ask them from behind a partition this is more pious for you and for them” Al-Ahzab 53.

These instructions are classified as discipline point Or a directing symbol to judge the consultation practice that demands a lot of patience and endurance Especially if it was applied to a Bedouin society who lived in ignorance for centuries.

Third: the hypocrites and the factional opposition:

If we are willing to pass the Bedouin education, and its bad affection in the practice of consultation. That would happen because we are going to discuss a greater point that could be relevant to this issue which is the hypocrites efforts to frustrate the consultation practice, among their efforts to intrigue to the new state.

Those hypocrites were so influential in Yathrib before it becomes Al-Medina, The first Islamic State. And it is a historical fact that the leadership of Al-Khazrag ( on of the biggest tribes in Medina) was in the hands of Abdullah Ibn Sabaa’ , who was about to be the official ruler of Yathrib, but when Islam came his dreams vanished away, so he was compelled to enter Islam outwardly but he buried his grudges in his heart. Also some powerful men joined him after Islam equalizes between the rich and the poor.

We can deduce from Koran that hypocrites surpassed with great fortune of money and children and their massive bodies. And that is an evidence of their sociological economical status. So they were so supercilious towards Muslims. Even toward the prophet. So when their relatives invite them to believe in Islam they act proudly and accused Muslims with foolishness “and if they were invited to believe- as other peoples did- they said “ you want us to believe like those foolishness?”. And when they were invited to repent their mistakes in front of the prophet they deny it. “ And if they were invited for forgiveness from the prophet, they turn their heads away in proud” Al-Monafekin 5.

Islam had wasted their Old Glory. It erased tribalism and replace it with loyalty for God and his prophet. And so they had to humor the new situation because of their trade and acquaintances, but they found their shelter in the political freedom to plot against the prophet in any possible way. But we will observe their attitude against Consultation in particular.

The hypocrites were the masters before Islam, they take exclusive possession of command and prohibition. Do they hated Islam when it separated it through Muslims. So they took over the consultation meetings exploiting the low experience of the Muslim publics in these matters. And because of the indulgent nature of the prophet he executed the decisions they took which mainly serves their objects. So the holly God revealed “O you prophet fear god and don’t obey the unbelievers and the hypocrites” Al-Ahzab 1. And it is natural that the beginning of these consultation meetings witnesses the power of these hypocrites. So they dare to heart him, or they stultify his opinions. Then the holly Koran repeated its forbiddance of not obeying those unbelievers and hypocrites and to avoid their harm “ do not obey unbelievers and hypocrites and avoid their harm and trust God” Al-Ahzab 48.

But the sequent practice to the consultation meetings rises the political level of Muslims gradually. And it exposed the misusage of the hypocrites to it. And the defensive fights that was imposed on Muslims represents a distinctive test for their loyalty. They were lazy to defend their state and people, they even conspire on both of them. And the Holly Koran discovered it in details. So they resort to a new policy, they swear by heavy oaths that they are loyal believers. The holly Koran says “ they swear to god they belong to you, but they aren’t. They are afraid. If they can find another shelter , they would wildly go for it”. Al-Taoba 56-57

And in another verse the holly Koran says “the swear to god to you so you may approve them” Al-Taoba 96. And that means that the battles established a new order in the political society in Medina. Because of the Bedouin nature they despise cowards who consents by leaving behind with women and children or by God’s Words “Alkhawalef” which means women and children.

So the hypocrites lost their high position in the society. And they were replaced with the carriage, loyal, poor Muslims. And that reflected on the status in the consultation meetings. The poor Muslims took over on behalf of hypocrites.

And this situation made the hypocrites to accuse the prophet of being a hearer for believers only, and the prophet didn’t defend himself but the holly Koran defended him. “ and some of them heart the prophet, they say he is a hearer, you say hears for good, believe in God and in believers, And a mercy for them. And those who heart the prophet shall have a big pain ”Al-Taoba. 61.



Forth: the consultation and Battles:

The Consultation is the art of practicing power, so it shift by the power of Muslims in their jihad to a consolation of their own at the expense of hypocrites. The revelation of the Koran helped the believers by lighting the road to them and to reveal the hypocrite’s conspiracies. And this both reason led to the isolation of the hypocrites and put an end to their political influence.

And the battles circumstances was an important occasion for consultation meetings, the prophet’s biography included some narrates , but what mentioned in Koran was much marvelous and honest.

In Badr battle the prophet went out with a little group to restore Muslim’s money from Quraish’s trade. The small army was surprised with a three times surpass army. The prophet’s biography tells us that the prophet’s collages were so excited to join the war against them. But the holly Koran assured that there was an opposition for the war decision, and there was a big argument about it, and when they finally accepted the war decision , theses opposite individuals were “as if they were driven to the slaughterhouse” Al-Anfal 5-6.

Concerns the Consultation issue, the verses refers to the prophet’s observance of practicing consultation, and he offered them victory, even so the caravan has escaped. But still there was an argument, but when the right finally chosen, according to the consideration of the political benefit which obligate Muslims to resist and fight for the future of their state. The holly Koran says “ they argue you in the truth after nit was revealed as if they were driven to the slaughterhouse . and god promises you to win one of the two gains, but you wish for the easy gain” Al-Anfal 6-7. And means that consultation in Wartime was authorized even in the absolute truth.

