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It Is Better to Die.

I read in ALfagr Newspaper that some criminals kidnapped a man at night, and raped him, using a knife to cohere him. He was then thrown in the street. He went to the police, and they managed to arrest the rapists. This is one of many similar incidents where the victims are depressingly submissive. What do you think?

With all sorrow I say:

1-      The crime of raping a man is a shame for any healthy society. It is an indication of declivity of a society, when it is repeated.

2-      If such a crime was committed by the regime, the problem is then a catastrophe. It is well known, locally and globally proved that is rape is a routine practice of the police. The core reason for such torture is humiliate the citizens to give in for the culture of the slaves. Such culture overwhelms the Egyptian society since Mubarak inauguration in 1981.

3-      The symptom of such culture is accepting humiliation, just to keep him/her self alive. This guy  is worrying only about his (pitiful) life. It does not matter for him any humiliation as long he survives. That is why this poor guy accepted being raped . Weather he was raped by the regime or by random individuals; it makes no difference for him.

4-      The question I ask here, Is life in Egypt worth it? Is life after what happened to him worth it? Wasn’t he better off fighting and dying with honor?


Nema Alamaldin

This is the nature of most of Egyptians, to live low away from problems, not worry about what is morally right. He is like the millions of Egyptians, who live in poverty, worry about the next meal, and don’t care about their rights. It is the fear of the pharaoh Mubarak.

Dr. Mansour

Thank you Miss Nema. The problem is that these people worry about a pitiful life, not knowing that this is a life worse than death. In fact, they are dead without knowing.

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