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Blessing is the Land of the US.


Blessing is the Land of the US.

Translated from the Arabic article published on 06- 10 - 2013

“And the good land brings out its vegetation by the permission of its lord; but that which is bad brings out nothing except misery.” [Al-Aaraf 58]

1- On Saturday, the day before yesterday, I went out in a picnic with my sons. My beloved companion of my life insisted that I don’t take with me paper and a pencil in order to enjoy the beautiful nature of America. We sat in a public park on the Potomac River, which embraces the capital Washington. On the other side of the park there is Reagan Airport.  The Public parks are the first thing that distinguishes the American cities. These are paradises that the Americans’ creatively spread, expand and take care of, as free means of bringing happiness to people. This is aided by nature, as most American cities are penetrated by forests, covered with greenery and rivers flowing under them. Americans are fascinated with the idea of protecting trees, and they treat them as living creatures. They even give greater care to pets and wild animals that live in the forests and penetrate the cities. You can see deer, rabbits and other animals invading roads and coming near houses, in addition to birds of all kinds. Animals cannot be hunted without permission. There are warning signs for protecting animals when they cross the roads that run through the forests. There are hospitals for taking care of pets like dogs and cats. These animals enjoy great status, and they have their special medications and their special food. They even have clinics for treating them psychologically. In America there is a huge economic activity that is based upon taking care of dogs and cats, feeding them and taking care of their health and psychology. There are television shows especially for animals. This is a level of care that no downtrodden Egyptian enjoys in his homeland...!! Well, let us proceed...!

2- We sat in the green park and in the vicinity there was a clean, neat restroom. The shade of the berry trees covered us and there were comfortable seats all around them. The green on the ground is covered with a layer of light, green berries. The flocks of geese and wild duck, with its wonderful colors, walking around without fear, as it is used to not fearing people. The branches of the berries near our hands, heavy with berries. Our hands reached for it shyly because we were the only ones doing that, while the American visitors of the park don’t pay it any attention, although they buy it usually from the super market. We were surprised by the delicious taste of the berries, which in spite of its plentiful, nobody pays it any attention. I remembered when I was in San Francisco (State of California) in 1987, wondering in one of its streets, which was covered with orange trees. The oranges that San Francisco state produces are some of the best. The asphalt of the roads was painted yellow from the extent of the oranges that the speedy cars crush. Nobody bothered to gather the oranges, although they buy them from the super market. Americans enjoy life, and they have made a heaven of their country, while the Moslem Egyptians and Arabs have wasted both this life and the hereafter..!

3- Don’t let us brood over this! Because I am an expatriate, carrying Egypt as a permanent open wound in his heart, I started comparing between Egypt and the American paradise. Egypt is a dreary desert penetrated by the Nile River. It does not have the natural forests and prairies that cover most of America. Most of the trees in Egypt are cultivated and not natural. There are also plants for grazing, like Barseem. But In spite of the scarcity of trees in Egypt, cutting them, wasting them and neglecting them are bad habits that the Egyptians compete in committing, whether it is the people or the government. America has the benefit of a huge amount of rain water, which actually it does not need. It is filled with gigantic rivers: Missouri, Mississippi, Colorado … etc.  and also lesser rivers. It has vast swamps that swarm with fish huge and small, and variousamphibian animals. Preserving the rivers’ fresh water and habitat is an obsession with the Americans. This is in contrast to the Egyptians’ desire to pollute the Nile in spite of the scarcity of the rain that falls in Egypt. America controls its rivers. Most of its rivers start and end in America. As for Egypt, the river Nile ends in Egypt, but its source is controlled by other countries.

