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By: - Ahmed Mansour

Selam, my name is Metin Can, The reason i am writing to you all today is to ask a few questions. I live in California and was interested in some of your work. I have been reading some of your work and I was wondering if you could guide me to some more sources to better understand the Quran. I was wondering if you knew any websites or programs for learning Arabic so I could read and study the Quran myself. I had a particular question about Surah 33 ayah 56. I understand that this ayah is mistranslated and used by some scholars to prove that we must pray for or upon the prophet. How can we prove or show that this translation is incorrect. This is just a question that has been stuck on my mind. Anyway, I have many questions to ask you however I do not even know if this email will get to you or if this is the right address. Anyway, Insallah it is, please reply back if it reaches you. Also sorry i emailed all 5 emails, i wasn't sure which email is the right one. Selam aleykum.

Dear Metin

All the questions in your mind have been answered in our sit

Just take a time to read.

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