Denouncing the crime of slaughtering a French teacher for insulting the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him:
Statement by (IQC) the International Quranic Center )

آحمد صبحي منصور في الأحد 18 اكتوبر 2020

Statement by (IQC) the International Quranic Center )  :

Denouncing the crime of slaughtering a French teacher for insulting the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him

Ahmed Subhi Mansour on Saturday 17 October 2020


An introduction

1 - News came that a French teacher had been slaughtered in Paris, because he had shown offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And that the perpetrator was an 18-year-old Chechen youth, who refused to surrender and was killed , meaning he was convinced that he was right, just as those who blew themselves up while chanting (God is Great).!.

2- This attack comes three weeks after the attack of a Pakistani youth in front of the former headquarters of "Charlie Hebdo", which resulted in the wounding of two people.

3 - Preceded by this attack, President Macron's statement that Islam today is experiencing a crisis everywhere in the world.

4- We say:

First: The French President’s statement on Islam:

1 - It was met with an attack from the (Muslim) priesthood of Al-Azhar and others, even though they agreed with Macron, the West, ISIS and the Brotherhood that (Muslims) are (Islam). Here is the root of the problem.

2 - We always affirm that Islam is a secular religion in how people interact with each other, as for their relationship with the Creator, the Almighty, the Sublime, it is up to Him to decide upon, the Most Exalted and Exalted, on the Day of Judgment, and that is why there is no priesthood in Islam, there is no confusion between religion and politics, there are no limits or restrictions in religious freedom, and that citizenship is behavioral Islam which means (peace) regardless of sects, denominations, beliefs, religions and doctrines. And we always affirm that Muslims are human beings, they have human laws and human history, some of which may agree with Islam and often contradict and differ, and in all cases Islam is not represented by human beings, and we have an article published on our website (People of the Qur’an): (The Prophet himself does not embody Islam, so how Muslims?)  published on December 09, 2007

3- We (the people of the Qur’an) strive peacefully to reform Muslims with the Noble Qur’an by reading it objectively according to its terminology, and with our  miserable capabilities we are facing the two most powerful forces in the Middle East (tyranny and the religious priesthood) we are marginalized and obscured.

4- - We wished President Macron did not confuse Islam with Muslims, because Islam should not bear the burden of those who associate themselves with it, just as Christianity does not bear the burden of colonialism and massacres in the new world and the old world alike in the medieval and modern times.

Second: On the crime of slaughtering a French teacher

  • We issued many statements - to the point of boredom - against terrorist crimes, against innocent people in the East and in the West. It did not receive attention. Unfortunately, this will not be the last.!
  • We have written on our site (People of the Qur’an) articles on the Islamic way of responding to those who offend the Prophet Muhammad, such as an article entitled (In Defense of the Seal of the Prophets Against the Aggressors). In response to those who desecrate the Qur’an, we wrote: (Finally, this is my word regarding the crime of defiling the Holy Qur’an). We said - for example - that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, had he been with us and witnessed the offending cartoons of him, his response would have been from the Holy Qur’an, with patience, forgiveness, kind forgiveness and forgiveness for those who offended him, we cited many verses, including:

2/1: (And the Hour is coming, so forgive with gracious forgiveness) Chapter 15/85


2/2: (And say it, O Lord, that these are a people who do not believe (Chapter 43 /88) So pardon them and say peace, so they will know Chapter 43/89)


2/3: (Say to those who believe to forgive those who do not expect the days of Allah, so he may reward those people what they earn (Chapter 45/14) he who does a good deed,   the benefit is for his soul, he who does a bad deed ,the outcome is against it,  then to your Lord  you shall return (Chapter 45 / 15)


2/4: (a good deed is not equal to a bad deed; Repelling (evil)with kindness is better, so as, the enmity between you and another will turn him like an intimate guardian (Chapter 41/34) but none is granted it except those who are patient and none is granted it except those with great fortune.( Chapter 41 / 35)


2/5: (Repel evil with what is the best. ( Chapter 96/23).


3 - God Almighty sent the Seal of the Prophets as a mercy to the worlds (and we have only sent you as a mercy for the worlds. ( Chapter 21/107), but a minority of (Muslims) made Islam a terror for the worlds. We say (a minority) because the terrorist extremists are much less than one percent of the Muslim population (more than one and a half billion). But this minority is the loudest and most famous because it is the one who possesses power and wealth in its country and plays with religion, and the West supports it in considering it represents Islam.

  • The crisis will continue to exist, and many innocent people will pay the price, as long as the West cooperates with the eastern despot, and as long as the West remains oblivious to the (people of the Qur’an) advocates of peaceful reform, freedom, justice, tolerance and human rights.


We are not talking about (reforming Islam) Islam is the real reform . We are talking about reforming Muslims with Islam, which they claim as their religion.

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