In the nineties I wrote articles calling for a balance in the Egyptian policy between how it deals with the Egyptian location and the Egyptian position, just as strong Egyptian rulers did in the past, from Hatshepsut, to Mohamed Ali, and Khidewi Ismael. The location is represented by its location on the Mediterranean and as an entrance to Asia, through Sinai and the Suez Canal. The position is the Nile and the relation between Egypt and the African countries on the Nile and the Red Sea south. It is crucial for the location to extend the influence of Egypt to the east to Syria as a vital territory for Egypt’s security. It is necessary for Egypt’s position to extend its influence to the south, across the Nile and the Red Sea to secure life in Egypt. The political stupidity of Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak made them concentrate on the location of Egypt by immersing in the conflict with Israel and neglecting to communicate with the countries on the river Nile. Even Sudan, which was part of Egypt after Mohamed Ali opened it and built the city of Khartoum, was given away by Nasser. Neither Egypt nor Sudan thrived after destroying their unity. After Egyptians reached to Somalia and the south of Sudan and Mid Africa during the reign of Khidiwi Ismael, Nasser wasted all that during his preoccupation with Israel and Arabic nationalism at the expense of the Egyptian position and the African Nile. Mohamed Ali was able to control Syria and Sudan together as means of protecting Egypt either as location or position, compared to the failure of the Egyptian ignorant and despotic military since 1952. The result of concentrating only on the location of Egypt was the successive defeats of  Egypt in its conflict with Israel, until it even lost Sinai which fell under the mercy of Israel. Then the disgraceful Moslem Brotherhood came to rule Egypt and Sinai became under the influence of Hamas..! Then the disgrace became complete with the stake that Ethiopia stuck in the stupid Moslem Brotherhood president who is called Mohamed Morsi. It was a huge stake, in the size of the Nahda dam, financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar … the masters of Morsi and Morsi’s people.

4- Egypt now is paying the price of all that. After it was famous for its Giza Pyramids, it became famous for the pyramids of trash. After it was famous for its moderate weather, it became famous for it polluted air. After it was said that whoever drinks from the water of the Nile must come back, now the tourists take precaution from the Nile water for fear of infection. With this pollution in water, air and earth many diseases resided in Egypt and they acquired the Egyptian nationality. Mental diseases started roaming the streets of Egypt in the form of human beings who torture themselves by their own hands. The words of God, glory be to Him, are typical of their condition: ‘Corruption has appeared throughout the land and the sea by [reason of] what the hands of people have earned, so he may make them taste part of what they have done [the consequences], so that they might return to righteousness’ [Al-Room 41]. Corruption appeared in Egypt, in land and water, as a result of what they have committed with their own hands. They live and breathe with that corruption then they make the reason for their misery a conspiracy by America and Israel.

5- As a Moslem scholar, whose greatest love is the Noble Quran, I returned to the Book of God glory be to Him, to find help in explaining the contradiction between America and Egypt, between the dismal Egyptian pollution and the apparent beauty of America. I remembered the words of God glory be to Him: ‘and the good land - its vegetation emerges by the permission of its God; but that which is bad – nothing emerges except äßÏ (nakad)’ [Al-Aaraf 58].


1- The word äßÏ(nakad) is difficult to translate to the English language. Maybe the English people don’t know the äßÏ which has a complex meaning that gathers between the meaning of sadness, misery, disappointment, hopelessness, and depression. A combination of misery and suppression concentrated and crowded in one word. The feeling of äßÏ becomes greater with one who has awareness, while loosing the feeling of dignity and freedom in his own country. This is what I suffered in Egypt. While I was trying to survive the misery (äßÏ), I used to visualize the words of the poem Abo Al Taib Al Motanaby:

From the misery of the world to the free person, is that he sees

                            that he has no alternative but the friendship of  his enemy.

And.While sitting quietly in the American garden I remembered what Al-Motanaby said:

The wise person is miserable in paradise with his brain

                                 And the ignorant in his misery is happy.