And after Badr’s battle Al-Anfal Sura was revealed to warn Muslim from any dissension during the battle, because it would turn consultation into disputation. Al-Anfal 45-46.

But Muslims forgot these lessons after the victory of Badr. So they were defeated in “Ohod”, although they were about to win, they forgote the command of not dispute on anything, so they dispute on the spoils. And the holly Koran came to define the reason of that loss which is the disputation and disobeying the God’s Commands. And the preference of present life’s pleasures to the afterlife’s pleasures.

After the loss of Ohod the prophet held a consultation meeting to discuss the loss’s reasons, and how can they profit from it. And the hypocrites took the advantage to attack the prophet and burden him the responsibility of the loss because of his consultation before the battle, because he listened to the majority of people who wants to fight outside the city. And the prophet listened to them not only because they were the majority but also because they were mostly excited youth who were willing to give their life to their belief. So the prophet went out to Ohod’s Mountain and the hypocrites withdraw their armies under the leadership of Abdullah Ibn Obay. Then the loss happened because of the archers disobedience and not because of the prophet’s choice. But the hypocrites forgot all that and they blamed the prophet because he didn’t obey them. And they keep bemoan on their lost insaying “ if we just were in power, neither of this could happen”. And the holly Koran ashamed them their self interest and not considering the commonweal “and a group who only care about themselves” Al-Omran 154.

The stunning this is that those who raise their voice with blame to the prophet, are those who withdraw their forces during the battle. And those would be accused of high treason in any democratic system of our era.

But the holly Koran contents with the affirmation of their shame. It said “those who told their fellows they if they obey us they wouldn’t loss their battle while they withdraw” Al-Omran 169. So they cower to fight, then they had the guts to blame the prophet and the Muslims.

And when the Muslims ask those hypocrites to fight with them they rejected. The holly God says “and those hypocrites who were invited to fight, they answered “ we would follow you if we knew how to fight””

And after this shameful attitude they had the opportunity to unjustly accuse the prophet and his Muslim fighters. And that is why the Koran defends them.

In the battle of Al-Ahzab “the parties” there was a new complicated situation.. The whole city was blockaded with unprecedented armies in the Arab peninsula, so when this news reached the city a consulting meeting was held and the homage was set to defend the city altogether..and in a following meeting the agreement was taken to dig a ditch around the city to protect it. But as soon as the city was attacked the hypocrites forgot the covenant and they start to sneak out claiming that they want to protect their homes saying “our homes are loins”. So the Koran was revealed to remind them with the covenant they made “ haven’t they promise god before to stick to their positions, the God’s promise is a great responsibility” Al-Ahzab 13-15. Then the holly Koran says that these cowards in battlefield are the most impudent in the consultation’s meetings. “ if the fear came, they look at you like dead people. But when it goes away they satirize you with there tongs” Al-Ahzab 19.

So they repeated their shameful attitude that happened in Ohod battle. , and it is an implicit sign to neglect there tendentious accusations. Although they have the right to declare their opinion – which they have gone so for with it- but it is also the right of the true strugglers who scarify with their money and their soles to own the higher position in the new order. Because they took the consultation decision and they stick to it. But others didn’t.

Ibn Hesham mentioned another event that happened during the war, when the prophet wanted to bargain with Ghotfaa’s leaders , and when they approved the prophet consults Saa’d Ibn Moaaz and Saa’d ibn Ebada but they turn this offer down.

If we assumed the reality of this narration, it affirms that the consultation ended by not executing the prophet’s opinion. And the next events proves that the consultation was right by not surrendering. But the holly Koran didn’t refer to that event. Also sometimes the consultation meetings bring up wrong decisions, like the event of Badr’s prisoners. The holly Koran shamed on the prophet when he took prisoners “the prophet shouldn’t take prisoners, you want present life’s slight pleasures, but God want the hereafter for you. The god is the most wise most powerful. Unless you have the previous guidance of God you would face a great pain”Al-Anfal 67-68.

We can notice that the speech was addressed to the prophet in the beginning “the prophet shouldn’t take prisoners”. Then the reprimand speech headed for all Muslims “you want present life’s slight pleasures” “Unless you have the previous guidance of God you would face a great pain” because it was a plural speech for all Muslims because the whole Muslims share the responsibility of their decision. Because it was taken after consultation. And if the prophet alone took that decision he would receive the reprimand alone, as it happened in several events “ O you prophet why do you forbid what God makes legal? Wishing the contentment of your wives.” Al-tahreem 1. And here is a wrong deed for the prophet. So the reprimand came for him alone.

Fifth: consultation’s mechanism:

There were a few scattered signs for the consultation’s mechanism between the lines, like the sanction on Majority, the rejection to the representative system or “Ahl Al-Hall Wa Al-Akd”.

The hypocrites were a majority. They had there big influence at the beginning, but by time the Muslim learn to share and practice consultation. Especially after the hypocrites lost there high position when they weakened in the battles and although they still have the right to practice consultation, they were disgraced with doubt and suspicions.

