An Evaluation of American Policies Regarding the 'Islamic' World after One Year of Obama's Visit to Cairo, Egypt :
The USA and the Creation of Demons

آحمد صبحي منصور في الخميس 06 ابريل 2017

The USA and the Creation of Demons:

 An Evaluation of American Policies Regarding the 'Islamic' World after One Year of Obama's Visit to Cairo, Egypt 

Published in June 11, 2010

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy

Would changing American strategies save the USA from the dire consequences of creating demons?


This article is part of the concluding articles of a lengthy 13-article research on religious freedom between Islam and the Muhammadans (In English), and this research will be been submitted to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) that gave us a one-year research grant. In this conclusion of the research, we focus on giving pieces of advice and we are providing certain recommendations to the American administration in relation to the topic of the research. As part of transparency we have learned in the USA, we mention here criticism of the American policies, as per American values of freedom of speech and criticism even with these who pay you to evaluate their performance. We hope one day to see such freedom of expression in the Arab and 'Islamic' world.


Firstly: before changing the American strategies:

1- It is easy to turn an ally/friend into an enemy; as WWII divided the world into two camps, and after the Allied countries won and dominated and the Axis countries were destroyed and defeated, and the camp of the Allies was divided into Warsaw and the Atlantic camps. Because of the Cold War between the USSR and the USA and the struggle revolving around nuclear weapons, the USA waged an intellectual war against the communists by the printed word, TV series and drama, movies, etc. And with the advancements made in telecommunications and means of transportation, such intellectual war of ideas infiltrated the deprived and imprisoned Soviet citizens and penetrated the Iron Curtain, making people in the USSR keenly conscious of their being deprived of dreamy, colorful life of capitalism. Meanwhile, the USA managed to ruin the USSR economy in the race of arms and weapons (esp. nuclear ones) until the Russians could not cope with the Americans and could not provide food items to citizens of the USSR. Moreover, the spread of the culture of human rights and types of freedom made the USSR like a dinosaur living out of its time, and it collapsed without shooting one bullet. The Russians entered into the NATO, and the New World Order (NWO) inside the USA and within the international scene waited for a new enemy to emerge and pose a threat to the NWO. Fearing that this new enemy might be the EU or Japan or any other countries that may ally themselves to China to revive a powerful East camp again. It was easier to create an enemy outside such a frame to be easily defeated later on and to unite the NOW against it. this new enemy created by the USA is the 'Islamic' world replacing the former USSR. 

2- The USA never realized that it has created a demon and a real monster! Creation of such a demon has been successful because of many factors: typical enmity of the terrorist MB and Wahabis toward the USA and the whole West, the huge support and aid of the West and the USA toward Israel, the rise of tyrannical regimes in the Arab world subservient to the West and making their nations vent their hatred and anger toward the USA and Israel, and the spread of the myth that the West (esp. the USA) is conspiring against Arabs and 'Muslims'. Another prominent factor is Iran raising the banners of enmity and war against the USA and Israel as a cover to hide its nationalistic and Shiite doctrinal, as Iran desires to control Gulf oil, to dominate over the Sunnite countries, and to restore the glory of the former Persian Empire. All the above factors have helped the USA to create an enemy: the 'Islamic' (or rather Wahabi) camp against the American camp that carries banners of the international community and the UN and its charter. After 9/11, the USA committed the grave error of invading Iraq and Afghanistan. The USA and its allies are defeated, and this undeniable fact has emerged after 10 years; the reason: the USA did not create an ordinary enemy like enemies of the past, but rather a monstrous demon in the full sense of the word,  and at heavy cost that will be paid inevitably.     

3- The USA committed such grave error based on bad thinking and calculations because of many factors as follows.

3/1: The USA has not the same experience like Britain in dealing with the 'Islamic' world; despite the American superpower, it is only 300 old, and during most of its age, the USA was isolated before and after the Monroe Doctrine. The USA entered the international scene or arena within WWI. We mean to say that the Americans has a superficial look toward the 'Islamic' world, and they thought that it will remain in backwardness for centuries to come, and it will be an ideal enemy to be defeated easily later on. The USA thought of the 'Islamic' world as a perfect market to buy weapons and a battlefield where the USA can test its new weapons and sell old ones. The USA wrongly assumed that it can invade the Arab and 'Islamic' world with its military anytime and to impose its will anytime on Arabs, enjoying such full hegemony for centuries until Arabs/'Muslims' would become mature enough in terms of civilization. This is an erroneous and unrealistic vision.    

