It is no longer the case of the third arrest of the writer Reda Abdel-Rahman, but rather the case of Egypt, which enters the cycle of violence.:
Preaching the Qur’an is no longer effective, so silence is better

آحمد صبحي منصور في الجمعة 02 اكتوبر 2020

It is no longer the case of the third arrest of the writer Reda Abdel-Rahman, but rather the case of Egypt, which enters the cycle of violence.

Preaching the Qur’an is no longer effective, so silence is better

Ahmed Subhi Mansour on Friday 25 September 2020

Preaching the Qur’an is no longer effective, so silence is better

The case of the third arrest of the writer Reda Abdel Rahman is no longer his only, but rather the case of Egypt, which is entering the cycle of violence.!

First :

  • The one who preaches the Qur’an knows its limits. If it becomes clear to him that his preaching is useless, he should be silent, for he has fulfilled his duty, and nothing remains for him except to wait for judgment against him and his opponents on the Day of Judgment, that is, he commits himself to distancing himself from the lost ones and to abide by the words of the Most High to the believers: ( O yee who have believed, upon you is your own responsibility. Those who went astray will not harm after you have been guided, to God you will return, all of you, then He will inform you of what you have been doing  )
  • And it was said by the Most High to His Noble Messenger: (The Qur’an did not come down to you in order to be distressed (2) except as a reminder to the one who fears (3)Taha ), that is, do not be depressed  by them not being guided . After the public invitation, someone who fears will come to him, that is, the one who seeks guidance, he must remind him only,. And it is the same meaning in His saying of the Noble Prophet: (So remind with the Qur’an   those who fear  (Chapter 50:45), that is, the reminder of the Qur’an is only for those who fear a warning, and therefore reminding by the Quran, if it is useful ,then it is obligatory. If it is not beneficial, then it is useless and unnecessary. The Most High said to the Holy Prophet: (So remind if the remembrance will benefit (Chapter 87:9).)
  • We have preached a lot about the injustice that occurred for the third time on the Islamic writer Rida Abdul Rahman, and it became clear that there is no benefit, so we must delegate our matter to God Almighty

The believer from Pharaoh's people said it before us: “You will remember what I say to you, and I will delegate my matter to God. Indeed God is all seeing of His creation” Chapter 40:44

He is the Most Exalted and the Most High, as he said about Himself:

 (And God is Mighty and Exalted in Vengeance -Chapter 3:4)

 (And God is Mighty and Exalted with Vengeance -Chapter 5:95)

 (Indeed, God is Mighty, He has vengeance -Chapter 14:47)

(Is not , God exalted and with retribution- Chapter 39:37) 

(And those who have wronged will know what abode they will return to- Chapter 26:227)


1 - It is no longer the issue of a single wronged imprisoned individual, but the issue of a nation and a people that is now entering a cycle of violence

2 - We believe in peace, peaceful solutions to avert bloodshed. This is our discourse  for political reform, but there is no benefit. Rather, our reward for it is persecution and waves of arrests. This reminds us of the first civil war between the Companions (the Battle of the Camels), when facing each others, and before the outbreak of the fighting, a man stood preaching the Qur’an to the two sides, and an arrow hit him and killed him. We are this guy!

 3-The current military regime does not believe in compromises, but rather in what might be called the zero-sum equation: either me or them. This is not in the dictionary of gray-zone politics, exchange of benefits, talks and negotiations

4-With this mentality, excessive force is used against the oppressed people, and this may be silenced once or again, but with the exacerbation of the situation and the next economic collapse, and the absence of a political horizon, but only repression, the people will continue their uprisings, and they will expand, to form general, dispersed, successive revolutions without leaders, meaning anarchy, those who are entrusted with facing these uprisings, they will not stand up to the end in defense of a person and a few luxurious generals. They may join the rebels, and they may direct their weapons to their colleagues in arms, and a civil war will occur, in which leaders like bandits emerge. And Egypt enters into a swamp of blood, this is a condition that makes those who die today better off than those who die tomorrow, because whoever dies today will find someone to shroud them, join in their funeral procession and bury them. This may not be possible in random civil wars.

finally :

1 - The time has come to stop writing about Egypt, for we have said what is enough and more, and without benefit.

2 - I pray to God Almighty to preserve Egypt and its people, so we can only pray.





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