So the consultation’s decisions was almost expressing the active majority of Muslims. But hypocrites didn’t stop. They turn their efforts into secret meetings to commune in conspiring to the prophet and his colleges. And this meetings spread all over the city. Some Muslims were deceived by it. And when the prophet felt the bad affection of these meetings, he foreboded Muslim from attending it. And he affirms the public discussion for everything , but hypocrites not only refused, but they dared the prophet by mocking at him when they salute him. So the holly Koran exposed what they were saying in these secret meetings “did you know about those who were forbidden of the confidential talk, then they go back for it, they talk in offense, aggression and disobedience of the prophet. And if they salute you, they don’t use the God’s salutation, and they say to themselves “may God torture us with our sayings” Al-Mugadalah 8.

And this verse talks about the hypocrites who were forbidden of the confidential talk meetings, then they disobey him and continue their confidential talk with offense and aggression , then they heart the prophet by not saluting him with God’s salutation.

Some of Muslims were deceived to attend these confidential talks. And because they used to hear any other opinion they didn’t find it strange for them to attack the prophet. And they listened to the hypocrite’s rumors and they share them by the repentance of it, so the holly Koran ordered them no to attend this confidential talk, but no to talk in offense and aggression and prophet’s disobedience. And to talk in dutifulness and God-fearingness, fear god who resurrect you” then the next verse exposes the confidential talk meeting’s policy “confidential talking is from devil. To sadden the true believers, and they will catch no harm except by the permission of God, only on God should believers trust” Al-Mugadalah 9-10.

Then the hypocrite’s goal of this confidential talking is to harm the true believers and to destroy their consultation system, and to dominate the public current through their confidential talking and rumors.

The forbiddance of attending these confidential talking meetings wasn’t enough to bring the hypocrites and their assistants back to the consultation meetings, so there was a necessity to make some changes in theses meetings. The true Muslims who were pushed to the lead of the consultation meeting committed some trespasses when they over oppose against the prophet and they raise their voices over him. And if they did that with the prophet, they must did it with others, who may don’t have the patience and the forgiveness of the prophet. Especially with hypocrites who used to take the first place in the consultation’s meetings. So they would give the formal status more consideration. So the true believers should leave this precedence to the hypocrites. Because the real precedence that God admits is based on faith and science. And he is the only one who can tell what is in our heart. So the prophet ordered the true believers to give those hypocrites the precedence in the meetings, but some of them didn’t obey , so the holly Koran told them “ O you who believe if you were told to make a room in the seating , you should fulfil, then god may give you more space. And if you were told to stand up, you should fulfil. The God may upraise those who believe and have science more degrees, he is fully aware of what you do”Al-Mugadalah 11.

Then the following verses warns the Muslims who followed Hypocrites in their conspirator meetings saying “didn’t you knew those who followed the hated Group, those don’t belong to you, nor to them, and they swear with lie on purpose, the shall wait for a great pain” Al-Mujadalah 14.

The hypocrites were greedy to become the experiences people or “Ahl Al-Hall wa Al-Akd” in the new state , but the prophet didn’t allow it. Because consultation was a common duty to every Muslim individual. So they all were people of experiences.

And it was clarified before that the Islamic Consultation didn’t confirm the delegation or the representative systems, because it was placed between Prayers and almsgiving” And they perform prayers and consult their decisions and thy do their almsgiving”. Then consultation is an obligatory duty for every Muslim individual like prayers and which is obligated in any case in travel, present, healthiness, sickness, war and peace, then consultation is the same. And if performing prayers doesn’t confirm any delegation, so consultation is the same.

We previously mentioned the blaming that was given to some Muslims when they sneak out of the consultation’s meetings, the holly Go told them “Don’t slight prophet’s invitation, the holly God know those who sneak out , so those who disobey him they should fear an excepted ordeal and great pain” Al-nour 62-64

And if the performance of consultation weren’t obligatory, the holly God wouldn’t care for those individuals who sneak out. But he confirms in these verses that only if there was a vanquisher excuse some Muslims can have permission to leave. And the God wouldn’t allow the existence of the high board “Al-Mala’a” around the prophet to rule over the Muslim publics. Because the holly Koran is full of injustice and domestic deeds that comes as a result of these situation.

But despotism begins since the Omowyat caliphate take over under the concept of people of experience or “Ahl Al-Hal wa Al-Akd”. And in the Abbasyat caliphate this concept was consolidated and was given a fake religious legitimacy under the name of “ decision makers” or “Oli –Al-Amr”. So we have to stop to discuss this concept in the holly Koran to study its relevant to Consultation..

The holly Koran always reverences the people of specialization. And although the holly Koran is the decisive reference in all belief matters But it asks for guidance from people of specialization from people of the Book “we sent revealed men before you , so ask people of specialization if you didn’t know” Al-Nahl 42.

Even the holly Koran commanded the prophet to ask the jurists of people of the Book, if he doubts the Koran , because they knew it as they know their children. It said “if you doubt what we reveal to you, you should ask those who read the Book before you” Yonis 14. If that happened in the belief’s matters, so it is more deserving in any other matters.

