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First-The essence of Holy Ignorance

1-There are two types of education: To learn where you become knowledgeable, understanding and sensible. ..And this type is genuine for creating a Human Being, utilized by advanced nations; including Israel as a top priority…you can compare the Arabs’ lagging backward level, and Israel’s scientific, industrial and cultural level, the number of Nobel Prize winners among them, in sciences and inventions. The other type is to learn how to become ignorant, meaning you could achieve high level of education, maybe a Doctorate, yet you learned nothing but ignorance and myths.

2- And there are two types of ignorance, the average simple ignorance, as in the case of being illiterate, which does not prevent one from learning, may be forcing him to use his brain and intelligence, in some cases overcoming others, and at any rate, he is better and more knowledgeable than he who learns ignorance. This second type of ignorance is the holy one associated with man-made religions based on lies and myths, feeding on backward, rotten religious mythology attributing itself to God Almighty, thereby transforming from fabrications, lies and myths to a (holy) man-made religion. Believing in and learning these poisonous amusing stories become holy ignorance. Yet, it is propagated amongst the masses as genuine religion, making it holy sacred ignorance, above and beyond criticism and questioning. Surrounded by sanctification and glorification, relegating any nation to the dustbin of history, becoming the laughing stock of other nations, and this is what is happening to Arabs and most Muslims under the influence of those man-made religions 

Second- A glance at the history of Holy Ignorance

1-It prevailed during the (Middle Ages) labeling it as The Ages of Darkness. The Church was disseminating this Ignorance throughout Darkened Europe, while Sufi Establishments were doing the same thing under the Memluk Era, where students learned Hadith, exegesis, dogmas and what was known as the sciences of Quran (Quranology). They appointed an occasion, they called it Al-Bukhari’s Occasion, every  Ramadan of every year, under the auspices of the Memluk Sultan ,where scholars would compete in memorizing by heart, Al-Bukhari’s Hadiths ,its text, its chain of narrators , all its  idiosyncrasies  and myths, with winners earning worthwhile prizes.

2-Europe rid itself of the authority and hegemony of the church, and its man-made Christianity, thereby entering , along with the rest of the World, the age of enlightenment, civilization, scientific approach, inventions, human rights and democracy. Egypt was poised to follow Europe and the West in its secularism (which does not contradict Islam). If it wasn’t for the Wahhabi onslaught which held sway over the Egyptian psyche for over half a century, producing generations of Holy Ignorance running on two feet, yet more ignorant than the four legged ones .A brief glance at those demonstrators attacking Western   and American diplomatic missions would be a loud shrieking example for this poisonous Holy Ignorance.

Third-Beneficiaries of the Holy Ignorance

1-Those perpetrating this Holy Ignorance and its followers are the first beneficiaries from it. Among the leadership which is spreading this Ignorance, it enables them to grasp power and monopolize the revolution. Followers with lesser status, they gain social and political clout at the level of the province, the city , the village and the local neighborhood. Whereas the learned needs to read hundreds of books, the researcher and the thinker needs to devote all his time and energy for reading and research, the deeper he delves in his readings and research, the more his sense of his ignorance and lack of knowledge becomes. For the High scholars of Holy Ignorance, its propagators, its advocates and preachers are content with repeating what previous scholars have contributed, becoming a repetitive cliché in sermons and lectures, but as for the field workers, all it takes is few days to grow a beard, hence becoming a sheikh, a religious figure, with influence and sway over surrounding followers.

2-The worst exploitation of this Holy Ignorance, manifests itself in the case of this offensive film, and  this Jihadi demonstrations attacking American and Western embassies.

We have said it before, the Muslim Brotherhood has spent the last eighty years planning and contriving to attain power and government, but they did not think how they are going to govern. It is well known that reforming Egypt after Mubarak ruined everything, requires highly intellectual political and economic minds, rebuilding of the infra-structure, international aid and above all, the reawakening of the Egyptian people. The Brotherhood and the Salafis, who are still living in the past with their Holy Ignorance, are at the core of the problem, so how to expect of them solving Egypt’s staggering problems

3-Shortly President Mursi will be forced to lift price subsidies; will lose his grip over things. Shortly, budget deficits will threaten Egypt with bankruptcy. Those promised international loans will not be sufficient to offset the deficit. The Brotherhood abandoned their Holy Ignorance based accusations for banks of dealing in usury in the hope of getting loans, but no matter how much they begged from them banks, and from the Wahhabi Gulf States, it would not be enough to offset this accumulating deficit. The Egyptian pound will further deteriorate; losing its value in the face of upcoming avalanche of inflation….meaning there is a revolution of the hungry in the near future. As long as the Holy Ignorance of the Brotherhood and the Salafis will not solve any problems, the alternative that they have mastered is to direct that anger, charge of despair and frustration away from themselves. That offensive film was God sent, they exploited it to drain the people’s anger in attacking the American embassy, knowing that the embassy had nothing to do with it, and the accused perpetrator is an Egyptian immigrant who vanished. But ignorant raging anger needs a wailing wall for the mob to vomit its Holy Ignorance upon, hence, those desperate frustrated in the lands of Muslims will find it a well-placed opportunity to release their anger and despair at the exterior walls of the American embassies, with the acquiescence of their tyrannical governments

4-For the sake of a smile

Let us imagine that today September 15 2012, the American embassy announced that it will issue a visa…..(Not a permanent or temporary residency)…..Just a visa to everyone of all ages willing to volunteer to serve in the United  States Armed Forces….you will finds most of those screaming angry hordes, lining up in (organized) columns, sleeping at the front doors, full of respect and anticipation.

