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who have instituted for them a religion which Allâh has not ordained?

“Or have they partners with Allâh who have instituted for them a religion which Allâh has not ordained? 42:21
“ Qur’an, the whole Qur’an, and nothing but Qur’an “
Part Two 

Oppressing women Books of hadith and Sunni jurisprudence are full of narrations and laws against women, insulting them and looking down upon them, here are some examples:
* The intelligence and the religion of women are incomplete.
* If a monkey, a black dog, or a woman passes in front of a praying person, his prayer is nullified.
* To find a good woman among women is similar to finding a white crow among a hundred crows.
* The marriage commitment is a kind of slavery for women.
* If anybody has been required to prostrate before others besides God, the woman should prostrate before her husband.
* I have been shown the dwellers of hell; the majority of them were women.
* If the body of the husband is covered with pus and his wife licks it with her tongue, she still will not be able to pay her debt to him.

These are only few examples from the most popular satanic books, Bukhary and Muslim, and others which in many cases are preferred over the Qur’an. The six “ authentic “ books, Bukhary, Muslim, Ibn Hanbal, Tirmizy, Ibn Majah, and Nesaiy are full of fabricated hadiths against women. Those who accepted the narrations reported by the professional liars of Amawy and Abbasy as their religious sources, have unfortunately created a terrible male oppression of females for centuries. According to the Qur’an, those who are not content with the Qur’an and fabricated lies and attribute them to the prophet are the enemy of the prophet. 6:112-116

Those who uphold baseless hadith, and thus divert others from the path of God without knowledge and take it in vain, have incurred a shameful retribution. 31:6
According to God’s law, women have the same rights as men 2:228. Women can divorce their husbands 2:230,233, 4:35. The only difference is women cannot remarry until they have three menstruations but men can. 2:228 On the other hand, the Arabs who are described as “the worst disbelievers” by the Qur’an 9:97 and 101, fabricated many religious laws parallel to their despicable attitude towards women. According to the Sunni religion, the woman has no right of divorce. The husband can divorce his wife whenever he wants, but a woman cannot divorce her husband, even if she hates him.

According to the Qur&rsQur’an, divorce is a case that takes at least four months to be put into effect 2:226; 4:35.After divorce, women must wait three menstruations before remarriage. 2:228-230. A couple can divorce one another twice and can remarry, but after the third divorce they cannot remarry consecutively 2:229, 230. Whoever says that he divorced his wife merely by verbal announcement of the divorce three times, is simply a liar. How can a husband divorce his wife three times only by saying, “ I divorce you by three divorces?
Because you have not given women their right of divorce, sometimes you encounter very serious social problems. To solve these problems, Hanfi scholars decreed that a woman should be considered divorced even if her husband divorces her under pressure. What do you think of this Sunni law?

Head covers and veils for women
One of the most abused and distorted subjects after the death of the prophet (PBUH), of course, is the jurisprudence about women. The Muslim scholars invented hermitism 57:27, and by hadith and their personal opinions, they deprived women of their God-given rights. In the Muslim society women became deaf, dumb and blind creatures. Muslim scholars have humiliated women by their satanic teachings, taking away her divorce right, not allowing her to pray, read the Qur’an, fast or worship God during her menstruation considering her equal to donkeys and black dogs, which according to hadiths should be killed wherever found, comparing her with black crows, depriving her of education, not accepting hes as a consultant or a leader of a government.
In addition, Muslim scholars refused to allow women to go out in public unless they put themselves in black sacks. Some of them went a step further and forced them to hide their faces with veils.

Muslim scholars tried to apply their satanic religion to Qur’an and change the meaning of words; 4:46; 5:13. They tried to change the meaning of the Arabic word “ Khumur = covers “ in 24:31 into “ head covers “. The word “ khumur ” is a plural noun that comes from the root word of “ khamara “ which means “ to cover “. The singular form of the same word “ khamar “ has been used for intoxicants which “ cover the mind “ 5:90 In verse 24:31 God commands female believers to maintain their chastity and put their covers on their chests, not their heads. Additionally, the word “ fel yedribne = they shall put “ is significant in that verse. According to the hadiths claim, instead of this word, “ fel yudnine = they shall lengthen “, like in 33:59 will be more appropriate. Why did a main Sunni sect Shai’y invent veils, if they were covering their faces with veils, how and why did a main Sunni sect Hanfey amend it? He who can invent veils can also invent covers…

Distinction among Messengers
God command us not to make any distinction among messengers. 2:285. Believers attitude towards God’s commandments is to say “ we hear and obey “; but those who manipulate words say “ we hear and we disobey “ 4: 46.
God has blessed His messengers with different peculiarities. In 2:253 he gives some examples of these peculiarities, such as His speaking directly with Moses, and giving profound miracles to Jesus and supporting him with the Holy spirit. In 17:55 he states that He had preferred some messengers to others by giving each of them different blessings, such as endowing David with Psalms. But God did not mention any endowing that He had preferred this messenger over that messenger. According to 2:285, we do not have the right to make a preference list for messengers. Otherwise, idolizing messengers and falling into a baseless dispute is inevitable.

