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Dr. Osama El Ghazali Harb's Reception
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Dear Friends, Activists and Egyptian Americans,
Mokhtar Kamel' the president of the Alliance of Egyptian Americans is cordially inviting you to a reception in honor of Dr. Osama El Ghazali Harb this Monday, June 24th at 7 30 PM.
Dr. Harb is the founder of the Democratic Front Party, an advisor to Al Hram Strategic Studies and  the Chief editor of International Politics Journal. He is active in  Egyptian Salvation Front and his political views are considered domestically and internationally. The reception will be an excellent opportunity to deliberate and discuss the evolving events in Egypt.
The Reception will be held at Mokhtar Kamel's residence; 216 Lawton St, Falls Church, VA 22046.
For confirmation and directions call Tarek Khalil at 301 346 3407
or Mokhtar Kamel at 703 501 1398.
My apologies for the short notice and looking forward to seeing you all.
Tarek Khalil

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