Mr. Trump's detractors:
The Battle of IQ in US Politics

عبد الغاني بوشوار في الخميس 12 اكتوبر 2017

The Battle of IQ in US Politics

Intelligence, as a psychological concept, has been defined and measured by scholars, but it still remains misunderstood .Intelligence is essentially an index of an individual’s behavior in various setting and situations. Scholars and experts in psychological measurements have advanced and identified several kinds of intelligence from mathematical to musical and social.

One may add to the long list of the kinds of intelligence : political, business,burglary,hunting and skinning cats, for that matter.

The detractors and the mainstream media hostility to the presidency style of Mr. Trump are nowaydays jumping on the word "moron " attributed to Secretary Rex Tillerson to describe Mr. Trump.  Make no mistake that Secretary Rex Tillerson is well aware that it is not a joke for a person in their right mind to consider the president of the United States as a stupid good for nothing individual. After all he beat all his competitors in the elections even against those who held the highest academic degrees !

The enemies of Mr. Trump are of course very happy to toss around and spin the moron wheel and associate it with Secretary Tillerson to avoid being sued for defamation and enjoy impunity while relentlessly making fun of the presidentand seeking to tarnish his image and credibility.

Intelligence, as stated above, is basically related to successful and positive behaviors of all sorts. Everybody knows that it takes some intelligence to succeed in business and in life, in general. Morons do not make millions and do not amass enormous wealth and fortunes as Mr. Trump has done. Those who possess a business acumen are intelligent by all standards . It goes without saying that one needs to be intelligent enough (common sense meaning) to maintain a life style of the highest standards with properties, companies and even a luxurious top notch jet plane that rivals Air Force One in luxury.

Are morons and stupid individuals capable of managing all of this and raise successful children who are making their impact on the American society ? Without forgetting the educational background of the man in high school and college, do morons graduate from college and participate successfully in sports ? Needless to mention the man’s abstinance from drinking and smoking and maintaining a healthy life-style.

Of course, the moron description,repeated again and again and spinned around in the media is always attributed to secretary Tillerson, not the detractors who are only reporting what was said about the president. Their aim,though, is to assassinate the character of the president and tarnish his image hiding behind secretary Tillerson pure and simple and why not driving a wedge between them.

The problem with the detractors of the president is their shortsightedness and their oblivion of all those law abiding American citizens who pledged their support for Mr. Trump and elected him to the highest position of power in the beautiful and most powerful nation on earth. One wonders if all those who voted for Mr.Trump are absent minded or morons to put such a person as their president ?

Has it occurred to the enemies of Mr. Trump to consider understanding that winning elections and beating many other candidates seeking the same position is a sign of great intellingence, however one defines that intelligence. The electorate cannot be  that stupid to elect a moron to the highest offce in America, they are more intelligent than that and the mainstream media must understand that.

Politics is a noble endeavour and it takes intelligent individuals to engage in that activity. Morons have no time to take care of human affairs for they only focuss on their stupidity.Those who are challenging Mr. Trump are advised to focuss on his policies and decisions who are affecting the well being of the American society and the rest of the world and provide alternatives in a constructive way through due process and legal channels. After all, Mr. Trump is surrounded by advisors of the highest caliber including his friend Mr. Tillerson who can joke using any word with his boss the president of the USA.

The political class which is trying to destroy Mr. Trump’s presidency and the new era that he has usherd in are better advised to forget intelligence and the epithet of moron and look for something else to attack a sitting president by focussing on policies and legalities and not trivialities. The intelligence of the man beats all his competitors by the mere fact that he surpassed them all. Allah bless America and all humanity.

Dr. Abdelghani Bouchouar

Ibn Zohr University, Agadir

Peaceful Morocco.

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