The literal meaning of ISLAM and the Quranic meaning

عثمان عمران في الجمعة ١٨ - أكتوبر - ٢٠١٣ ١٢:٠٠ صباحاً

The literal definition and the Quranic definition of ISLAM

Neither Muslims nor Christians nor Jews understand the real intended meaning of the word ISLAM.

Definitions :

Literal meaning:

Islam does not mean Peace (salam = peace). Neither does it mean Quran.

Islam means the acceptance of  the idea of full unconditional submission(to God); to subdue to Him Alone and worship Him alone.

It does not involve any action from one’s part; it is the personal  conviction  (العقيدة)and consent to obey God only in whatever is asked from you to do or not to do without  arguing  whether you like it or not . It is all in the heart.

One may believe and accept this idea willingly from his heart or with some discomfort but only out of fear of punishment and both are acceptable to God. الإسلام كرهاً أو طوعاً  - just like rules you have to abide by them but you do not have to like them.

If one fears God’s punishment and accepts the idea of islam only because  he is afraid of God’s punishment it means one strongly believes in the existence of God. This is why one’s belief would be acceptable to God.

Before being Muslim one has to be a believer. To be a believer one has to believe in the existence of God and in The Day After since it would be impossible to submit to something which is non-existent.

In this context all heavenly  (so called religions )are ISLAM therefore there is only one religion and that is Islam in its broader sense “ Belief in God and The Day After”. We all believe in these. Abraham was the first Muslim.

So , what about Quran, Bible and Torah ? Where do they fit here ?

Strictly speaking these are not religions they are the laws ( شريعة)governing each People (أمة)

Each people have their own book (Shariaa laws) by which they should abide and Quran tells Jews and Christians to abide by their un changed books and pointed out where the changes in their belief are and asked them correct them and maintain their religions.

To be a true Muslim you do not convert and you are not allowed to do so. All you need is to correct your belief according to the correction revealed by Quran and maintain your laws because Jews and Christians if they correct their man imposed ideas they are already Muslims.

For instance they should not say God is 3 in 1 or Jesus is the son of God or Azira. How can one believe in such ideas ? A son of God who is capable of dyeing !

No crucifixion of Jesus Christ

All above is verified bt Quran verses if any one needs a reference.

Osman Omran.

اجمالي القراءات 10684