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So do you believe they are true? Or what parts of the Sirah do you tak...
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All Ahadeeth false?
By: - Ahmed Mansour

So do you believe they are true? Or what parts of the Sirah do you take as truth and why?
It is a big field of research. It is hard to say simply this is true or this is fabricated. It is a science of examining the old history and tradition. This science has its rules. I have many books and articles in how to conduct such research.This is my first field as I graduated from the Department of Muslim History of Al Azhar. The PhD holders in that department have the expertise in examining the details of Muslim History including Sira. In any case, it has nothing to do with the religion of Islam.
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Comments for All Ahadeeth false?
Comment By   abu hasan husin     - 2013-06-14
and so does Al-Quran.
they said, If we look closely, Al-Quran also was collected and arranged through the science of narration. Does it make Al-Quran as same level as hadith? thank u.

Comment By   Hussein Doky     - 2011-10-25
One Problem
Salam alekom wa rahmato allah wa barakatu One Problem, Dr Ahmed The Sirah isn't The source of Muslim The source of the muslim sunni is The Holy Quran and Hadith not Sirah Sirah is a history of The prophet or the life of the prophet and in Sirah you will find alot wrong things the reason is the sirah used The Weak hadith and more things and Al-Imam Borhan Alden Al Halaby said that:(( It is no secret that Sirah combine the right and the sick and the weak and the author and the addressee, and a seamless and without Almadil topic Biography of Aleppo - Introduction )) Al-Imam Zyen Al eraky said that: (( Allow phonetic typing The student knows that the Sirah combines true and denied )) Al-Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal said that:(( Three books have no assets and Maghazi epics and interpretation )) Alot of Scholars Answered about Sirah Like Al-Imam Al kahtany, Al-Imam Abd Al Rahman Al moaleme and Al-Imam Muhammed Ibn Ibrahem al Shekh.