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Fatwas Part Ninety-Eight
Torture within Quranist Viewpoint (12): On Avoiding Torment by Repentance
Our Interview with the Egyptian Newspaper Al-Bawaba:
The Names of Moslems at the University of London submitted to the CIAþ
Le Hamas et l'Iran sont responsables du sang des victimes à Gaza
The Struggle of Abbasids against Arab Tribes in Egypt
Quranic Terminology: Love
matières a reflexion
"Those Who Committed Excesses in the Lands" (Quran 89:11)
Does the Holy Quran Contain an Indication of the Crime of Aisha within the Battle of the Camel? (1 of 2)
Let us be a generation of dialogue....
Muslim Women Can Marry Peaceful Non-Muslim Men
Question: Should Muslim brotherhood should be banned?
"If God Were to Increase the Provision to His Servants, They Would Transgress on Earth" (Quran 42:27)
Religious freedom and Islamic value of Justice and tolerance
my speech in Medical Conference at Norwich University (UEA
Iran Steps Up Threats To Sufis
The Criteria of the Islamic Fatwa
In Egypt: Interrogating the Quranists under torture
Ms. Navanethem Pillay.
Message to the United Nations:
By: - ali alghanam



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