The hypocrites were well known with their specialty in rumors making, they used to make this rumors in wartime were it can find the right atmosphere to spread. Especially when the Islamic state was an island of true faith inside a whole ocean of disbeliveers. Ang the state were open to anyone wants to believe in Islam and becomes a member of the state. And there were those hypocrites who lived inside the Islamic state. So it was nature that they would make a fifth column who will be able to conspire against the state anytime. And in such similar open democratic state there must be a watchful defensive security system. But unfortunately we don’t know much about this security system who defended the state and the prophet’s life with all these circumstances.

The only sign of this security system comes in this verse “and if they receive any security or fear matter, they propagate it. And if they give it to the prophet and the people of specialization they would tell who released it.” Al-Nesa’a 83.

And the verse talks about the hypocrite’s rumors. So the holly Koran advises them to inform these rumors to people of specialization so they can deduct whom made those rumors.

The word “Oli-Al-Amr” came twice in Koran, and it only meant people of specialization, and the previous verse means specifically the specialized in the security and fear subject. And the other verse that has “Oli-Al-Amr” is “O you who believe obey God and obey his messenger and people of specialization. And if you argued about anything, you give it back to the God and his messenger if you believe in God and the hereafter, this is more better for you” Al-Nesa’a 59.

The only obeyed is God by his Book. And after the death of the prophet the people of specialization has the right to be obeyed in the cadre of obeying the God and his messenger. And the holly Koran affirms the turning to People of the Book, and when the people of specialization give their advice, we would turn to the holly Book of God – which is the messenger -if we argued about it.

And the prophet during his lifetime was judging according to God’s commands. “Al-Maeda 48-49”. And thew holly God ordered him to comply “ how would I take another arbitrator and leave God, who revealed us the detailed Book” Al-Anaam 114. So we only take Koran as an arbitrator. That was confirmed in so many verses in the Holly Koran like “ if You argue about anything, take it back to God” Al-Shora 10. So when we invoke with the previous verses to assure that the judgment of the messenger means the Book or the Koran not the fabricated narrates that was ascribed to the prophet in injustice despotism eras.

The important recapitulation here is that we ask for advise from the people of specialization only in the specialized matters, but the common matters, it is available for all publics to discuss.

Sixth: consultation’s effect on Muslim’s strength:

First we have to stop to clarify the challenges that faces the civil society at the prophet’s Era, so we estimate the true achievement they make without touching the main freedom rights for the citizens inside the state, Even if they were conspiring to destroy it.

Before immigrating to Al-Medina the Muslims were persecuted in Mecca, so they had to immigrate for Ethiopia “Al-Habasha” twice , then they finally immigrate to Al-Madeina were they established their state under the outside and the inside dangers. But all that doesn’t give the authority any excuses to dictate any exceptional procedures even against the hypocrites who join an alliance with their enemies at wartime. “Al-Nesa’a –141, Al-Hashr 11-12”.

But this secret alliance was allowed as along as they didn’t hold guns against them. But if they did, the state moves to attack them all, and the great indication for the is the strongly-worded warning that was headed for the hypocrites if they joined the war against Muslims “Al-Ahzab 60-61” and that warning was the only persuader that the Koran takes against them. Even though any democratic system of our age could easily jail them under the accusation of high treason.

And if we leave hypocrites to discuss the matter of the Jews tribes who lived at the fingertips of the city and they bind with it with nonaggression pacts. But they did not take long before they finally break it. But this was international relation between two countries. Although the Koran didn’t like their wish to make the prophet judge between them “How they ask for your judgment while they have Torah that includes God’s judgment?” Al-Maedah 43.

So they have their own system and laws, and they were connected with nonaggression pacts. So when they share the conspiracy against Muslims with the hypocrites, the holly Koran talked about it. But when they hold guns against Muslims they deserved the military interference. So they lose the third rounds of war with Muslims and they were departed outside Al-Medina.

We don’t confirm the historical narrates about the prophet’s era if it contradicts with Koran. And those who believed in this historical narrates admit the existence of the Israelis narrates in Hadith and the explanation of the Koran and the prophet’s biography. And these Israelis narrates were foist into the Muslim legacby the Major Jew Jurists in that time Abdullah Ibn Sallam, Wahb Ibn Monbeh and Kab El-Ahbar. .. and their narrates were well-organized in the first abbasyat caliphate under the service of Ibn Ezak, Ibn Hisham, Alwakedi and Ibn Saad. These fake narrated assure that the prophet expelled the Jews from their lands for frail reasons , and the fair read to these narrates implies that the Islamic state at the prophet’s Era was just a military state who wants to expand on the expense of their neighbors. And this contradicts the Koran’s Fact.

This leads us to talk about the Jihad’s philosophy in the Islamic State. Which gives us lights on the nature of these challenges that faces the Islamic state at the Prophet’s Era. In that time the disbeliveers were persecuting Muslims to afflict them in their religion, holly Koran considers this deed more than committing murder. The holly god says “ and affliction is greater than murder, and they will continue to fight with you until they repel you away from your religion, if they could” Al- Bakara.217.