While you claim that the last prophet is the highest, someone may claim that the first prophet deserves this rank. Another may claim that Jesus is the greatest prophet and can support his claim by Jesus ‘ miraculous birth 19;19, his title as being “ word of God “ 4:171, being a prophet from birth day 19:30, his numerous miracles such as reviving the dead by God’s permission 3:49, and being mentioned in a verse that states God’s blessing to the messengers 2:253.

Another person may claim that Moses is the highest, basing it on the same verse 2:253, and saying that the only prophet that God talked to was Moses 4:164. If another puts David on the top of the messengers list based on 17:55 what can you say? If yet another comes and claim that Abraham is the greatest prophet and supports his claim by the fact that Mohammad was his follower and God has chosen Abraham as His beloved friend 4:125.

If still another comes and claims That Idris greater t5han Mohammed and supports his claim by saying that God may give Mohammed an honorable rank 17:79; but God exalted Idris to a lofty rank 19:57. If another one arranges the messengers to their frequency of occurrence in the Qur’an , and puts Moses on the top “136 times” , Abraham the second (69 times), and Mohammed as the 19th prophet from the top of the list.
Innumerable hadiths were fabricated to prove that Mohammed was the greatest of all the prophets.

Although God states that He did not give Mohammed any miracles except the Qur’an 29:51. The mentality of those who were not content with the Qur’an fabricated hundreds of miracles for him to compete with the miracles of Jesus and Moses.

Fabrications of miracles
Mohammed’s worshipers sometimes take out an eye when trying to make an eyebrow! For example, they claimed by several hadiths in Bkhary that Mohammed cursed a left-handed man who eating with his left hand, and cursed a child passing in front of him while he was praying, and caused both of them to be crippled. By inventing sexual miracles they insulted the prophet and his wives with foolish and shamless stories.

By inventing miraj story – miraculous ascension to heaven with the body- they present Mohammed as a union stewart bargaining with God on the number of daily prayers; but on the other side insulting him, implying that he could not understand that his followers cannot practice 50 prayers a day – each take 28 minutes - . After taking advice from Moses who was a resident of the 6th heaven, he reduced them to 5 prayers a day – after five times going up and down between Moses and God. To praise Mohammed, some claimed that in the generations from Adam to Mohammed there were not any disbelievers among his ancestors.
To justify their lie, they claimed that Azer was not Abraham’s father 6:74. To prove that Mohammed was a great prophet they claimed that he was created from light, he had no shadow, his body will not rot in the grave, God created the entire universe for him, he will have the highest intercession authority in the hereafter, and more…..

The common attitude of all idol worshipers is to claim that their idols will rescue them from God ‘s punishment by intercession 2:123,254; 6:70, 94; 43:86….. . Instead of praising God day and night 33:42; 76:25, and commemorating Him 3:41, 191; 73:8…. . They always praise and commemorate their idols to guarantee the intercession. They sometimes use the name of God without any praise, but they can never use the name of their idol without phrases of praise. They even accuse the true believers who do not act like them as disbelievers.
Did prophet Mohammed approve their teachings?

Those who claim that Mohammed was the greatest messenger are even ignorant of their contradictory hadiths on this subject. For example: “ I had more doubt than Abraham had “ Bukhary 60/1. “ If I would have been invited to what Joseph had been invited, I would not reject that invitation “ Bukhary 60:11, 19. “Do not give me a higher rank than Jonah, do not make distinction among messengers” Bukhary 65/4,5 ; Abu Hanbel 1/205,242,440; 2/405,451,468. But they did ignore these hadiths and get stuck on “ I am the most honorable of Adam’s children, I am the one who will be resurrected first.” Hanbel 1/5; 5/540,388.

They said that Mohammed tried to manipulate the meaning of the verse 2:285 which commands us not to make distinction among messengers: “ The Messenger believes in what has been sent down to him from his Lord, and the believers. They believes in Allâh, His Angels, His Books, and His Messengers. They say, "We make no distinction between one another of His Messengers" - and they say, "We hear, and we obey. Your Forgiveness, our Lord, and to You is the return .” Muslim scholars claim that this verse forbids us from disbelieving in some messengers, not from ranking them. God states in this verse that believers in God’s messengers. What is the reason of repeating the same point with a different expression. If this is stressing the meaning, then why is not the same stress made for angels and books too? And since God knows the weakness of the people who idolize their messengers, why cannot this verse be a reminder from God to prevent people from putting their messengers into competition.

If a Christian claims that Jesus is greater than Mohammed according to the Qur’an by using verses 2:253; 4:171; 3:49; 19:19. How can we respond to that…. Mohammed was a follower of Abrahim, who we will put on the top of the distinction list the follower or the leader….

End of part two…

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