5- The worst is still to come, and that is what we are warning against and drawing the attention to in advance. To avoid dealing with the upcoming, Revolt of the Hungry, and the increasing state of lawlessness, I am afraid the redirection of anger towards the Christians of Egypt or towards Israel is what they are contemplating, as a prelude for re-instituting the emergency law and state of emergency to protect those rulers and their thrones, engulfing Egypt in a civil war, or a regional war with Israel that she is not prepared for. This of course, requires some plotting that leads to a catastrophe, from attacking Egyptian soldiers in Sinai, to skirmishes with Israel, or setting up a large scale quarrel with Christians in Egypt…and as it is known, major fires are started by small sparks.

6-This worse that is still to come, will enable the Sunnis to establish their Sharia, dividing the world into two camps: the camp of Muslims,( the camp of Peace, the abode of Peace)…and the camp of war , or the abode of war, thereby causing the world’s destruction….This is found in their religious literature ,or their Holy Ignorance.

Finally …..What is the solution?

1-The remedy for a headache is not to cut off the head, rather provide the ailing with adequate medication rendering him healthy. Treating Muslims back to health is not accomplished by murdering Muslims, rather by showing them, from within Islam itself, the contradiction between genuine Islam and Wahhabism and its Holy Ignorant Sunnah. This is exactly what we (Ahl-Al Quran …People of the Quran) do, with our bare hands, with no help from anyone.

2- We, in our effort to reform Muslims, rely on the Quran, and resort to it only.

In the matter of the offensive film, we ask ourselves, if the Seal of prophets, peace be upon him, were with us, what would have he done concerning that offensive film?

The answer from the Glorious Quran is: He would have forgiven them, postponing and waiting for God’s verdict on Judgment Day:

15:85  And We have not created the heavens and the earth and what is between both except in truth. And indeed, the hour is surely coming; so forgive with gracious forgiveness.

43:88  And his saying: O my Lord! Indeed, these are people who do not believe.

43:89  So turn aside from them and say: Peace. And they are going to know.

We as believers should follow this true tradition

45:14  Say to those who have believed that they forgive those who do not desire the days of Allah so that He may reward a people for what they used to earn.

He would have returned the offense with kindness, rather with the utmost kindness

23:96  Repel, by what is best, evil. We are most Knowing of what they describe.

41:34  And not equal are the good and the evil. Pay back (evil) with what is best, and at once the one between whom and you is enmity would be as if he is a devoted friend.

He would have said, keep on doing what you are doing… and I will keep on doing mine…until God judge between us

39:39  Say: O my people! Work according to your positions; indeed, I am working; and you are going to know.

 11:121  And say to those who do not believe: Work according to your positions; indeed, we are working.

11:122  And wait; indeed, we are waiting.

He would have exercised patience with them, tolerated their harmful acts and warded them off gently

73:10  And be patient over what they say and avoid them with gracious avoidance.

Does all this coincide with, or contradicts the actions of the soldiers and the leadership of the Holy Ignorance?

   3- We are still wondering, according to the Quran, was it permissible the attacks on the American embassy, because of someone else’s fault?

The answer is in the Quran, found in the legal precept, emphasizing that no one should be burdened with someone else’s burden.

6:164  Say: Is it other than Allah a lord I should desire a lord and He is the Lord of everything? And every soul does not earn except against itself, and no sin bears the burden of another; moreover to your Lord is your return and He will inform you of that in which you used to disagree.

17:15  Whoever is guided is only guided for his soul; and whoever is misguided is only misguided against it. And no sin bears the burden of another .

35:18  And no sin bears the sin of another; and if a heavily loaded soul calls for (others to carry) her load, nothing of it will be carried, even if one is (her) relative.  

39:7  If you disbelieve, then indeed, Allah is Rich without you. And He does not like, for His servants, disbelief. And if you are grateful, He likes it for you. And no sin bears the sin of another. And to your Lord will be your return, and He will inform you of what you used to do. Indeed, He is Knowing of what is in the chests.

53:38  That a sin does not bear the burden of another.

 Moreover, the obligation to protect and defend embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions is governed by treaties and covenants, God Almighty orders us to honor those treaties and, covenants. He says in the Quran:

5:1 O you who have believed! Fulfill (all) contracts.

The command to honor contracts, treaties and covenants, came right after the command to be just, to be benevolent, to forbid monstrosity, abomination and infringement

16:90  Indeed, Allah commands justice and good conduct and giving to relatives and forbids indecency and bad conduct and perpetration; He admonishes you that perhaps you will remember.

16:91  And fulfill the covenant of Allah when you have made a covenant, and do not break the oaths after confirming them while and you have already made Allah over you a Sponsor. Indeed, Allah knows what you do.

The pious are described as those who fulfill their promises, their obligations, and their contracts

2:177  Righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward the east and the west, but righteousness is by one who believes in Allah and the last day and the angels and the book and the prophets, and happily gives wealth to the relatives and the orphans and the needy and the traveler and those who ask, and to free the slaves, and who establishes the prayer and pays Zakah (Alms); and the ones who fulfill their covenant when they take a covenant, and those who are patient in hardship and tribulation; and during hardship those are the ones who are truthful, and those are the pious.

23:8  And those who are concerning their trusts and their covenant caring.

 Funny thing, The American police was always protecting the  Egyptian embassy when we were protesting Mubarak and his regime, how and why did the Egyptian police allow the mob to invade the embassy and tear the American flag?

4-The solution to save the world from this Holy Ignorance of those Muslims, is for the world to cooperate with us to save those Muslims from their Holy Ignorance.

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