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Rejecting the Appeal of the Quranists and Reaffirming their Arrest
in 07-09-13
Algomhuria Public Newspaper

The Misdemeanor Court refused the appeal made by four Quranists, Abdelatif Mohamed, Amr Tharwat, Ahmed Dahmash, and Abdelhamid Mohamed. The Appeal was made to challenge their arrest which is pending on the running investigations by the general prosecutor’s office of their charge of Sunna Denial. During the hearing, Adel Ramadan, the Attorney of the Quranists, asked the court to free the arrested, while the prosecutor represented what supports the continuation of arresting the Quranists based on the running investigations.

Earlier, the security forces arrested five Quranists and transferred them to the general prosecutor’s office under the supervision of prosecutor Hisham Elbadwi to continue the investigations which resulted in renewing the arrest for another fifteen days. As for the defense, Adel Ramadan is expected to apply for another appeal for the fifth Quranist arrested after the passage of the legally required time period.

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Comments for Rejecting the Appeal of the Quranists and Reaffirming their Arrest
Comment By   Hossam Mansour     - 2007-09-13
What Investigations?
They have been arrested for almost 4 months just for investigating what these Quranists believe in!!!! Are these really investigations or an actual punishment? It took the DA only 7 hours to investigate Ibrahim Eissa and then they pressed charges, but with the Quranist it is 4 months; doesn't this mean that this is a punishment in itself not really investigations? If they were really able to press charges, they would have done it already. They just have nothing against the Quranists and only want yo keep them arrested as long as possible! And they call themsleves real Moslims and we are the Infidels!! May Allah Almighty punish them!