Then they continue to persecute them after the immigration to Al-Madena to force them to leave their religion. So the first fighting permission was its whereas legislation which are “ the permission was given for those were fought with injustice to fight back, and God is willing to grant them victory. Those who were expelled from their homes with no right for just saying Allah is our God.” Al-Hagg 39-40.

Then the holly verse continues “except for the god’s interference, a lot of hermitage, prayers and mosques were God’s name is praised would been destroyed.”. So the holly God imposed fighting upon Muslims so they can settle the religious freedom, and to prevent persecution in religion so that worshipping homes and churches and hermitage could be safe for all Muslims, Jews, Christians, altogether.

And the fighting commands are judged with a clear legitimate rule which is the fight for self-diffidence and to fight back. “and fight for the sake of God, those who fight you, and don’t exceed the limits, he doesn’t like aggressors” “sanctities are retaliation, so whoever trespass you you trespass on him likewise” Al-Bakara. 190-194.

And the legitimate purpose of fighting is to guarantee the religious freedom, and to give it all to god so he can judge between people in their differences. the holly God says “fight with them to make the whole religion to God, and if they stop, don’t aggress except the unjust people” Al-Bakara. 193.

Shortly, fighting is for confirming the human right to choose his belief and to secure the worship places. And through this sublime aim encouraged Muslims to fight for God’s sake, on the other side it gives the disbeliveers more reasons to pursuit the new state who is willing to destroy the pagan system that rules with despotism and monopoly in the whole world with its new concepts.

It was excepted under theses dangers that the governor of the Islamic state should confiscate the freedoms to dedicate to these dangers, but it was deferent with the Islamic Civil state were they gave us an unique example in the human history. Because the establishment of the state and its struggle against the inner and the outsiders dangers was connected with the establishment of the civil society and the guarantee of the religious, political freedom and initiating a consultation system. And through that democratic option the Muslim succeeded in the test and they rise up from their weakness to make victory over their inner and outsider enemies.

If we cam back to Al-Nour Sura, which was the first sura revealed in Al-Madina. The holly God says in the Beginning of the Sura “ the holly god promises the believers to appoint them as successor to Earth like those who were before them and to strengthen their religion to them and replace their fear with security. if you worship me without any polytheism” Al-Nour 55.

The Muslim were starting a new state which fears its Jews, disbeliveers neighbors who surround it all ways. Then they should also fear the danger of the hypocrites inside the state, who were able to accumulate subordinates from weak, sick-hearted Muslims. “Al-Ahzab 60”. They were as just reminds them afterwards “ do you remember when you were a little, afraid Group who were afraid of being attacked?” Al-Anfal 26.

So when Al-nour sura was revealed the Muslims were a weakened minority excepting danger all around. But the holly God promised to change their situation if they worship and fear him alone. So consultation was a part of the promise. Because consultation is an important part of the Islamic belief, so it was seriously incited at the end of Al-Nour’s sura the same Sura that witnessed the promise of the strength to Muslims. That gives us a great significant about the connection between the establishing of Civil society and consultation system and the soon fulfillment of the promise.

After the revelation of Al-Nour’s Sura with ten years Muslim were beating Romans and Persians the most powerful state at this time. And they managed to overcome the Eastern power and to reach to India. Meantime they take over Egypt and north Africa and they chased the Romans to their original lands. They achieved unprecedented military miracle, which can’t be explained. But we can see it was connected basically with the Education of Muslims on the bases of belief clearness and consultation system.

We can notice that these conquests happened after the prophet’s death in Abu bakr and Omar’s caliphate. This means that the self-power of the prophet era was still affecting in the Muslim movement. And the real prophet tradition was standing at the present life of Muslims during the right guidance caliphate’s Era. And the consultation was an important part of this tradition, and Muslims used to practice consultation the same way they used to do in the prophet’s Era. But this practice didn’t have the proper narration it should have in their recording at the abbasyat caliphate. Only one narration managed to survive this ignorance. It talked about the conquest of the Persians, Al-Tabary mentioned that when the Muslim discussing to enter the war again Persians, Omar the callifate of the Muslims calls for a Consultation meeting, so the Muslim gathered at Al-medina Mosque, and Omar opened the council by telling the people the news of the war at the Pearson battlefront, and they ask them what do to. Then Talha Ibn Obayd talked and he declared the Muslim’s approval for whatever the caliphate commands. But Othman suggests sending back up for the army from Yemen and Syria battlefront to the Pearson battlefront and that Omar should lead these forces. But Omar disagrees with him because he thought it would threaten the Islamic Existence in these countries. And he suggests they should send one third of these armies and keep the other two thirds in their places. And Abdullah Ibn Oaf suggests that the caliphate should stay in Al-Madina to manage the army needs. And they all approved this point of view. So Omar took it.

In this consultation meetings the greatest Arab leaders were graduated like Abo-Bakr..Omar.. Khaled Ibn ElWaleed.. they were great enough to conquer these advanced cultures, and to rule them.

The despotism’s era is the same recording eras that deprived us the true history for the prophet and the will guidance caliphates, so we can’t know all of the real features of the Islamic consultation. And the civil society except what was mentioned in the holly Koran. which is enough for us. But the unquestioned fact is what happened in the Islamic conquests which can’t be denied. Because it made the Arabs and the Muslims a main part of the global history.

