Science challenges ideas of free will
The Genetic Basis of Destiny

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ing that Galton reached racist conclusions. He claimed that &quot;The average intellectual standard of the negro race is some two grades below our own,&quot; and that &quot;the Jews are specialized for a parasitical existence upon other nations.&quot; Is he wrong? Science says no, but Ethicists will definitely say he is absolutely wrong! <br />
For some people, the idea that they may not be entirely at fault for some of their less desirable qualities is liberating, because it eliminates the feeling of guilt, but the same idea poses many moral, ethical and even religious questions. <br />
Armed with the human genome sequence, which is a catalogue of genetic variation in the human population, and tools that can inexpensively map any individual's genetic makeup, scientists can now pinpoint the genes associated with inherited traits, not only related to diseases but even those related to personality and behavior. <br />
&quot;By suggesting a genetic basis for behavior previously believed to be the result of character flaws, scientists and others say the discoveries could make for more understanding of human differences. <br />
Others predict that when certain behaviors once ascribed to personal choice are seen as genetic, the next step will be not tolerance for difference but support for intervention. <br />
&quot;If we find a murder mutation, are we going to be more accepting of murderers, or are we going to lock them up even more tightly?&quot; asked Jeffrey Friedman, the director of the Starr Center for Human Genetics at Rockefeller University. &quot;The more we find genes that play a role in determining all sorts of attributes, the more we're going to face these kinds of ethical issues.&quot; <br />
In fact our parents decide to a great extent what we are and what we are going to be, not through education and teaching but through their genetic makeup. Even the Religion that we are most likely to adopt is decided by inheritance, we are Muslims, Christians or Jews not by our choice but rather because we were born to a family of a certain religion and a Muslim Extremist is most likely would have been a Christian Extremist if he born to a Christian family. <br />
The following link is a very good article that opposes my opinion that Science really challenges ideas of free will. <br /> <br />
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