Democracy and submis

آحمد صبحي منصور في الإثنين ١٨ - يوليو - ٢٠١١ ١٢:٠٠ صباحاً

نص السؤال
Dear Dr Mansour, I view myself -as a 'free-thinker' also. But, I'm surprised to see a Muslim describing themselves as such! Though I welcome it! I had done a Google search, on the words: 'Democracy versus Islam' and it found your article: THE ROOTS OF DEMOCRACY IN ISLAM I am a white Englishman aged 75, living in the UK. While I agree with some of your statements, I think you are (obviously enough) viewing democracy through the lens of Islamic belief. As you will be aware, Islamic belief, is but one of many belief systems, or 'religions' on the planet. But, from my perspective - from outside of that belief system - Islam, is fundamentally opposed to democratic principles! Why? Because, it believes in and demands 'submission'! 'Submission', seems to me, to be absolutely contrary to democratic principles, or ideas. A democratic God/creator, who demanded submission to his will, would be denying the innate creative impulses, with which (I believe) all humans are endowed. Submission, in Islamic terms, seems to demand submission to the rule makers and to The Book. Yet, (for me) the idea, that guiding principles can be given in a book of words, that then require adherence to those words, is the worst kind of autocracy imaginable. I follow the events of the 'Arab Spring' democracy movement, with great interest. For it appears to be a movement which is inspired by the inner yearnings of all these peoples, for freedom and democracy. A freedom from autocratic rule. But in my view, what these peoples have yet to realize, is that Islamic beliefs are also autocratic. In a sense, all religions have a potential to demand obedience to a certain set of beliefs! So its not just Islam which has ideas embedded within its belief structure, that binds and restricts the free expression of whatever creative powers they are endowed with - in the same way, most other religions do also. But, in Islam, the call to submit, is a fundamental pillar of it all. So it seems to me, that an Islamic believer (such as yourself) who describes themselves as a 'Free-thinker', is rather going against their own religion. You are not free to think outside, or beyond the limitations imposed by the requirements to submit, to The Book! If you were, you would already realize, its restrictions and you don't! Regards
آحمد صبحي منصور


Dear Sir
It is my pleasure and honor to hear from you. Please excuse my maimed English. It is not the best way that express my ideas. I have more than one thousand articles, researches and books in Arabic published in our Ahl AL Quran site. Islam in our Quranic understanding is peace in dealing with humans. So, any peaceful one is Muslim regardless of his / her belief, religion, sect or cult. (Kafer) infidels, Idol Worshipers, in dealing with humans is the one who uses the religion in killing innocent people or to establish a religious state. So, you sir is Muslim according to your peaceful behavior, while Ben Laden is Kafer because of his crimes against Allah and humans.This is the right of humans. In dealing with the Al Mighty creator, Allah, Islam means to submit your self to Him alone, by believing in Him alone as the Only one God and believe in the real Day of Judgment where the absolute Justice will be served. This is the right of Allah, to be worshiped alone as the One Only God. In this right of God, it is the unlimited freedom of choice, to believe or to disbelieve, and every one is responsible beg=fore Allah alone on the Day of Judgment according to his/ her freedom in religion.To be equal as all of us are servants of Allah, this is the backbone of direct democracy in Islam. There is no ruler in the real Islamic State. It is just public services as you know in the Western democracy. Actually, the Western culture in democracy and human rights is nearer to the Islamic values, while Muslim tyrannies are against Islam in its faith, Jurisprudence and values.
Our struggle as Quranist is not to preach Islam among non Muslims, but to preach the real Islam among Muslims, to reform them from within Islam. This means to wage war of ideas against the fanatic Muslims, like Wahhabist, Muslim Brothers, Salafists and Al Qaeda. I will show you later on some examples of our peaceful Jihad in undeceive our silent Muslim majorities in Muslim world and Muslim communities in the West.
Best regards


اجمالي القراءات 7925