Seventh: Can we apply consultation in our time being?

The total outcome of the previous chapter is that the Civil Society’s strengthen on the bases of Consultation is the only way to face the inner and the outer dangers. Not by the common slogan of “there is no higher sound except for the battle” but by awakening the nation and getting them out of their negativity, and that is the only way the society can face his inner and outer dangers.

And that lead us to another c.. what do we choose? The western democracy who relies on the representative councils and the pick rule or the original Islamic consultation which denies the representative councils and the pick rule? .

We have sited previously that consultation is an obligatory duty for every Muslim individual just like prayers. And it doesn’t confirm any other excuses like sickness, travel, war and peace. And the Muslims achieved a political military miracle with this system, so can we apply this system in out era?

The high population and their devotion to earn their living gives the despotic rulers the excuse for the representative councils which is a big mask for the pick rule.

And the Islamic consultation is just a feature of the Islamic state’s features like the social justice, the cultural progress, and the participation and responsibility for every individual in the Society. so it is natural if the individual can guarantee his political economical social rights, he wouldn’t lag to participate in all these fields. And there will not be any silent majority like our being situation.

And of the despotic rulers advance that there is some points which can’t be known for most people as an excuse. We had already clarified that the Islamic consultation allows the people of specialization to interfere in the matters of their territory and to have the opportunity to give their legal opinions and to apply it as along as it doesn’t contradict with God’s command.

But all the other territories it should be submit to the consultation, so the all Muslim individuals will be the people of experience. And they have the right to discuss and to vote about it. And the specialization’s people can consolidate it.

And they might use and expedient by saying that ‘the making consultation among all individuals in the society is impossible, how to provide a sufficient place that takes millions of people , that might has been possible in the Madian, in the prophet’s era, but certainly not now’.

We reassure here that consultation is just one feature among the other features of the Islamic Civic Society, that works with harmony with the economical, political, moral, and civilized features. And regarding that it’s actually impossible that collaborative consultation can take place in a centralized state that monopolizes all the services and the ruling just in the capital, running the ruling using the individual management, where the president holds all the strings of the game, he assigns the governors, ministers, allowing that all of the ministries are located in the capital, where it run the ruling and complete supervisions over the other regions.

We can not imagine a consultation system in that centralized despotic regime. But what really suits the consultation is the integrated regime for the local management, that reaches every village, section, or quarter, where that section can its own business by itself, forming the consultation council from all the adults- males and females, they assign the administrative, security.. jobs, and they also can account, or resign them, while the public affairs of the state like the external affairs, security, was, all of that is compromised between the specialists (Ahl Alhel WalAkd), and the public participation, by making every section sends whatever it sees right to the collaborative consultation regarding the Nation itself.

Undoubtedly the technical progress in the fields of communication, specially using the visual media, (Video Conferencing), or even the usual means of communications, all of that have overeaten the wide areas separating whole countries from each other, and we are talking here within the same country. So we can say that our time is most suited for complete public participation, where it’s difficult to hide the fact from the public, and also it’s easier to figure out the directions of the public opinions. When all of that is accompanied with the advanced means of communication, it would ease making the consultation procedures available for all citizens.

Then the Islamic consultation that rejects the representation idea, is suited for our current open society, the society of the common people, and the human rights culture, that makes it hard to allow a group of people to reclaim that it thinks of behalf of other.

Also it might be said that we are talking about the Islamic consultation, and there is no society for Muslims only, so what about the other brothers, Christians, or nonMuslims in general, within the same country, aren’t we ignoring them, And isolating them from their country?.

We say that we are in need to review the real concepts of Islam and belief (faith), and drive them from the holy Koran only, if we did so, we correct the misunderstanding of some of the basic concepts of Islam, and thus we get over the accusations of terrorism, and despotism.

The source of the word faith (IMAN), is safety, or trust, or peace (AMN), as the mighty Allah says “those who believed in God, and did not impure their faith (IMAN), with injustice, whey would reach safety-Peace, (AMN) , and they are right guided” – AL An’am, 81, Meaning that those who believed in god (AMANO BE ) Allah, and those who were peaceful to (AMANO LE) people, they didn’t impure their faith with injustice to Allah, or the people, those will get the safety, or peace, from the mighty God. Making the reward -Peace, Safety- suited with the task faith (IMAN), or we can say that safety-peace (AMN) is derived from faith (IMAN), and so is IMAN based on the AMN.

So in the Arabic Language we’ve got two uses for the word (IMAN) –Faith & Peace-, the first is (AMAN BE)or believed in, and the second is (AMAN LE) meaning feels safe or peaceful with, or trust. But mostly the word IMAN, and it’s derivations come to mean faith, including “The prophet believed in what was sent to him, from his god, and the believers, all of them, believed in god, and his angels, and his heavenly books, and his messengers, we don’t differentiate between any of the messengers”. AL Bakara285., as correcting the belief matters most for the Holy Koran as a book of right guidance.

