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The Absolute Truth in Relation to Human Knowledge within this Transient World


October 24, 2009
7 - 9 PM
The Potter’s House
1658 Columbia Road NW
Washington, D C  20009
(202) 232-5483
Gaza Freedom March
December 2009 - January 2010
Reality of Life in Gaza Today and
the Role of Americans
Shelley Fudge & Pam Rasmussen,
CODEPINK Delegation May & June 2009
Music and entertainment before and after
Light refreshment (hummus & pita bread, mint tea, pastries)
Donations can be made by cash, check or credit card
Checks:          JOJ Way to Jerusalem
Mail To:         c/o Potter’s House Church
              1658 Columbia Road N.W.
              Washington, D. C.  20009
See attached menu available for pre-ordering:              PLEASE CALL AND ORDER     (703) 862-3622 or                                    Email –
By October 22
 Couscous with:        Lamb & vegs                                    Chicken & vegs         vreast or leg                                         Vegetables only                        $10
Includes -                Pita bread
                   Tomato diced salad
                             Cucumber w/ yogurt
Middle East desserts
Mint tea

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