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What do they have in common?
By: - Fawzy Farrag

What do they have in common?

Bin Laden and George Bush; two archenemies, do they have anything in common other that the letter (B) in their last name, let us examine some facts.

 Bin Ladden is the head of an organization that is labeled by the vast majority in the world, as the largest terrorist organization. Bush is the head of the only super power in the world, and is also labeled by some nations as a terrorist nation since it is terrorizing many countries.

Bin Ladden is a very wealthy man who had used his wealth to achieve his status as the leader of Al-Qaeda and he finances that organization from his own money and from contributions he collects from all the sympathizers and the brain washed in the Arab and Islamic world. Bush is an extremely wealthy man, who used his wealth and his father’s fame to climb the political ladder and achieve the presidency of the US. He also through the corrupt political process in the US collected many millions from the right wing so-called new-cons to keep his position and get re-elected in 2004.

Bin Ladden uses religion as his only guidance in fighting his enemies and pursuing his goals. Bush is a born again Christian who said he consults –a higher father – in making his decisions and had used the word crusade several times in describing his actions.

Bin Ladden has a total disrespect and disregard for human life, as he killed or ordered the killing of thousands of innocent people who had absolutely nothing to do with his cause, whatever that cause is, and disregard every thing his holy book the Qur’an said about killing the innocent. Bush disregarded some of the very basic tenants of Christianity such as love thy enemy and turn your face to the other side, he ordered the killing of 10s or hundreds of thousand of innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq in perusing his goals.

Bin Ladden never utter a word of apology or regret for those innocent people that he killed either in 9/11 or are being killed by his foot soldiers in suicide attacks daily in Iraq or elsewhere. Bush, even after everyone on earth now knows that the reasons for his war in Iraq were false and fabricated, never utter a word of apology for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who were killed and are being killed as a result of his invasion

Bin Ladden’s actions had an extremely negative impact on Islam and Muslims worldwide, it has changed how the entire world view a peaceful religion and it became synonymous with death and terror, people who faces the daily inconveniences in the airports or work whether they are Muslims or not, blame Muslims and Islam whether they say it loud or not Bush’s action had changed how the entire world views the US that was the symbol of freedom and the greatest human rights defender, to a nation that is more dangerous to world peace than Israel or Al-Qaeda, and that views does not only come from the Arab/Islamic world but form America's own allies and friends in Europe.

 Bin Ladden lives in hiding, may be in a cave somewhere, no one knows where, travels in total secrecy if he ever does , communicate his message by an audio tape or rarely now a video, delivered to Al-Jazeerah TV, his messages are ridiculous and unrealistic, his announced goals are unclear and unachievable. Bush lives in the White House, his travel schedules are known except when he flies secretly to Iraq, communicate his messages through most TV networks, his messages are unclear and his goals can not be defined either.

Bin Laden helps Bush greatly, in 2004 election, he won with a razor sharp margin beating John Kerry with the narrowest margin ever, Bin Ladden provided that margin by airing a video tape a couple of days prior to the election, which in every political analysis was the turning point for some of the undecided who thought Bush does a greater job protecting them from terrorism. Bush helped Bin Ladden tremendously by his invasion of Iraq and all the changes he made in the laws for home land security, add to that the G’tanamo and Abu Grieb incidents all that helped Bin Ladden and AL-Qaeda recruit more people to fight the infidels and the invaders.

Do we need more !!!

Now do they have anything in common, or are they two different faces for the same coin!!!!!

 Fawzy Farrag

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