Though, we got the second meaning for the word (IMAN), -Safety, and Peace, appears a lot in the Holy Koran, when it considers the dealings between the humans. We will show some examples, in the Noah Story, the arrogant people said to him “how would we feel safe (AMAN LE) with you, if you are followed by the low people” AL Sho’raa111. Meaning how can we trust you, and feel safe with you, and you are followed by the poor people.

And in the story of Josef, his brothers said to their father “and you wouldn’t trust us (AMAN LE)” Josef 17. Meaning that you would not feel safe about us, or trust us. Also, when the Jewish said “trust no one but those who followed your religion” AL Omran73. And when god told the believers about the jewish “ would you desire them to trust you”, AL Bakara75. These example are quite enough.

The religion of Islam has two sides, the one that deals with the relation between people and the mighty God, and that is to belief, and worship God, and the second side that is dedicated to the dealings between public, which is based on providing justice and security, and trust, and that people should feel safe with, or trust you.

And those who believed in the Koran, in the prophet’s era, they all associated the two sides together, the belief (IMAN BE), and the peace(AMAN LE). The real belief resides inside the person, no one really knows about but the Mighty God, so their second side of the religion, (safety, and peace) was shown in their dealings, where they endure the torture, and didn’t pay back then. And when they migrated to Madina, they hated to fight the Kuffar back, when Allah told them to “ You Are Ordered to fight, and I Know you hate so, but you might hate something while it’s good for you, also you might like something while it’s bad for you, And god Knows, while you don’t” Al bakara216.

That is why god ordered the prophet to encourage the muslims to fight back, just to defend themselves, the Mighty God Says “And Encourage the Believers, may God Holds back the evil of the Kuffar” ALNessaa84. What matters here is that IMAN means peace when dealing with other human, or means belief when dealing with God. And there was a verse that contains both meanings, it describes the prophet that “Believes(AMAN BE) in God, and trusts (ALAMN LE) the believers”, meaning he believes in god, and trusts the believers, and feels safe with them.

And the sign of the visible belief (AMAN LE), is that the human should be peaceful, harms no one. While regarding his belief, it’s invisible, and only god can judge it, in the judgement day, where all the judgements on people’s beliefs are delayed to that day “Say That Allah, The Creator of The Heaven And the Earth, the Knower of the things Unseen, or even seen, You God, You judge between your chattels of what they were arguing”. AL Zomor46.

So all humans are considered to be believers(peaceful believers) , al long as they live in peace, and he who does not, or he who kills a peaceful human, he is punished by the anger of the Mighty God, and the burn in Hill “ And He Who Kills a Believer (Peaceful) in purpose, he is to be immortal in Hill, and God would send his Anger and curse over him, along with the great torture”. This verse is a general rule the can be applied on who ever kills a peaceful human, whether that human was Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or even without a religion, … that’s why the second verse defines the concept of that believer whom right to live is preserved “ O you Believers if you are in fight ---- Take care, and don’t say to whoever says ‘peace be Upon you’ (Asks for Peace). you are not a believer” Meaning if you are in a war, then you must take care not to kill a ‘peaceful man’, and the sign of a ‘peaceful man’ is just he says “Peace be Upon You”, or asks for peace, then he is to be out of danger, then he is a believer just as soon as he is peaceful, but regarding the beliefs God only would judge them.

But when dealing with god, Islam means the absolute obedience, to be practiced both in the visible actions, and in the invisible beliefs, So God Says “Say That my prayers, my worshipping, my living, and my death is wholly devoted for God, the mighty over realms, that’s what I was told, and I am the first of the muslims to do so” AL Anaam162,163.

While the visible islam means peace, as Allah Says “O you believers enter the peace wholly” Al Bakara208, so war is islam is just to defend, and pay back the aggression only, and we have mentioned before that he who asks for peace, or say ‘Peace be Upon You’, that man is to be left unharmed “And don’t say to whoever says ‘Peace be Upon You’ (asks for peace), you are not a believer”.

We can add more, but we would be satisfied with assuring that the facts of Koran regarding the islam when it’s bond with Allah, it means beliefs, and faith, and complete obedience, and such things only Allah can judge, and Allah delays the judgement to the judgement day. But when binding Islam with human, it means peace and safety, so when we are peaceful, and safe, we are Muslims. Then whoever aggresses or harms a peaceful human, is out of Islam, it doesn’t matter how many fake slogans he stands behind.

When applying these facts on any society, we find that people are muslims or peaceful, no matter their beliefs, as long as they hold peaceful, and fight only to defend themselves against the aggressors.

When applying these facts in the Egyptian society in particular, we find that Egypt is a land of peace and safety, its people are known for their loving of peace, so they are muslims no matter what their beliefs are, or their religious classifications. Egypt is the only place on the earth – Beside the Holy Mosque ‘Al Masged Alharam’ that was described by god to be safe, that happened in the story of Josef, when he came to receive his parents and brothers, he said “ Get in Egypt safely, in the God Willing”.

And he who disobeys these Koranic facts by killing the Muslims(peaceful) human, either they were muslims or Christians, he is out of God’s religion and mercy, worthy of the great torture and curse from god, According to what Allah says in the verse AL Nessaa93. It’s equal if the dead human had an Islamic name or a Christian name.