I am sitting in a paradise, thank God, the most high, the lord of the universes, but the Egyptian pain is bleeding inside me and spoiling my feeling of happiness. I am miserable with it, while the ignorant in Egypt, who spread misery in Egypt are enjoying the misery that they brought to Egypt and to the Egyptians. I remembered how I used to see the Sunni, Hanbali, Wahaby, and Salafi creeping into Egypt from all directions. How I used to stop its creepy advance as much as I can, and as a result I received stabs and curses from all sides. Now after thirty years, the culture of misery controls Egypt. It controls education, Al-Azhar, the mosques, the streets, the cafeterias, the media, and the means of transportation. The symptoms of its disease appear evidently on the faces and the tongues. Now every secular thing requires a religious opinion from the men of the religion of misery. They issue their rigid opinions by interdicting and forbidding in order to turn the Egyptians’ life into misery over misery. Music is forbidden, ballet dance is forbidden, and all the pleasures that God Almighty has allowed are forbidden. Everything, for them, is interdicted, forbidden or hateful to God. The basis of their thought is that anything that is not known to the pious ancient ancestors and clergy is a misleading innovation, and every innovation means going astray, and going astray means going straight to the fire of hell. However, they exclude - by religious necessity - what is made by the unbelievers in west such as the media that they use to spread their jurisprudence of misery, and the destructive weapons they use to kill innocent people. As for women they box them in the veil, or expulse them by covering them with the head scarf. They kept them as a private part between their legs. They lust for them and consider them a source agony. In Women they live the culture of the lower part of the human body. The only thing that remains for them to do is to give a religious decree to cancel women all together.

2- I saw signs of what is happening now in the beginning of the nineties. I remember a discussion between me and the late Dr. Farag Foda, whom they assassinated in this same month in 1992. We were musing upon their religious opinions, and the expression of (jurisprudence of misery) came on my tongue. He liked the expression and he wrote an article with that title “Jurisprudence of Misery”, which forbids whatever people like. At the same time people were admiring the song of Abd-El-Wahab, the musician of generations. The song was entitled “Without a Reason”, and a religious opinion from sheik Abd-Allah El-Mashad, who was the head of Jurisprudence Committee in Al-Azhar, forbade the song because it objects to God’s preordained destiny. During the reign of Nasser and before Egypt became inflicted with the Wahaby Salafi misery, the famous singer Abd  Al-Halim used to sing the poem of the magnificent Egyptian poet Kamel El-Shinawy (You Are Not My Heart) .. in which he says (the foot steps of a reckless destiny) .. and Al-Azhar did not take any move against him.

3- The jurisprudence of misery started to move in two directions: rigidity and transgression. Rigidity by forbidding what is allowed by religion, and transgression on people’s blood and honor, by killing through the lie of apostasy. Dr. Foda himself was the evident victim of this transgression. They cowardly murdered him because they could not face his pencil. Since then the jurisprudence of misery started to spread and take control, distorting Egyptians’ minds and corrupting their hearts. With the corruption of minds and hearts, relations also were corrupted. The atmosphere was corrupted. Corruption appeared in land and sea, water and air, the Nile, the roads, in government and public institutions as a result of what the Egyptians committed with their own hands. Still the Wahaby and Salafi vultures are spreading their jurisprudence of misery in their television channels, allowing the shedding of blood, forbidding what is allowed by God, and turning people lives into hell. It is as if the hell of prices, extreme weather, air pollution, the cutting of water and electricity, the crowded traffic, the road accidents, the calamity of deceases, and the scandal of the Moslem Brotherhood presidency before the whole world are not enough. The cure for Egypt now depends on amputating this Wahaby cancer otherwise the alternative is Egypt’s demise and civil war.!