3/2: The USA looked at the Arab 'Islamic' world within the perspective of its being defeated by Israel, as the number of Israelis is nothing in comparison to the number of Arabs in the 'Islamic' world. It is a grave error to think that Israel defeated the Arab or the 'Islamic' world or even Egyptians; it only defeated tyrannical military regimes so engrossed in politics and lost their military power and experience. Such tyrannical military regimes hate and tyrannize over their nations and need the existence of Israel as a raison d'être or pretext to control and rule their peoples.   

3/3: The USA is confusing between 'Islamic' or Arab nations and its rulers as if they were overlapping; when it deals with such rulers, it assumes wrongly that it deals with 1.5 billion people. in reality, the USA is dealing with about 30 persons/rulers, and never the nations/peoples. These rulers are subservient to the USA of course and obey its commands obsequiously. When the USA began to deal with few tens of thousands of Arab and Islamic persons (i.e., all terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda), it has found out that it uses its full military arsenal of arms to fight invisible phantoms who cannot be easily defeated and swifter in motion, like demons. What if the 1.5 billion person turn into demons like this one day?! 

3/4: Of course, there is a huge gap, or even an abyss, between the civilization of the West (and Israel) and the Arabs/'Muslims', but few would be willing to admit that this gap is temporary and will vanish at one stage/point in time; in fact, this gap is made also by local tyranny that maintain itself by retaining backwardness and obscurantism. This cannot possibly go on forever; the culture of the modern-age will dominate eventually in the Arab world (i.e., the culture of human rights and democracy, transmitted via technology and the internet all over the global village). There is also another historical factor that will accelerate the pace of making this gap vanish: 'Muslims' (or rather Muhammadans) of today are the descendants of those of the past who led and dominated the Middle-Ages world, from whom Europe learned to get out of its Dark Age. This means that Arabs will not begin from scratch; let us not forget that the oldest human civilizations on earth began in Egypt and Mesopotamia and went on for at least ten centuries before the Greeks would emerge as civilized people of Europe.

3/5: The USA made a mistake when it assumed that it can look at the 'Islamic' world by comparing it to the USSR; the USA could never fight militarily the USA because of the nuclear deterrence, and in comparison, the 'Islamic' world seems backward and have no nuclear weapons. Yet, the 'Islamic' world has a more powerful weapon that cannot be faced by American nuclear weapons or military machine: brainwashed Wahabi suicide bombers.  

3/6: The USA deals with its new enemy, the camp of the 'Islamic' world, using only the logic of military power, sending the American military to fight the wrong battle in the wrong location and timing, thus allowing itself to sink the more in the most horrible quagmire ever. The battlefield needs intellectual war of ideas, not weapons or military operations at all: no military tanks, rockets, etc. will defeat a brainwashed Wahabi youth brimming with life who desires to become a suicide bomber to take revenge of the USA and think he is pleasing God and will enter Paradise to enjoy houris. American weapons cannot check people's intentions, hearts, and minds to differentiate foes from friends. The American tank in Baghdad does not distinguish friends from foes in Iraq, and it can be destroyed anytime anywhere; so it has to kill indiscriminately. By the way, the military war aims to massacre, whereas the peaceful intellectual war of ideas never aims to destroy people, as its enemy is bad ideas and evil thoughts that control minds and must be eliminated and refuted, and reform is the aim to turn this enemy into a friend and save his/her soul.    

4- The USA has made wrong calculations and caused many troubles that pose a veritable threat to Americans, such as follows.

4/1: The enemies in this battlefield of suicide bombings and terrorist operations are featureless and invisible like phantoms or demons, and the American cannot predict where and when they will strike, even the nearby American and non-American Muslims might turn into a time bomb waiting to explode, as we see happening now. 

4/2: This invisible enemy might strike anywhere in the globe, including the EU and the USA, not just in the Arab world. The Muslim communities in EU and the USA might contain fifth columns to move Wahabi war against the USA inside American soil, as we see happening now.

