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intelligence Swiss forged document , and Elghanam's disappearance
By: - ali alghanam

intelligence Swiss forged document , and the disappearance of Colonel Dr. Mohamed Elghanam
      Switzerland forged intelligence document issued after 8 months of a document and report of the Swiss police who expose the fraud of the Swiss intelligence for arrest of Col. Dr. Mohamed Ghanam in  2007 for his refusal  to cancel on his complaint against their intelligence that filed in 2004 and 2005.

1 Report of the Police of Switzerland on February 15, 2005 did not mention of any
  Injuries in the Swiss intelligence agent (who sent him to attack Colonel Dr. Ghanam Mohamed to press on him to withdraw his complaint against the intelligence of Switzerland) also does not have any medical report for the Swiss agent.
2   The paper two written by intelligence of Switzerland after 8 months of the incident and claiming that Colonel Dr . Muhamad Ghanam stabbed their agent in his stomach several stabs and wounds, and that fraud and forgery contrast the police report that issued 8 months ago that no physical contact did mention between the parties.

  . Note that Switzerland has dropped the asylum in 2006 of my brother. . Also issued a decision to expel him in 2005 for threatening, but Col. Dr. Mohamed Ghanam refused to waive his complaint against their intelligence in spite of all this,,, so  he had arrested in March 2007 via the false Swiss  intelligence report   without trial or charge for the purpose of   protection the intelligence of  Switzerland.

 . Switzerland also admitted to the United Nations in 2009 based on my complaint by arresting my brother without charge or trial , because my brother revealed that the intelligence of Switzerland committed violations of psychological and physical against him during their  unsuccessful attempts to recruit him to spy on Arab and Muslim communities in Geneva.

  . The Switzerland without charge or trial arrested Col. Dr. Mohamed Ghanam based on fraudulent intelligence uncovered, Ghanam has disappeared from existence since his arrest on March 12, 2007 until today. 
  The Swiss courts refused to hear the  witnesses who request by Dr. Ghanam and even today refuses to send his complaint against their intelligence to the Court.

. Note that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry for the reasons of doubt have not yet submitted a request to the Government of Switzerland to recover the Egyptian citizen, Dr. Mohamed el Ghanam. 
 . Even worse, and it is the desperate defense of the Government of Switzerland and the kidnapping of  Dr. Mohamed Ghanam.  . Is a reversed matter since the Egyptian Foreign Ministry follow a slogan :-    foreign stranger and I against my cousin.
  By,  Lt. Col. Dr.  Ali Ghannam

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