  • In America there are criminal gangs and individual and mass murders that are maybe much more than what happens in other countries. However, no matter how bad it gets, it is a classified as murder that has its definition under the law. It has its legal punishment that the court decides, which is as near as possible to justice because the judicial system is separate from other powers. Also, the district attorney and the sheriff are elected by the people. The juries are the ones concerned with passing the verdict, which is pronounced by the judge. These juries are elected from society, according to a transparent and trustworthy system, and under the surveillance of a free and liberal media. Laws are passed in the elected Congress that represents the people, and which is formed through a free and decent election. This law applies to all without exception, especially to those in authority as the president and those beneath him. These are the servants of the people. This is why America has turned into a paradise for a scholar like me who felt his dignity since he came to it to save his life from the jurisprudence of misery and Wahaby terrorism.
  • In the end, the American criminal knows that he is a criminal. The meaning of his awareness that he is a criminal, and that what he committed is a crime, is that it makes his repentance a possibility. On the other hand, the one who can never repent is this Salafist Brotherhood Wahabi, who considers his crime a required religious act. He kills innocent people in the name of his religious war, apostasy, and enjoining good and forbidding evil. He sheds blood, loots money, and defiles honors in the name of religion. It is impossible for this kind of person to repent. This is the difference between the criminals of America and the criminals of Egypt, the ones with beards and turban.
  • Here we have to contemplate the words of God glory be to Him: “And the good land - its vegetation emerges by the permission of its God; but that which is bad – nothing emerges except misery”.  I testify that the America that I live in is a good country, because freedom of religion in it is absolute, just as God, whose glory supersedes everything, has ordained. In it there is the greatest amount of judicial justice and political justice [democracy]. In it charity and benevolence are widespread, without hurting anybody’s feelings. Egypt, in which I lived most of my life, and which I still carry its pain in my heart, is a bad country. It wasn’t like that, but this is how it became after it fell under the control of the Wahabi sect.
  • Human beings are plants that move and think. God, glory be to Him says: “God has grown you from earth [planted], a growth [plant]” [Noh, 17]. A human being is influenced by the land in which he/she grows. Lady Mary was born in a pure society, and, raised in a pure society, so God, glory be to Him, spoke about her as a plant: “So her God accepted her with good acceptance, and caused her to sprout a good sprout.” [Al Omran, 27]. There is also a bad earth, or a bad country, and in this bad country corruption appears, nothing will grow there except misery. God says, praised be His Name: “And the good land - its vegetation emerges by the permission of its God; but that which is bad – nothing emerges except misery”. It is people also who make a country either good or bad. Moral corruption spoils the land, the weather, and the soil. The person that steals might burn the place to hide his crime. The murderer throws the corps in the river and pollutes its water. The dictator who does business using his influence, wastes the land and its inhabitants. The despot covers his failures by waging military adventures that destroy the green and the dry. These could be secular crimes, committed by Hitler, Mussolini. Saddam, or Nasser. The worse still is if they hide behind religion and claim this to be the way of God ‘the most merciful. If this happens in any country, it actually becomes bad and nothing comes out of it except misery.
  • God, glory and praise be to him, has given the noble Quran as a mercy for all people [Al-Anbyaa, 107], but the Wahaby sect turned it into terror for all people. God, glory be to Him, orders justice and benevolence, and forbids obscenity, bad conduct and oppression. God has preached to us so that we may remember [Al-Nahl, 90]. We did not remember, but we followed the Salafi Wahabi sect, which oppresses, kills, loots, and commits obscenities in the Name of God, Glory be to Him. The Salafi sect was able to control Egypt in the last 40 years. After the overthrow of Mubarak, the Salafi sect appeared as a rash on the Egyptian body. It was like cancer spreading inside the body then it had its chance to appear on Egypt’s face as sores, pimples and lesions. Its symbols appear in the media and the political fields vomiting obscenities and lies, which confirm that they are invalid human beings. They have lived enclosed in the caves of the Salafi tradition, then they emerged in the media pronouncing shameless lies, slanders, stupidities and scandals. They consider all these nasty things as good. If these were living in a good, kind, sane society, this society would have banished them to protect itself. It would have put them in asylums. But, because it is a corrupt society, they have followers and admirers by the millions.
  • So, we read the words of God, glory be to Him:  “And the good land - its vegetation emerges by the permission of its God; but that which is bad – nothing emerges except misery.” and we say: “God is all Truthful.”

Always, God is Glorious and truthful, even if the Salafies hate this!!

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