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حسام مصطفى في الجمعة 20 ابريل 2007

Dear Brothers
Peace is with you, and praise to Allah and his chosen
Prophets and Messengers of God are those chosen and blessed. They're sent to deliver Human Kind God's word, then they should be; and they were; unique in every way.
We're now very close to prove the uniqueness of their Names, as it's noticed that: no One was named a prophet or a messenger name, before them.
Then we found the Prophets and Messenger names are New, Unique, and more, Meaningful.
So, as Adam was the first named Adam, Then Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, John, Jesus, and Mohammad are also had this particular advantage.
Is it important, as a messenger to have a unique new name?
We guess yes, as God often if -not always- told humans through his – current - messenger the name and time of his next messenger, even though no one dared to name or call his son the Reserved Name.
We're inviting every one to search and help prove this assumption true.
God bless you all

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