And according to the facts of the Koran, the people of Egypt are muslims that can use consultation, and they are worthy of it. And all of the Egyptians are equal to it, there is minority or majority It’s all one great nation that lives in peace in the most ancient country, and they have to hold on together against who threats their country and their safety whatever the slogan that the aggressor hides behind is.

Others say that (Kept) –the Egyptian Christian- means egyptians in the ancient language. We can assure that every egyptian is muslim as long as he does fight or aggresses his peaceful muslim neighbors, and as long as people are safe from his harm. We say that Koran has assured in tens of verses that the differences in beliefs even within the same religion are delayed to Allah to judge them in the judgement day, and we as humans, we got nothing to do with that. (Al Bakara113, Jonah 93, Al Nahl124, Al Omran55, Al Maeda48, Al Zomor3 ), all of these verse are just examples. We can only add that the facts of Koran assures that the differences in beliefs should lead to forgiveness and tolerance, not to hate and aversion. (Al Hagar85 , Al Zokhrof88,89).

Finally we say that the basis of the civic society in the Holly Koran are not only limited in the integrated Consultation practiced by all individuals in the society as a religious rite, but it also includes religious tolerance, and economical social justice, and protection of worshipping places, it also includes the encouragement to protect all the civilized values against any aggressor inside or outside.

And naturally the Koranic civic society would reject the caste ruling that takes cover under slogans of representation, or what we call the incomplete democracy that is suitable for the rich people who think in behalf of the society, or at least it appears so, while they might consider their self benefice first.

And when the civic society took place in the Madina, the middle ages countries were still suffering from the religious and political despotism, while the state of the Prophet with its consultation system had gotten out of traditions of the middle ages politically, socially and economically. So little later, when the Muslims reached Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Iran, and they inherited their fortune and treasures, they were easily affected with the tradition of the middle ages, so the consultation was lost, along with the civic society, and the right guidance caliphs were replaced with the inheritance divine right to rule, that was based on power, despotism, and subdual, and monopolization of the fortune, and the Omaya caliph was ruling using Ahl Alhel WALakd, then came the Abbasian Caliph who used to rule using a new border from the major leaders, and Hashimian leaders, along with the new Ahl Alhel WALakd, and just as usual, the new border was just thinking of how to satisfy the caliph, the same as the border of Moses’ pharos, then the Fatimian Caliphs came, with the concept of divine right to rule, then the caliph is just an infallible man who makes no mistakes, also he does not need border, only him knows the divine exposition, and his decisions are infallible- according to the Sheiiaa.

And the history of the these caliphs (the unright guided caliphs), is not much different form the history of the despotism in the middle ages. All of the rulers used the same divine right to rule, whether the caliph was Abbasian, Fatimian, An emperor of Romans, or an english or French King, then came the middle class and cleared a room for itself, in Europe on expense of European Eclairs (The King, Princes, Noble Men, and priests). And it fought for the constitution the made it possible to replace the despotism of the old regime, but the middle class also deceived the poor villagers, with sayings of representation, so as to repeat the old fashion of boraders, and Ahl Alhel WALakd, so it can take the lead after the old regimes.

While now we have the New World Regime, whcapitalism rules the national fortunes, and controls the means of communication, and the democratic representation capitalism became the ideal that to be followed by the literates of the third world, who suffer from the military, religious, or political despotism.

But the realistic view would differ a little from that fancy view drown by the western media, for its democratic system, it distracts publics with the election process, that results in a new elected president that represents the elite people who controls the money, while the democratically elected president can not get out of the previously drown plan, or he would reach his end, and that was what happened with Lincoln, and Kennedy.

He who owns the fortune, also he the one who rules, one way or another, while the poor man, who can not satisfy his hunger, he has no time to think of consultation, or the state, and the wholly Koran made consultation an imposition on every believer. in the same time it stood against the idea that a little luxurious elite that exchanges the ruling between its individuals,. The Koran includes economical principles that allows a fair distribution of justice, and forbids monopolization. God says ( so it is not monopolized between the rich people of you ) Al Hashr7. So as not to allow the rich people to monopolized the fortune and ruling, so forming a new border to the new pharos that claims to own the earth and whatever is on it. The political despotism can not exist along with social justice, but there can be some sort of distraction of the poor majority, made by the elite luxurious class, so as to distract people with elections, making elections look as the only way to reach ruling, and to change the sad reality, and so a whole generations are lost just waiting for the new MAHDY who will set everything straight. And that results in the success of the clients of the luxurious elite using the unlimited funds from the elite. And still that elite controls the ruling through the elections and representation, and reject any incoming foreigner, to reach the elite, and even if someone made, he would be lost within the crowds of the elite agents, and it might end up with that new one to be bought, or removed from the game, and the games goes on. Just a social injustice under the cover of democratic representation, and the final result is abortion of all the dreams of the poor people… and the democratic system goes on to be a shining title for the dreamers of the literate people in the third world …

And in the third world it’s just worse, the partisan or military elite rules facing the religious elite. And every revolution reaches ruling does nothing but taking over fortune, while the poor still poor, and rebels from all kinds take advantage of their cause, and hide under shining slogans just to reach ruling and fortune.

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