4/3: It is easy now for terrorists to create and buy chemical weapons, time-bombs, nuclear bombs, or even biological arms. Shiite and Sunnite Wahabi sharia of Salafism (i.e. traditions of Muhammadans' ancestors) contain countless justifications to massacre civilians and destroy anyone, and this poses a veritable danger to the cities in the USA, EU, and West countries in general (this type of destruction may occur in the near future!).  

4/4: This camp of religious terrorists has its ready-made pretexts and justifications to convince people to commit violence; for instance, one of the common pretexts is that the USA brought its military machine to conquer Arab lands and caused hundreds of thousands of innocent people to be killed for no reason but to get the Iraqi oil, even when 'Yankees' go home. 

4/5: The future will bring a veritable time bomb; namely, the demography of the 'Islamic' world who number increase exponentially while the number of the white Europeans and American decrease with the passage of time. The number of 'Muslims' in Africa and Asia increase at such increased pace, and some of them immigrate to the West, while carrying to their new home their deep-seated hatred to the Christian and Zionist West. Within few decades, 'Islam' (or rather Wahabi Sunnite religion) will spread in the West and 'Muslims' (i.e., Muhammadans) will be a majority there and no longer a minority, and massacres might occur in the EU, USA, and Israel if such deep-seated hatred goes on because of the current American and Israeli policies that help in providing pretexts and justifications to the Wahabi terrorists who will emerge in the middle of the 21st century to massacre innocent while people in the EU, USA, and Israel, as white people of European origin would be a minority at the time and will pay the price of the folly of policymakers in the EU, USA, and Israel in the decade 2000 : 2010.       

5- Continuity is one of the main differences between the military war and the intellectual war; the military war uses transient and non-lasting costly weapons with little result or effect, if any, an weapons will be ruined eventually after destroying locations and lives. Yet, the desire to revenge continues for decades as images of dead and injured victims and those rendered homeless lingered in collective memory, as technology and internet preserve such images and videos of horror and monstrosity for generations to watch. Hence, consequences of such violence and destruction create generations of revenge-seeking people. In contrast, the continuity of the peaceful Quranist intellectual war of ideas lingers forever; as its tools are the language letters, words, terms, articles, researches, books, movies, TV series, TV shows, etc. By the way, Sunnite books written 12 centuries ago (in the Abbasid Era) are being reprinted all over the Arab world, and they constitute one of the main ammunition of extremists who hate and fight the West (esp. Jews and Christians). The effect of such intellectual tools of Wahabi linger permanently in wars against non-Wahabis. The same applies to Quranists' tools in their peaceful intellectual war of ideas against Salafism and Wahabism: their tools are their reformist writings that prove the Quranic call for Quranic higher values shared by most humanity: peace, justice, freedom, charity, tolerance, and mercy. But Quranists are impecunious and could not produce movies, TV shows, and TV series thought they have scripts for them at the IQC in VA, USA.      

6- Strangely, the USA applied both types of wars in Japan: the military war (the heinous crime of throwing nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and the intellectual war, as the Americans atoned for their crime by culturally invading Japan to make the Japanese racism and tyranny of emperors and Samurai and worship of emperors be replaced by peace, freedom, and culture of democracy. This allowed japan to achieve its renaissance and its progress in industry, science, and civilization, and japan now is one of the biggest allies of the USA, and Japanese forgave the USA about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Germany is another case, when it joined the Western world of capitalism after WWII. We hope that one day, the USA will use its intellectual war of ideas (using Quranism) to combat and eliminate the culture of religious (Wahabi Sunnite + Shiite) terrorism from within Islam (i.e., Quranism). Until now, the USA overlooks and ignores the IQC after one year of Obama's speech delivered from Cairo addressing the 'Islamic' world.     



 The new American strategies of Obama are not enough, though the USA do not consider the 'Islamic' world as the enemy, as the enemy is the terrorists and extremists. Yet, the new American strategies lack the frank use of real Quranist intellectual war of ideas when dealing with the 'Islamic' world. Such intellectual war does not mean treating Muslims as enemies, but rather to save the by introducing religious, social, cultural, and political reform from within real Islam (the Quran) and to eliminate religious fanaticism and extremism by proving it as contradicting the Quran. Let us not forget that victims of terrorism and religious fanaticism and extremism among 'Muslims' are exceeding the number of victims among non-Muslims.   

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